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  1. That was confirmed in last month's CoroCoro. Also, the Japanese website clearly mentions that the first compatible QR code for the feature will be given in July to Pokémon Ga Olé players: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/sun_moon/collect/160602_02.html Also in the European PR. (http://pokemon.gamespress.com/releases/2072/brand-new-pokmon-and-details-revealed-for-pokmon-sun-and-pokmon-moon): And no, they never use the world "catch" for distributions.
  2. Yes, you will be able to catch it in-game just like in Gen 4. Here's more info about the functionality http://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/discover-pokemon-using-the-qr-scanner/ When you scan the code, Magearna's habitat is registered in the Pokédex, then you can catch it. It was never mentioned that Magearna would have a ribbon or come on a special Pokeball, Serebii made that up. This will also be the case in all regions, as the European PR confirmed (http://pokemon.gamespress.com/releases/2072/brand-new-pokmon-and-details-revealed-for-pokmon-sun-and-pokmon-moon):
  3. 5 months ahead of their release, the first Japanese Pokémon Sun and Moon event has been released. In the new games events will work differently, as to get special Pokémon like in this case Magearna you only need to scan the QR code with the RotomDex, then you can catch it in-game. The first QR code for Japan has been released. It also confirms that the codes will be the same for everyone in the same region (but they are region locked) Maybe we could get some info from the QR code data, but probably it's using new encryption keys.
  4. Wow, is that true? Because the passwords in this game seem to be much smaller than in previous games, I can't think how the game would expand some of those strings into full missions without having information about each password. For example, the CoroCoro dungeon password for the japanese version is JQMJT46S while a password for 20 apples is JQQPK0R6, they are alphanumeric.
  5. I was thinking that there could be a way to extract all the passwords for the american version of the game from the rom, right? As it doesn't look like it checks online for them.
  6. I have a question: For events that have "Force 3 31s" option marked for IVs, it's possible to get one that has 4+ ivs or it's locked to both minimum and maximum 3 perfect ivs?
  7. Hope you upload a hax 2.5 compatible version!
  8. But that needs the full ROM, doesn't it? And there's no way to legally dump my game on 9.2+ yet, right?
  9. Well, will try to analyze this. We have two Arceus, shared by two users here. One on the PKX contribution thread and one on the .wc6 contribution thread (as a .pk6 file). The first one was not shiny and the second one is shiny. Here are the files: Non-Shiny, Shiny. They have the following similarities: They have the same SID / ID / OT / Attacks / Relearn moves, which seem are the real ones. They have the following info in residence: They both have the same memoy with non-OT (arrived via Link Trade / at Pokémon center / it felt good) They have the same Nature (Rash) They were both obtained in the same game (OR), same date (07/03/2015). And finally, they have the same Hidden Power type. And the differences: They have a different IV distribution The non-shiny one has the latest trainer value as Shaun while the shiny one Icarus The non-shiny one was obtained in Chiba while the shiny one at Kyoto. So, there's a possibility that the shiny one was based on the non-shiny one. However, we don't know if the original Arceus is legit or not.
  10. What bugs me is why these two Arceus are so similar. Was the original shinified and then this one has a different PID and IVs. Also, this has Kyoto as the sub-region, while the other one has Chiba.
  11. Interesting, an Arceus shared by other user here before (I really don't remember, I think it was the one by love_dig_it in the PKX contribution thread) has exactly the same data on there. However, it has different IVs. So there are various possibilites: All of them are hacked Every event Arceus has, for some reason, these data related to residence. This Arceus was based on love_dig_it Arceus with a different PID and randomized IVs. EDIT: They also have the same nature, encryption constant, and Hidden Power type
  12. Interesting, looks like your Pokémon has been through a lot of places, DemonKlyd. Is this normal?
  13. Wow, finally a legit one? Do you have proof, because it really seems this is the real deal. Thank you very much!
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