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BW PGL - Play to Befriend a Pokemon


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Just to make sure guys. There is a small bug in the game you should be aware of.

When you are asked to keep the Eeveelution upon completing the 4 levels, you have to click yes, and yes again to confirm. Although it says you picked the Pokemon and saved it to the account, if you clicked "Play Again" cause you are clicking through (or like me, thought that button is "OK"). YOUR EEVEELUTION IS NOT KEPT. You have to exit the browser (closing internet browser/tabs), in order to keep it.

To confirm if you have kept it, log on to your My Pokemon account and try to load the game up. This text box should come up like this "You have already earned (Eeveelution) from playing this game, this cannot be changed." before closing and letting play the game. If this box does not show up, you have not saved your choice and have to play again.

I made 5 My Pokemon accounts plus my main one and see if you can sync them to different games, with 6 different Eevees each. I played through all of it already, so tedious...

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I've settled with Glaceon.

I was aiming at getting either Leafeon or Glaceon, and it turned out I got Glaceon.

That's good, since it's my favourite of Eevee's evolutions.

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Just have done Flareon. This means I have now done Leafon and Flareon.

These have now been done by ..:

Flareon: Gallade, clear

Vaporeon: aaronbkm, clear

Jolteon: clear, kyomcfizzle

Espeon: Kaphotics, trance, clear

Umbreon: aquaguy34, aaronbkm, clear

Leafeon: Gallade, metatron, clear

Glaceon: clear, pingouin7

I only listed those who clearly stated that they had saved the pokémon.

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Well, it launched now, so hurry and do it.

That being said, this is reminding me of 4th Gen Shiny ID/SID abuse, except without the timing but more tedious. I have to make 6 New Games and play all the way pass the 1st Gym and the Dreamyard to Game Sync for all 6 Eevees for 6 different accounts, cause I am still using the Japanese save file.

I'm going to C-Gear RNG all of them anyways, but this is more for Leafeon, Espeon, and Vaporeon.

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Okay, so, as I said, I have Vaporeon and Umbreon saved to accounts, but, even with PGL launching tomorrow, it looks like it will be a couple weeks until I can actually get them out, so, if I just post the username and password for the two Pokemon.com accounts, is there someone who could extract them for me? The accounts aren't linked to anything, and were only created for contributing this event.

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I am so angry!!! Has anyone figured out the trick needed to get my eevee to save. I found out that my eevee wasn't saved afterall, then after over a dozen successful playthroughs of the game tonight, my Leafeon is still not saved! I sent a letter to tech, but already know that won't get a reply.

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The date May 5th is when they are going to stop giving away eevees. This is why you have to wait. My problem is that I can't get it to save in the first place. I've seen several people have had the same problem and have read up on several suggestions to get it to save, but so far nothing has worked. Each time I confirm my choice of Leafeon twice. After this, there is a screen that pops up that asks if I want to Play Again. Most suggestions on the net said to not click Play Again. Some say to click another link or to just exit from the web browser. I can confirm that neither worked for me any of the times attempted.

After this fail I clicked Play Again. Completely played through again, and was not shown the Eevee prize screen so I thought this worked...NO. My first clue was that I had a new High Score of 86,000 but the character screen of mine was not updated with this score.

Next I played all the way through, picked Leafeon and then hit the Play Again button. I purposefully lost in the first round just to see if that would cause an interrupt allowing Leafeon to be saved...and No again.

Is anyone else having as much problems with this? And before you say it's saved, you should make sure.

Edit: I switched browsers and it worked! Leafeon is now successfully saved, and now I'm going to work on getting my Glaceon.

Edit 2: Glaceon is now confirmed saved after several attempts to save. Switching browsers was only a fluke. What seems to have worked was to clear my cache, history, and cookies. This was the only thing in common with the two successful saves.

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