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SciresM's ORAS tools (RSWE/RSTE)

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Hey! You may remember XYTE and XYWE, which both have their own threads in this forum.

I went ahead and updated them for ORAS:



RSTE can edit and resave trainer data.

RSWE can edit and resave wild encounter data.

Note: Don't attempt to add encounters to a map that doesn't have any or remove all encounters from a map that does have them.

ORAS Encdata is 1/0/1/3.

ORAS trdata is a/0/3/6.

ORAS trpoke is a/0/3/8.

I can provide the source code of RSTE on request (PM me), but I'm warning you now that RSTE's source is garbage.

RSWE Source: https://github.com/SciresM/RSWE






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SciresM, is it possible to import the main.bin I exported from my Rom.3dz into a modified .cia ? I tried to do it using filesaverdata but I get the mesagge:

The saved data is not compatible with this version, so it can't be used.

Refer to the electronics manual for details.

I'd like to try the Mega Evolutons Table Editor but I need the mega-bracelet :'(

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I noticed that RSTE allows me to select "Egg" as one of the pokemon a trainer can have....What happens if I were to actually setup an Egg as one of the trainer's pokemon? Will it have valid moves? Does the randomizer function have Egg as one of the possible pokemon a trainer will have?

I've been wanting to gen a "Egg" that can be usable in battle much like SleepyJirachi did in his YouTube videos. (the few times he had a chance to show it off before they blocked that stuff with the 1.3 patch in X/Y). All I know is that he likely used a modified version of PKHeX. Damn it. I want my own Egg I can throw into battle. :P

Unfortunately the RSWE program doesn't appear to have "Egg" as a selectable pokemon to add to an area unlike with the RSTE program.... :(

Currently I can't compile any source code of PKHeX because I don't have the filespace right now to install the program needed to compile it. Cause you know, typical bloat from Microsoft. :(

Maybe we can convince Kaphotics to add it to the next build. (I'd imagine it would only be available in illegal mode. :P )

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