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  1. So, a few months ago was the Pokemon GO Kanto Tour event. For a single day, a ticket was able to be purchased that gave the special research "Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto" that when completed then unlocked the special research "All-in-One #151". Upon finishing the final page, the reward is a Shiny Mew. As I understand it, Mew is able to be transferred to Pokemon Home, which would make this the first (and only) Shiny Mew that can legally be obtained in any language for use in current-gen games. That, and it is the first Shiny Mew available since Gen 3. All that said, the requirements in PoGO to get it are pretty big (such as completing the Kanto Dex and later reaching Lv. 40), let alone the fact that only those people who purchased the ticket on that day even have the ability to ever catch it. Is there any intention to supply a base .pk8 file of this Shiny Mew, since while not a SwSh Event, it effectively an Event Pokemon (and fairly exclusive at that). I would submit mine... if I had caught mine already (I'm at only lv. 38/40 in PoGO) and had a way to extract the file once transferred (I can't say I'm willing to risk compromising my only Switch at this time).
  2. So... this may be reviving a bit of an older thread, but wanted to get a couple points out here: 1: If you want access to ALL pre-Gen 8 Pokemon, you must have either of Ultra Sun/Moon, as they added some new Pokemon that are not in the coding of Sun/Moon. Or you can just trade someone for the ones you are missing, there's not many that were added. 2: If your goal is nothing more than to actually get the complete pre-Gen 8 Dex collection (ie: Living Dex), you were technically spending a lot more money than was needed (assuming you can find someone willing to do this, which literally costs them no more than about 2 minutes of their time to do). Anyone that has access to editing their save files (via PKHeX) and Pokemon Bank can actually just transfer a complete living dex directly to your Pokemon Home account at any time. (I doubt many people pay much attention to things and so have totally not realized this, otherwise it would be a more common request?). I myself have given several friends complete pre-Gen 8 Shiny Dex collections this way. SO much faster than any other method... Just transfer the whole PC to Bank, transfer from my Bank to their Home, then I just restore my save and repeat. Note: This is not to imply that I am (or ever did) offering this as a service to anyone, and since CyberGadget's systems are now shut down I haven't been able to do this anyways (since I haven't modded a 3DS to be able to access saves again).
  3. There are no known ban situations for modded Pokemon. Instead, it would just fail the automatic online legality check (assuming you didn't make them correctly) and you'd get a message saying something like you can't use this pokemon or get an error code (neither have lasting effects, they just tell you that something went wrong and kick you out of whatever you tried to do). A .pk8 Pokemon would be one that is designated to be in Gen 8 (Sword/Shield), so why would that be a problem? At this stage, really just breed/trade for everything if you need it, they're already available. As to your original question, the only way I know of to move any emulated Pokemon into Bank is to first move them onto an actual save file accessed by a 3DS to be read by the Bank application. There are a couple ways to do this (involving homebrewing your 3ds system, which I will not detail how as it is hard and annoying and maybe not allowed topic?)
  4. Not that I care to help someone justify actions that could result in banning (that is how it sounds), but it also depends what you mean by being able to use Pokemon Home, as you can access your collection from both the Switch and from the App. A ban on a given Switch would not affect your access on the app. Also, as I am no expert on banning situations, it could possibly be circumvented via either a secondary Switch (if the ban is to a specific console, as the data is on the servers, not the console) or by transferring them via the app to a secondary account (if the Nintendo Account is what is banned). If your Pokemon account itself is hit with a ban (not a thing to my knowledge) then you have no hope and only yourself to blame. Either way... just don't do something stupid, yeah? It just risks ruining the fun for someone else and makes having continued fun much more expensive and time-consuming for yourself.
  5. ... as long as you're not stupid when doing save editing, then no "punishment" will ever happen. All PkHex does is edit the save file, primarily individual Pokemon's files, which are always changing (via trades, training, breeding, releasing, Events, etc) and are expected for changes to occur. The game isn't constantly checking every Pokemon in your collection going "ooh, gonna catch me a hacker today!" like all the foolish paranoia seems to believe (and has believed since Gen 1) and when you go online only certain things trigger a Check and only on the Pokemon you are actively using in that activity (and not all activities online trigger it either). As it is, about the worst you should ever suffer for using PkHex is if you store two+ Pokemon into the same Pokemon Home storage that have the same Home ID (which normally shouldn't ever happen short of duplicating a Pokemon that has ALREADY been in Home at any time) then all but one of those Pokemon with that number will be deleted. Unless you go to a sanctioned event, then you could get banned from the event for using a Pokemon that is Not Legal (ie: Legal is any Pokemon that can exist from regular gameplay regardless of what hoops you'd have to jump through and sheer luck to obtain). Getting account-banned on Nintendo Switch is not easy to achieve as far as my experience goes. In short, just don't be stupid (lots of homework!) and you should be fine.
