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  1. Duplicates are not "detectable" nor are they "bannable". It is entirely possible for two regular Pokemon to have the exact same data properly in-game and they haven't drawn that line for either normal or rare/event Pokemon. That would be weird and unfair to those where it did happen. Not to mention a ridiculous amount of work to attempt to stop cheating that would be easily circumvented by just changing a single digit anywhere (OT, nickname, HID, etc), as basing an almost-exact copy as bannable would have ultimate backlash. Heh, otherwise I'm in trouble with all my special Gardevoir, Shiny Mew (only available via a Japanese Emerald, the event item was never released for any other region systems, like how the Gen IV Arceus event item was never released anywhere so those are all illegal), and others.
  2. Way to revive an old topic, but in short, yes, provided it is compatible and set up correctly. Otherwise you'll just get a "corrupt save file" error message when accessing it. It's just save data after all. In the long run, it's probably best to just stick to editing your own save and bulk-importing the Pokemon you are wanting that way. Pkhex has made that pretty easy.
  3. Cyber Save Editor for 3DS will work with any Japanese Region 3DS game (Previously, I said "almost", because at the time Sun/Moon were not supported). If you want to edit your Gen VI/VII save file, you will need the Cyber Save Editor for 3DS and the program PKHeX. The instructions to do so... are already posted. Seriously, this question itself is redundant to this thread. In short: Basically, just use the proper Japanese program (Cyber Save Editor; NO translations), load your game in Advanced Edit, edit any 0 to be a 0, then click Cache(キャッシュ) to save the current file; from PKHeX, load that cached file (named "main"), edit as desired, save the edited file over the cached file, then click Read(読み込む) in Cyber Editor to load the edited game to the Advanced mode. Then just finish the process. Note: Edited for accuracy (Sun/Moon now supported. Have been for a while now, but just came by and remembered)
  4. ... What? This request makes no sense. Not breeding, not battling, you have literally no use for a 6IV Ditto. It being Shiny is also pointless for the Dex Entry, since you can QR Code Scan for all Variant Forms for all non-Legend Pokemon now, making for easy Dex completion (other than Language Region entries). And Ability Capsule... just earn some BP. You're actually playing the game, right? Also, the Bank's Legal Check won't be any worse than it was, if not better. Of course it's totally easy to make a Legal Pokemon, especially Ditto to be able to transfer it, but regardless, you have literally less than a month until it comes out. Why don't you just... enjoy the game as it was made?
  5. No. That is all on their end. Until they update to support it, you have to use something else to extract the save file. Or just wait. I don't know what the issue is causing the delay.
  6. @thaFranchize2b: Please read previous posts on the current status of how to use CyberGadget. If you have further questions, then we can clarify them. Though, at this point, this thread is kind of moot... should probably be either locked or renamed to just focus on CyberGadget 3DS support, rather than relating to the now-abandoned translation effort (Thank you so much for all the work that went into that! It really helped a lot of us!).
  7. Ooh, I hadn't heard about that one! Hm, I guess loading the saves could just be done like PokeGen dealt with different Gens, that you had to specify which generation you were going to load/work with beforehand? Oh, maybe if it had a Generations Tab, making it so you could load a separate save for each generation but easily switch between them with a click so you could move Pokemon across any generation quick and easy within a single instance of the program! (Hey, I would enjoy it!) It would help make it easier to incorporate the different settings without them interfering with each other, as users would just have to load the correct save for the generation they are working with. Maybe that, or something like it, could work?
  8. An odd request this may be... but could it be further possible to include Gen I & II along with the Gen III-V into these designs, thanks to the VC release of Gen I so far, and hopefully Gen II eventually (so very wanting VC Crystal in Japanese!). I know there are some editors out there... but to be honest they feel clunky at best, when they even work right, and it would be neat to have a single editor that covers all 7 (and future) generations! It may also help give an edge in accurately converting a Pokemon from a past generation to a later one? (I'm hopeful, at least).
  9. What do you mean about fakes being banned from the server? The software is easy to get from Cyber's site, it's the hardware that you really buy. You're saying they do a hardware check? How did you find that out? (May possibly explain some issues we've heard about)
  10. Ah, found it; under Tools. Hm, could that be moved to the File droplist? It is a bit odd to load/save a file from Tools (Though I understand why it's there, grouped with the other CyberGadget options). Could it be placed under File as "Open from CyberGadget Cache..." or something like that, to be a bit more simple for others who don't understand how this all works?
  11. Well. Cripes. That's nice and easy! So, we just need PKHeX to load from the last accessed folder for loading/saving the "main" file. (Though it was only published in February, to think that we didn't need a modded editor this whole time...) Basically, just use the proper Japanese program, load your game in Advanced Edit, edit a 0 to be a 0, then click Cache(キャッシュ) to save the current file; from PKHeX, load that cached file, edit as desired, save over the cached file, then click Read(読み込む) in Cyber Editor to load the edited game to the Advanced mode. Then just finish like normal! Haven't tested it myself, but keni seems to be having good results, so yay!
  12. @Kaphotics: Do you know what may be wrong with your mod editor, so it's not working?
  13. Tested, same problem as keni. The game name doesn't appear, only showing the game ID, can't interact with it, gets the same error message (apparently when it tries to identify the game). Testing with Pokemon Y.
  14. @keni_lee: if you are worried about missing an update, just subscribe to this thread; updates are always mentioned upon release. @keni_lee: Hopefully I did this right (I'm still new to uploading+linking some things): https://www.dropbox.com/s/yimzqrtqwh4bcna/3DS%20SaveEditor.7z?dl=0
  15. Ah, ok, found the problem. Cyber Editor had an update as of March 31, 2016, thus rendering the present version of Mod Editor useless. Until a new update for the Mod Editor comes out, you can't make use of this. Slightly surprised that you didn't notice this yourself, keni_lee. It mentioned the update in the changelog that always comes up when you load Cyber Editor, which includes both game code changes and system updates. Just remember that if you have already been using Cyber Editor and it suddenly calls for an update, you will also have to wait for the Mod Editor to get an update as well, so want to pass on that as a notice to the developer(s) of the mod program. @SciresM: Hoping you notice that the update occurred!
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