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  1. Guys is there any possible way to make a pokemon Mega evolve into another one using the Mega Evolution Table Editor or other way ? (I know it works for alternative forms)
  2. One question, is it possible to replace one pokémon by another ? I'm trying to "create" a new Mega Evolution, so my basic Idea is to replace Land Form Shymin for "Arcanine" and Sky Form Shymin for "Mega-Arcanine"... But when I replace shaymin files for arcanine files I cannot even see any pokémon in my game and then my 3ds crashes... Thx in advance.
  3. SciresM, is it possible to import the main.bin I exported from my Rom.3dz into a modified .cia ? I tried to do it using filesaverdata but I get the mesagge: The saved data is not compatible with this version, so it can't be used. Refer to the electronics manual for details. I'd like to try the Mega Evolutons Table Editor but I need the mega-bracelet :'(
  4. Kaphotics... are you planning to develope something like XYText for ORAZ? I must tay I'm very grateful with you and Sciresm for everything you have shared.
  5. This is the description of my SS ticket: "A ticket required for sailing on the ferry S.S. Aqua. It has a drawing of a ship on its front." But i've seen others tickets with this description: "Ticket required for sailing on a ferry." Anyway both are "S.S. Ticket" and got the same Icon.
  6. No :'( so I have no idea about what this happens
  7. Yep :'( that's why I have no idea about what the problem might be
  8. Hello guys, I'm stuck in the game since I cannot get to Battle Resort, after the Delta Episode you receive the S.S. to travel by ferry ( Saletport Ciry & Lilycove City)... I do have this ticket but once I try to board the ship I get the message: You don't have a ticket. Is there anything else I must do to board the ship ? I really would appreciate your help, I've been seeking for a solution for about 3 hrs
  9. Guys, anyone knows why it's possible to discard the S.S: Ticket even when it's a Key Item? :C I cannot get to Batlle Resort with the ticket I get in the game and the one I create on Pkhex is not working either. And Kaphotics thaks again Pkhex is the best tool ever.
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