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  1. Is it possible to save all edited files in a seperate folder with the correct folder structure so it's easy to use with SaltSD?
  2. Oh I'm hyped what you plan for the future and oh I forgot that rayquaza it would be to good having new pokemon in that game. I'll hope that you will release it after USUM cause don't want have to decide playing XG or USUM.
  3. I look every day if you finally released 1.0.7, yeah I'm really hyped for it. Why did you add v-create? which pokemon will learn it? I mean it's a victini only move or will you adding pokemon with costum models in the future?
  4. omg that's awesome, but why not just a xdelta patch? are you still working on it? @growlithecubone
  5. so you know who has played that game? yeah it seems like in 1.0.1 a lot changed. got one available mon removed? so which were available in the past.
  6. awesome, I played the first released version. I will play 1.0 in the feature, this will be nice
  7. good luck with that. I think it's really difficult to add them because a lot of them is different so it's similar to a new pokemon.
  8. oh okay. will the alolan forms have different types, stats and movesets like the original alolan forms?
  9. can you try to add the fairy typ? and would you replace pokemon for the alolan forms? can you add attacks when you wait for the SM movesets?
  10. which version is the base of the english version?
  11. some beta mons are interesting other are not important because they looks similar to the current final mon. I think a I3 3220 isn't a low end computer? why did you swichted to rmxp? you started the project on black2/white 2?
  12. will you also add the betamon of your avatar? and will the game lag similar to pokemon uranium?
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