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  1. hi i have this error help me plz my sav has 0 byte [ATTACH=CONFIG]12354[/ATTACH]
  2. Hi the pokemon rumble world editor are out? And the ramsav have one news OR nothing not working? ? Thanks for Help
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]12230[/ATTACH] guys help my pokemon y not work with pkhex
  4. i need trasfer save date on 3ds to new 3ds xl for use the old 3ds qrcode and ram save but for transfer data nedd update both console help me plz
  5. Get another new SD card, update the new SD card, switch between SD cards to do both Genning/QR and Internet SD 1 - Internet SD 2 - Genning/QR This work guys ?
  6. ah oki thanks i can with cyber gadget ? :c
  7. hi how to change my 3ds region trainer pss info on pokemon omega ruby ?
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