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RAM2Sav - Save File Dumping/Injection for X/Y/OR/AS.

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I am unable to make it to step 5 of the instructions for some reason.

>I download the files and double-click them to open them in Winrar

>I drag the rsavin.bin and rsavout.bin files into my SD card

>I eject the SD card and put it into my 3DS

>I run Pokemon Y, and then click 'Home' once my save file has loaded

>I go into my Internet browser, delete history and cookies and then click Initialize Save Data

>I sometimes turn off wireless and then turn it back on as this was suggested by some people

>I type in http://bit.ly/1JUgAFv and here's where the issue comes up. Nobody how many times I try, this message appears:

Downloading ROP file LoadCode.dat: OK

Setting filename parameter to pcout.bin: OK


It doesn't crash or leave this page and when I move my SD card from my 3DS to my PC afterwards there is no ramsav.bin file. The exact same issue occurs when I use PCEdit as well so I known it must be something I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated!

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I checked my settings and it turns out it is 9.5.0-23. Is there anything I can do about this?

you can by a cheap used old 3ds xl or 3ds or 2ds make sure if used though it may have a very out of date firmware that does not work with this so id be better to go with buying a new 2ds but idk if they are now loaded with an update thats not too old to work with this

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Um hello~! When i open the injectiondebug.bin file it says error attempted to load an unsupported file/type

please help.

First of all the injectiondebug.bin is not relayed to ram2sav so you're on the wrong topic.

Secondly "when you open" suggests to me that you're trying to open it in pkhex. That's... A 2nd "wrong topic".

What you are supposed to open in pkhex and is related to ram2sav is the dumped ramsav.bin after the first time you use the exploit.

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if the next pokemon games are on the 3ds will this be updated for them well when they come out it the firmware that it works on now will be very old and it it will make you update but you should be able to use region 3 to play it

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Ohana 3DS works with ramsave ? :c

Ramsav allows savefile export, but Ohana 3DS needs textures extracted from a decrypted ROM to work.

I'm not sure of what you want to do, but to me it looks like you're asking if you can hack a microsoft office license key from a .docx file...

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Hi, yesterday, my nintendo 3ds needed an update and after that i couldnt inject pokemon or use ramsav on it. Is there a way I can go back to my old version so i can use ramsav?

As countless other people have been told, you cannot downgrade your firmware. NEVER update your firmware if you plan on using things like RAM2Sav, not unless the update has been deemed safe, which will happen instantly pretty much.

I had no choice to update because it wouldnt let me go online to do a wifi battle... gutted

Unless your game was not version 1.2, that's not possible. I've just double checked and I can get online fine in Pokémon X/Alpha Sapphire on both my 3DSes. You can't be blocked from going online in a Pokémon game without the latest 3DS firmware (or at least, they haven't done it so far) but you can be blocked from going online without the latest game patch. When they release the ORAS 1.3/XY 1.4 patch, people will be forced to update their 3DS firmware if they want to go online, and I'm surprised a patch hasn't been released solely for this purpose yet.

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As it is, there is not likely to be another update to Gen VI. There are no gameplay bugs I know of that warrant it, and Nintendo/GameFreak are not jerks. They'll fix things and such as they go, but they won't punch people in the face about it. (Though they may have unexpectedly ironic timing for them... ^_^ )

If they were going to be that way, I'm sure there would be a lot of Microsoft-style bannings on NNID accounts as well. So far... doesn't seem to be happening.

It's a simple thing: If you update, your cheating days are done until the next method comes out, unless you want to shell out a lot of money just for cheating. (The only "easy" exception, though also expensive at the outset if you don't already do it, would be to switch to importing Japanese and also getting the Cyber Editor, as it can not really be blocked at all. Not so useful to people who have no interest in learning a new language though. Otherwise, it's a great way to start learning Japanese as well!)

You can still breed, like most people do (which is now in Gen VI about as easy as it gets short of them throwing away the whole "Pokemon are living creatures in the game universe" and making a custom generator like they don't have in games like Borderlands and such to make it easy to play competitive with your dream weapons... no surprise, obviously.)

Or, you can ask those who do have access to Cyber Editor/Web Method to do a few Pokemon for you. If you pre-make the file(s) (properly, so they don't have to waste time fixing them to be Legal), many people are willing to make them for you and trade them for your Magikarp/other easy extras (if they will do it for only Legends/Events/Rares/other hard-to-get Pokemon/items in exchange... they are very likely scamming you and you should consider reporting them.)

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Actually, there is a Pokemon editor called PikaEdit which has a Gen VI release, and has what I understand to be a legal-locked mode... I haven't tested it much myself, but the files can be saved and then loaded into PKHeX just fine from what I did. (It may not have been updated for the newer combinations thanks to ORAS' addition though)

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