  6. About editing Event Pokemon: If you want to guarantee it being Legal, MAKE SURE you know what characteristics are forced as an aspect of that Event. For example, if the Event release has specific IV's and Ability then changing it would obviously render it Illegal. Also it can't know anything that would require being in a previous game, like a move that is only learned from a past TM/Move Tutor. A note about my previous post: There apparently IS now a kind of Duplicate Checker, as I'm sure many of you have already noticed. In short, it only applies to a Pokemon that has ever been stored in Pokemon Home where it is given an additional identification number (no, not one that has ever been part of a Pokemon's file before, it's NEW) that is supposed to be unique and then if any two Pokemon have that same ID while coexisting in Pokemon Home then all but one will be automatically deleted. So, in short, if you are, like me, only doing duplications in Gen 7 (3DS) or older, then you are safe (a different number is assigned to each Pokemon entering Home). If it is in any Switch games, then you will want to make sure you don't involve Home until after you are done duplicating (save yourself some frustration).
  7. Duplicates are not "detectable" nor are they "bannable". It is entirely possible for two regular Pokemon to have the exact same data properly in-game and they haven't drawn that line for either normal or rare/event Pokemon. That would be weird and unfair to those where it did happen. Not to mention a ridiculous amount of work to attempt to stop cheating that would be easily circumvented by just changing a single digit anywhere (OT, nickname, HID, etc), as basing an almost-exact copy as bannable would have ultimate backlash. Heh, otherwise I'm in trouble with all my special Gardevoir, Shiny Mew (only available via a Japanese Emerald, the event item was never released for any other region systems, like how the Gen IV Arceus event item was never released anywhere so those are all illegal), and others.
  8. Way to revive an old topic, but in short, yes, provided it is compatible and set up correctly. Otherwise you'll just get a "corrupt save file" error message when accessing it. It's just save data after all. In the long run, it's probably best to just stick to editing your own save and bulk-importing the Pokemon you are wanting that way. Pkhex has made that pretty easy.
  9. Cyber Save Editor for 3DS will work with any Japanese Region 3DS game (Previously, I said "almost", because at the time Sun/Moon were not supported). If you want to edit your Gen VI/VII save file, you will need the Cyber Save Editor for 3DS and the program PKHeX. The instructions to do so... are already posted. Seriously, this question itself is redundant to this thread. In short: Basically, just use the proper Japanese program (Cyber Save Editor; NO translations), load your game in Advanced Edit, edit any 0 to be a 0, then click Cache(キャッシュ) to save the current file; from PKHeX, load that cached file (named "main"), edit as desired, save the edited file over the cached file, then click Read(読み込む) in Cyber Editor to load the edited game to the Advanced mode. Then just finish the process. Note: Edited for accuracy (Sun/Moon now supported. Have been for a while now, but just came by and remembered)
  10. ... What? This request makes no sense. Not breeding, not battling, you have literally no use for a 6IV Ditto. It being Shiny is also pointless for the Dex Entry, since you can QR Code Scan for all Variant Forms for all non-Legend Pokemon now, making for easy Dex completion (other than Language Region entries). And Ability Capsule... just earn some BP. You're actually playing the game, right? Also, the Bank's Legal Check won't be any worse than it was, if not better. Of course it's totally easy to make a Legal Pokemon, especially Ditto to be able to transfer it, but regardless, you have literally less than a month until it comes out. Why don't you just... enjoy the game as it was made?
  11. No. That is all on their end. Until they update to support it, you have to use something else to extract the save file. Or just wait. I don't know what the issue is causing the delay.
    Continues to be awesome! (I'm still waiting for Cyber Save Editor 3DS to support Sun/Moon to be able to use this. And to beat the game first.)
  12. @CabbageGod: This is not the place to ask. This is only for techincal help or issues with the program itself. For help in using it, please use a thread that is appropriate for the topic. On that note, and to any others with a similar question: I help run a couple of Groups on Facebook for the very purpose of helping with people to Gen Pokemon. To find such places, it's generally easy: Use Google. But, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/248462871893024 It's called PokeGen, since it was started during the time before PKHeX, when we used the now-obsolete PokeGen (As PKHeX does everything it did, and more). It is a closed group (as in, you must be a member to post), as we got sick of the spam posts or from people that had no clue what it was about. So just pop us a request to join!
  13. Hm. Ah, ok, found it. Hadn't noticed there was more than one before! Oh, a note about it: Whenever I try to make some changes, it crashes a lot. I expect this is largely due to the huge overhaul, so I look forward to the future releases! (And still hoping for Gen I-II support as well, now that BrowserHax makes extracting those saves possible again)
  14. I've been wondering, can this load full save files from Gen III-V games just like with Gen VI? And if so, what formats do they need to be in? The only way I can get an older save is from an emulator, but it won't recognize them (VisualBoyAdvance saves my Sapphire game with an SGM extension and PKHeX won't read it). I'd like to be able to test some things, but not sure how because of that.
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