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  1. Nothing to try. Have Hoopa in your party and walk into a Pokemart and talk to the guy. You get the bottle.
  2. Power Play 3DS is different than power saves. Power Play is for a couple pokemon games only. I honestly don't know anyone that purchased that. It's junk and rarely gets updated.
  3. Trade it to and from or bank it and bring it back.
  4. I thought that may just be it. Thank you
  5. I want to gen a shiny poke that looks like it would have been legitimately obtained in game. I have my retail card game which I can load the original game information such as the trainer ID and such. I have a secondary Gateway 3DS so I can create the pokemon on. My question is how would I make it look legitimate what would I need to copy or generate, if anything?
  6. You can't do it with PKHex right now. And yes it can be shared. You need to make sure street pass is turned on within both games and close the screens for about a minute until you see the green "streetpass" led turn on.
  7. Follow the readme and you are good to go. This will not get the Eon Ticket onto YOUR game but you can StreetPass it to another 3DS with Pokemon OR and then back to your own. If someone wants to upload a community save with the Buzznav already for Alpha Sapphire I will make one for that as well. You get buzznav after first gym and return the "parts" to Devon Corp. https://www.sendspace.com/file/cvqsai (filesize is half a meg too large for attaching here unfortunately)
  8. Would this not be considered a new gen since there's new pokemon? At least new Megas anyway... Not sure what classifies new "generation" though...
  9. What does the Gateway have to do with encryption? Afaik the region unlocker just changes a flag in the eeprom to allow to boot out of region games. Again, I am not talking about the ROM. I am talking about purchasing a physical cart to use on a US system. EDIT: Nevermind I confirmed this works. You can do it on a stock US system using the bank and transport it off an out of region cart.
  10. Would this work on a USA 3DS that's been region modified using Gateway? (Not Poke rom but actual JP cart)
  11. It's actually for 3DS. They even have support for Fire Emblem. It's not a TRUE Action Replay for memory editing but does allow you to upload/download saves. Supposedly they are working on Poké X/Y support.
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