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Weekly Poll #7: Mewtwo vs Mew


Mewtwo or Mew?  

32 members have voted

  1. 1. Mewtwo or Mew?

    • Mewtwo
    • Mew
    • They're both super special awesome!
    • Down with the psycho cats! Neither of them >.>
    • RBY Mewtwo... why did GSC had to come and destroy its Special Defense?
    • That level 7 Mew back in RBY with only Pound!

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You saw it coming... clone vs original!

[sprite]150[/sprite] [shinysprite]150[/shinysprite]



HP: 106

Atk: 110

Def: 90

SpA: 154

SpDef: 90

Spe: 130

BST: 680


- Has one of the highest Special Attack in the game

- Has an amazing movepool, physical and special and support

- Has 130 base speed, which is among the highest of Pokemon

- No Pokemon will ever outdo what RBY Mewtwo was in terms of raw strength (and has defined the Uber tier)

- Is deceptively bulky despite its sweeperish stats

- One of the best special sweepers in-game

- Quite unpredictable for it can take many roles

- Has appeared in a couple of movies and is quite popular

- Has appeared in Super Smash Bros Melee


- Has slightly less defenses than Mew

- The special split from RBY to GSC has reduced its Special Defense GREATLY (from 154 all the way down to 90)

- It is no longer the "best" (although it is REALLY powerful, but it has to share its throne with Arceus)

- Is a rip off of Frieza from Dragonball Z (color scheme wise :P)

- It is very wild and can only think of fighting, so it can be rather belligerent

- Cannot utilize STAB Psychic in its metagame (Uber) very well due to the massive presence of Psychics in there, who resist it

- Its Super Smash Bros Melee counterpart is rather... weak and humiliating!!

[sprite]151[/sprite] [shinysprite]151[/shinysprite]



HP: 100

Atk: 100

Def: 100

SpA: 100

SpDef: 100

Spe: 100

BST: 600


- Can learn ALL TMs/HMs/move tutors save Blast Burn/Frenzy Plant/Hydro Cannon/Draco Meteor (therefore making it VERY versatile. Yes it learns Attract and Captivate)

- Is adored among many fans for its cuteness

- Has no real disadvantages anywhere

- Hasn't been shattered by the RBY - GSC Special split

- Shiny form looks rather cool compared to Mewtwo's (subjective, yes)


- Very elusive and is therefore hard to obtain

- Is outclassed by Mewtwo in Special sweeping

- Is an HM mule for many people

- Stats may be good but not astounding

Vote and state your reason why.

Ugh... okay. I pick Mewtwo because I guess I sympathized him back in the Origins of Mewtwo and the First Movie. Plus when I caught it in game, it destroyed everything with its Psychic and Blizzard (when it was 90% accurate) and Recover. Eventually at level 81 it learned Amnesia... and oh boy. That move surely put a stopped to almost EVERYTHING. Yeah so Electrode was faster... but it couldn't do anything to Mewtwo anyways aside from paralyzing it. Due to the way the critical engine worked... wow, Mewtwo was surely an amazing reward for beating the game.

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Personally I like Mew more than Mewtwo, because it represents innocence and fun. Honestly I just cannot force myself to feel any sort of sympathy for Mewtwo, because he tried to take over the world because he was upset that he did not have a known purpose (Dang it... I forgot what he was upset about... Well I think I am on the right track). Seriously, he was being evil and then he has a change of heart because he turned someone to stone?

And one more thing... Why would humans make something that powerful... And not give it an off switch?

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I think it also has something to do with Ambertwo. I don't think it was turning Ash to stone that did anything, but the fact that the tears held life probably subconsciously reminded him of her... Or something. And I don't think it was so much taking over the world as trying to free Pokémon from being used. But I dunno, haven't watched it in a while. ><

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Mewtwo. It just looks way more threatening than Mew (so does a Bidoof, for that matter... Really, look at it! Don't its eyes just seem to bore right through you, threatening to destroy your soul with murderous powers that are hidden deep within it? Or is that just Mewtwo's reflection?). Plus, Mew's so dang hard to get. I don't go to events because there are none in Canada other than Toys 'R Us, but there aren't any TRU Mews that I know of. Plus I'm lazy.

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Mew two > Mew all the way. Seriously mewtwo was the strongest pokemon for over 10 years. It took game freak so long to finally make a pokemon stronger than it. Also in RBY, nothing was able to beat Amnesia Mewtwo.

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I chose they're both awesome. Mewtwo is just one of the best sweepers in the game. Most pokemon that aren't special walls would be 1HKOed. However I also like Mew. Mew is really cute and I also like how it could learn Transform; one of my favourite moves.

Hmmm... I think I know what Doc and damio would choose if they visit this thread...

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So this is the post you told me about. I am currently speechless. Everyone that has seen the two movies and 2 shot movies should know my answer but:


Mewtwo all the way since i was an unreasonable child. No Mew will replace the superior being that is this out of this world being.2ludjwj.jpg

The reason that i pick this in intelligent, unnatural creature is that i felt like it when i was younger (used and betrayed), resulting in the un-trusting person i am today.

Mewtwo is the best Pokemon i ever leid eyes on. Perfect in every aspect. No ''god'' will ever change that!


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Mewtwo, without a doubt!

Mew only has that unique ability to learn all the HMs and TMs, but its outclassed by almost everything it tries to become. All its relegated to is stat passing, which i agree it can do the best.

Compared to Mewtwo, its and understatement that Mewtwo is better. The offensive stat in spe attack and speed are way above Mews while attack not having too much difference is still higher. If you think defensively Mew is better, your incorrect! The combined defense of Mew is 200 (100+100) and so is the spe def. But Mewtwo has 106 in HP while having 90 in both defenses. That gives 196 in both defenses which is only 4 points less than that of Mews. It has nearly the same defenses while having much greater offenses. Movepool wise Mewtwo can utilize all moves it has much better while Mew cant really do that and is not commonly seen in the Uber tier. For cryin out loud even Arceus can utilize all his moves much better than Mew can =/. Thats a different story though >.>

Bottom line, Mew is almost nothing compared to Mewtwo. Its just another cute looking, hard to obtain and that way rather annoying pokemon >_<

Btw MewtwoEx those pics are insane!! :eek:

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Mewtwo kind of pissed me off as a kid after seeing the first movie....although now I have my share of sympathies with him. For that reason, I must say Mew (specifically shiny, I LOVE that color of blue) because he never failed to make me smile as a child. :]

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