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  1. Well if all your games work using official and unofficial firmware then it's probably real or a really good fake xP. If you can easily play games like Pokemon Black/White, Golden Sun, and other games then it should be fine.
  2. Wow i haven't posted here in quite a while but here's my new desktop:
  3. Hey There. Ahhh the GameShark takes me back when i was 5 and i attempted to get 100x Rare Candies but something screwed up and somehow my brothers save file was erased, thats when i started hiding the device and myself. xP I also look forward to battling people when the US/EU version is released. Hopefully my DS will still keep turning on by then and it will also give me a reason to finally pick up my DS after around 5 months of neglect.
  4. Hello Friend. Enjoy your stay here in Project Pokemon.
  5. Yeah i guess they are annoying sometimes. Especially when I'm trying to eat but i constantly have to look up to read the subtitles:mad:. But i actually like reading the subtitles... When I'm not eating. Hopefully some day I'll learn Japanese so i don't have to watch Subbed or wait for games to come out in English, it's a win win.:biggrin:
  6. Hey There. O_O I hope you mean the anime not the cleaning product. xP Yeah I'm also a Bleach Fan I'm not a fan that would watch most of the anime but i know everything from reading Wiki and i play all the games and watch all the movies. I can't wait till Bleach: Hell Chapter will come out. My favorite character has to be Zaraki Kepachi or Ulquiorra. Seriously?! you watch the dubbed episodes i can't stand English Voice Actors on anime. There is some exception like Dragon Ball but Bleach eek! That spinning Bidoof is so entertaining I'm gonna stare at it until i get hungry....... *gets hungry*
  7. I'll play any type of game even if it is Golf. Instead of listing genres because there's too many I'll list my gaming platforms. - iPhone, if it counts? But i do most gaming on my iPhone because it's always with me. - DS - PS3 - PC
  8. Hey There. I usually welcome the new recruit to our site. What do you look for to joining?
  9. Hahahah no problem. Thanks for getting me to remember how to do it.
  10. Howdy There. <--- (friendly introduction) I stumbled upon this site quite a while ago because i wanted to gain an upper advantage to destroy my friend at Pokemon which i already did without the need of computer based programs. But it was more fun walling his attacks with my Umbreon then doing Substitute and Yawn. After that Substituting to Charizard which would do Belly Drum and sweep his whole team. Ahhhh good times.
  11. Hello_o There. I'm HottSushiz and if i had a number it would be 3. Why you may ask. Because it's the original number of my favorite NBA player Alllen Iverson and well through experience it also seems to be my lucky number.
  12. Well now that i have experienced Chrome. I'll never go back to FireFox... Unless a page requires it. I just love the instant boot up of Chrome and it seems faster than Firefox. I was actually pretty sad when i unistalled Firefox as it was just sitting there gathering cyber dust. Now that I've made the switch my friend seems to be following though he prefers Firefox because it has better support for AdBlock.
  13. Ummmm granted... BUUUT! The time machine requires a stick of unobtainium. (lol creative i know) Well since I'm on the topic of Avatar that doesn't Air Bend. I wish on a little star that my friends would get over the fact i didn't like the movie.
  14. Hello There, welcome to the forums. I don't think your the only female that has signed up I'm certain there are active female members here. Sorry for a 15 year old my memory is as good as my dads. Ummm i think you make a spoiler byyyyy..... *attempting to remember* EDIT: Oh yay it worked well you have to type the characters because lack of dedicated button. xP like this: [?spoiler] (put message in here) [/spoiler?] except take out the question marks. I'll only put it there so it didn't make another spoiler. xP
  15. Herro There. Interesting set of numbers you have in your username.
  16. Hey sorry to hear your having problems. I can't really help you I'm actually having some trouble signing into Yahoo Answers myself, even though I'm inputting the correct password and username it still doesn't allow me to sign in. Though i primarily use Hotmail and Gmail as emails. I only created a Yahoo Email to sign into Yahoo Answers. xP
  17. Hey There. I've been playing Pokemon since i was 5. Though i wasn't really into it i thought it was rather boring and preferred the action type games where the battles didn't consist of waiting to hit each other. But that all changed when i matured.
  18. Hey There. Not sure what to say the introduction didn't give me much to talk about. But I'll accept you warmly...? (sounded better in my head)
  19. Hey Tharz. I am also a Bleach fan and I hope you mean the anime not the chemical product xP. I am the type of fan that knows most of Bleach but doesn't regularly watch the anime. I would watch all the episodes but the amount of episodes is pretty intimidating, and really i can't be bothered. That also goes with Naruto Shippuden i read most of the stuff on Wikipedia and friends but there is just way too many episodes. I usually only watch the episodes in Bleach and Naruto when there is epic fight scenes with my favorite characters. With Bleach i would watch all the movies and fight scenes with Kenpachi. While with Naruto there is just way too many movies but they are better in Shippuden. YA Community? I'm assuming that's Yahoo Answers which i am also a part of.
  20. Herro There. Seems you are very skillful in your work.
  21. Hahaha they look awesome. I love how Punkster is kinda a play on words for Jester which suites his appearance. O_O Dayuum there's going to be a glass type?! Though i could see that Glass is more like Ice.
  22. Hi everyo.... I mean Rocket Grunt Kyle, or RGK, or Rock Gryle, or maybe just Kyle. xP Wow BA in game development and Masters in design. That sounds pretty amazing. One of my brothers finished their degree in Business Studies and double major in Business Information System and Management. While my other brother finished his degree in Industrial Design. While I'm here doing College, well actually its High School but here in New Zealand we call High School; College and College; University. I'm a semi Pokemaniac. I've played all the games relating to Pokemon even Spin-Offs (excluding puzzle spin-offs) and i do casual competitive Poke battling? I wouldn't go as far to collect the event Pokemon, I just don't see the point. xP
  23. You are hereby banned due to banning a user with an avatar while you don't have an avatar yourself. xP
  24. Hello There. Nice avvie (<-- short for avatar) you have there. Now when you post and i read your reply. I'm going to picture the female in my head.
  25. Hey Their! (<-- intentional) I'm HottSushiz. Well you may already know that since you've been coming here for years. xP I'm not too sure how to upload things on the website. I just find a File Hosting website then send the link to whoever requires it.
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