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Kazo's B/W Tools

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Added Form/Gender/Ability editing and removed the "Unknown" for Pokemon. See my above post.

Unknown for Trainers determines AI difficulty, the lowest 3 bits determine that while I have no clue what the other bits do. Hugh has bit 5 and many have bit 8 toggled.

Edit: vvvvv haha yeah drayano was bitching about that so I reversed them :)

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I'm just using whatever method Kazo had originally, and just improved it with the new list. ComboBox has a way where you can pre-define all the dropdowns with a list of stuff. I kinda like it more than an external .csv as it just makes 1 file.

I mentioned to Dray that there's a bunch of single trainers with the 8th bit flagged, so I don't believe that it's a no-teammate aggression flag. Might be a battle mode flag to prevent crits (saw that in BW), meh.

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after i see your sourcode.... actually is not 616 but 814.


is bug from 1.1a, is not correct data is shown on editor (i was compare with hex, and netalzero trainer editor too). maybe just me only? i was tested on different computer with different os (XP,win7 and win8) is same result.


i will check it later, maybe i can fix it ...

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no extra files inside your trdata/trpoke folders.

hm is not on extra files (it will ignore). just on file numbering. must 1_##1 my file is 1_1 (BWTE only read correctly if is 1_### 3 digit).

well now was correctly :


(since i extract narc file from tinke xD), thanks for reply, i just why now is not working x_x i remember last i using this tool, is working.

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Hey. I am pretty familiar with these tools and I think that Kazo is awesome for making these.

The problem I am having With Black and White 2 is inserting the front sprites into the game.

I made sure the image of the rival is 16 bit colors and i insert it in the game. (This is the first image)

When I face the rival the images animation is all jumbled. (Second Image)

But then after i battle the rival the image looks fine (Third Image)

My question is how can I get the animation of the trainer sprite to work when I insert the image?

Avery Screen Shot.jpg

Avery Screen Shot.jpg

Avery Screen Shot.jpg




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If you're using Hilbert's as a base sprite, you should really copy over his animations too. Hugh's are totally different.

afaik, the binary files located around the sprite (in the filetree) are what animates the sprite. So find Hilbert's animation files and overwrite Hugh's. You're kinda stuck with the requirement of having the animation, because nobody knows how to make the game just display the single (unanimated) image.

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Ok i don't know if I did this right. The first image shows what I think is the rival's file, 127

The second image shows what I think is Hilbert's file, 144

So what I did is I extracted both and then I clicked on Cambinar (Which I think means Change File)

I clicked file 127, then i clicked change file and I picked Hilbert's File 144. I did the same thing with Hilbert's.

But when I went to see if it worked in BWSE it said that it failed to decompress.

Did I even find the right files? Also I noticed that my Tinke only recognized 64% of the files..

Tinke 1..jpg

Tinke 2..jpg

Tinke 4..jpg

Tinke 3..jpg





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You just need to take the RCMN and RANM files for Hilbert and replace Hugh's with those.

file after RANM is important too, this file is a position for every oam is defined from ncer file.

How do i know which file is Hilbert's and which one is the rival's? Is Hilbert's 144 and the rival's 127? Because I was just guessing those were the files because they showed up in bwse like that

not on that file...

Edited by Andibad
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Ok i was finally able to figure out hilbert's file location and the rivals. I extracted the RCMN, RAMN, and

the file that came after both. I changed the files and then saw that nothing happend..

because you just replace nmar and nmcr only, tinke is not support that format.

you should extract 2 ncgr (but is must compressed not on uncompressed ncgr) , narn, ncer, nmar, nmcr, and file before pallete file.

ncgr is for sprite models + nclr.

narn is for animation like move left right, spin , zip or other not moving ncer itselft.

ncer is cell resource, is spliting from ncgr file into a part models like arm, head or something like that.

nmar is like narn, but is for manage animation animate at all.

nmcr is like ncer, is manage all ncer is on front of...

last file is no have extension, is manage oam from ncer file on some coordinate on layer.

so you need replace that all file for replace animation sprite to make them have corrected animation.

for make them static, you need ASM hacking (if you want complete change the system for make them static), or create not set event on narn ,nmar and nmcr it will static like glitch "?" poekemon species.

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Is It possible to edit trainers, that are in Pokemon World Tournament? I tried to search them in BWTE 2, but they don't exist, so where are their files?



is different so no.

the app like this :


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