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  1. Greninja has Kalos as Location. So it is obvious that who sent the gift is Ash at the end of his journey to kalos.
  2. Here it is http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=93543495452950752593 I can't upload it on forum because its size is bigger than 1 mb.
  3. PKHeX is just a PC software, it will always work. You have to check if your exploits are compatible with the latest 3ds FW. So don't do it, try to install Emunand and upgrade it.
  4. You're welcome. I've improved my c# Skill studyng your program So thank You!
  5. Line 79 of SAV_MysteryGiftDB, it can't find ...\bin\debug(or release)\wc6 foreach (string file in Directory.GetFiles(DatabasePath, "*", SearchOption.AllDirectories))
  6. I don't know why PKHeX crashes when I try to open It.
  7. I've built the latest version of PKHeX from GitHub but I didn't understand how the mystery gift database works.
  8. Yes, you can. Some Legendary Pokemon are shiny locked, pay attention.
  9. Pressing Alt+Click on the box tab you could delete all the pokemon of the current box - Using batch editor you could set species of all pokemon as 0 to apparently delete them from PKHeX, but I don't know what happen in the game (I could try)
  10. Yeah, I thibk it's the fall2010 Mew
  11. Does It came from johto? (I can't understand from screenshots)
  12. Destinyy

    bug Batch Editor

    Hi, i maybe found a bug using batch editor. - .PID=$rand sets all' PID as 0 - .PID=$shiny doesn't work I'm using the latest version from github and those situation didn't happen always
  13. Notice me when you will get the screenshot pls
  14. No, You couldn't Can you post a screenshot of that Mew?
  15. Does "linkew Mew" is The newest Mew distributed for gen 1 virtual console games? Anyway i'm enough sure that you can't legally transfer gen 1'mons to gen 6 (GB/GBC isn't compatibile with GBA and VC's aren't compatible with Pokèmon Bank)
  16. There isn't an official time capsule method to transfer Pokèmon from gen 1 to 6... You have to attend gen 7 for that things
  17. Just click on "import battery " to use the edited save file
  18. PKHeX has a good legality checker for sixth gen Pokèmon. If It says that your Pokémon is ok, There aren't doubts about it's legality.
  19. Just search "Personality Value Bulbapedia" on Google to get a good answer about PID in sixth gen (you could also surf between old Smogon topics to understand How old games generate PIDs for Pokémon) I'm sure that EC influences Spinda Spots, But I don't know what else.
  20. PKHeX has an alghoritm that notice you when a Pokèmon isn't Legal. Don't Worry. I know that topic about legality and online plays aren't accepted in this subforum
  21. Great! I wish that Google won't block my app Thank You Very much! I'm so sorry for your application.
  22. What a bad news. I'm developing an Android app about Pokémon hacking (save editor, ecc..)... What can I do?
  23. PKHeX compares The nickname in capital letters and Species name. Anyway, Can I know why Google has blocked The upgrades of your app?
  24. Hi Kaphotics. In third gen editor, Met Levels of some Pokemon aren't correct. For example my legendary pokemon encountered at level 70 are swown with 6 as met level.
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