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  1. I'm on Get Started (Old 3DS - EUR) page. It only shows Installing arm9loaderhax in 2.1.0 / 2.1.0 row. Do I go ahead and click arm9loaderhax?
  2. Thank you bro! Can i ask, will i be able to use the old method of web injection and old pkhex with oras after ive installed a9lh + cfw?
  3. I'm on 9.0 firmware on old 3ds, do i have to use homebrew too?
  4. Will there be RAM2sav.zip for Sun / Moon? I have been using this method and using the old PKHex not the latest version, I think a prominent member here explained you need homebrew for it to work with latest PKHex. But I'm still using old method and it's working fine with old PKHex. I'm not understanding the new method at all. Maybe when I get the copy of the game, I can start understanding better. If I tried doing the ramout/pcout using the Sun/Moon game, will this work with PKHex 7? I'm using a old 3ds with 9.0 fw. Can someone please make for me or a link to the step by step on how to do ramout / inject with Sun / Moon? Thank you.
  5. Hi theSLAYER, Does this mean PKHex will work with Pokemon Sun & Moon when it's released? I wonder how many Box's there will be... I think there's gonna be way too many Pokemon to fit into 30 Box's lol
  6. Sorry for the noob question in advance. But do I scan that QR code when the Sun/Moon game is released and get Magearna in the game once I scanned it?
  7. Hi guys How can I get Volcanion event? I've been trying to create one with Pkhex but it's not tradeable.
  8. Hi, I've been changing a lot of Pokemons gender to Male from female. IS there a shortcut to turn all Pokemon gender to male? Thank you
  9. I bought a new 3ds, with a 9.0 firmware weeks ago. i used ramsav on it but today i got a communication error after i clicked on ramsavout... can someone help me please
  10. I've already updated OR on my 3ds xl and thats when it auto updated to the new firmware. So maybe it wont ask me to update the game since thats already been done?
  11. Thanks Will I be able to connect to wifi / internet even after I say No to the update?
  12. Thanks! I found a 9.4.0-21 on ebay for £50 Hope it doesnt ask me to update when i try to connect to the internet like last time
  13. It says > What does this work on? This works on 2ds, Old 3ds and old 3ds XL firmwares 9.0-9.4. But when I check on wikipedia it doesnt show 2.2.0-0E firmware or 4.5.0-1 0E firmware.
  14. Hi, will Ram2Sav work on a Normal 3DS (not a 3ds XL)? Cos i updated i cant use ram2sav. im looking to buy a cheap one and i cant buy a 3ds xl cos its more expensive so im thinking to get a normal 3ds EDIT: I found a 3DS with a 2.2.0-0E firmware Will Ram2sav work with this firmware? EDIT: I found a 3DS with 4.5.0-1 0E firmware Will it also work? Thank you
  15. Whatevrer it was, it said i neeeded to update OR so i went to Nintendo shop and downloaded OR update and it worked fine. I dont remember updating anything else. So why isnt it working?
  17. I had no choice to update because it wouldnt let me go online to do a wifi battle... gutted
  18. Hi, yesterday, my nintendo 3ds needed an update and after that i couldnt inject pokemon or use ramsav on it. Is there a way I can go back to my old version so i can use ramsav?
  19. Thanks guys, its solved. I had to change their relearn moves to (none) and it worked.
  20. ThreeG


    Hi, is there a quicker way to get all items? Like is there a pre-loaded set which I can import and get all max berries and max items / tm's? I'm finding it tiring to do individual items Thank you
  21. Hi, Ive been using PKhex and Ive been battling with the Pokemon in rating battles perfectly. But recently, I tried to make a Shedinja with study ability and I had to resort to PkHAX. I saved this pokemon only, injected it. I didnt do it for any other pokemon. i didnt change any IVs or Evs or moves. So I injected em, and i tried playing online in wifi battle and it didnt work for Shedinja and nor did Ratings battle work. I did the ramsav thing again and this time i opened with PkHEX this time. I Viewed the pokemon and clicked Set just to make it working again. I tried again to battle and it didnt work. Trading works fine tho. Can someone help me please Thank you
  22. How do i save it as a PKM? I dont use Gen V game. Im using ORAS/XY atm.
  23. How do i open the PGF files using Pkhex?
  24. I used the ramsav and now i have 7 boxes and battle box available. i dont know where my other boxes went? is there a way to get them back?
  25. Hi, I'm new here. Nice to meet you all I'm 23 years old and I love playing Pokemon! lol I've been using Pkhex for some time now, using the Pcout/in method. But today i decided to start a new game using OR. Picked a torchic and once i got the pokedex i went to the pokemon centre, deposited torchic and kept a zigzagoon in my party. turned it off and used the pcout/pcin method. I added the starter 2 missing pokemons and hoopa/volcanion. My fav number is 313, so changed the TID n removed 3 digits n replaced with 313, i did this with the new pokemons too. and I clicked on trainer info and input my new TID n i used the same SID. i pressed save on bottom right. i went to items and added 100 rare candy n 2 mega stones. clicked on save. I saved it and used the method. in the game when i opened my trainer id card, my old id was still there, and i checked my items there was no rare candy. the potion was still there. i did get my pokemons tho. everything else worked but i have the trainer info / item problem. If you can tell me what I did wrong, please do tell me. Thank you. Also, Ive been trying to get a Diancie using PKhex which will allow me to battle passerby via wifi. I know this guy who got a hacked Diancie and able to battle online which is strange. Did I add the wrong PID/SID? Thanks for reading and taking the time to help me out! Much appreciated
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