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  1. Another thing to note: I went, talked to the lady, connected, got my Poke, left the GTS, then, talked to the lady again, reconnected, got the next Poke, left the GTS, then reconnected again to get the last one. I don't know if there is another way that the others were trying, but this is what I did, and got no errors.
  2. I know for sure that 3 of those 22 were from me, and that I have a perfect 3:3 ratio for connections vs pokes received. Although, from what I got, the order that you have listed seems a little off, and normally I would just chalk this up to other people being connected at the same time, but it doesn't sound like that is an issue here... I got Snivy, then Oshawott, then Tepig. Also, of note to those who care, I didn't see this posted anywhere, but all three have their Japanese names in Katakana, as opposed to a nickname, or their English name.
  3. No, and no. At this point, there is no way to backup anything from your Black/White cartridge with an ARDSi, and, likely, from what I have heard, there never will be a way to.
  4. Okay, so, one of my favourite things to do in Pokemon games is hunting, and trying to catch roaming Pokemon. However, there are never enough of these guys programmed directly into the game for me. Now, I have used Pokesav, to some great success, to generate new roaming Pokemon for my Pearl, and my Platinum, which is all fine and good, but, I want to be able to do it with other games as well. So, here's my question: Are there any tools that function similarly to Pokesav, that will allow me to generate new Pokemon to hunt, and then export an AR code to get them into my game, for ANY of the other games? Preferably the games released SINCE DPPt, not the games BEFORE. However, if there were a tool that would allow me to do this for my Gen III games, that would be pretty awesome too.
  5. Eh, I am not too concerned with backing up my roms. Mostly I just want something that will back-up my save files in a similar manner to what my AR DSi did with my DPPt, nothing too complicated, really, I would imagine
  6. And they're the best thing to use for backing up the various Pokemon games, including Gen V?
  7. I know this is a little off topic, but the people in this thread seem to be the most helpful, and knowledgable I have found in this entire site, so, maybe you guys can help me. I am trying to find a device to back-up my save files for HG/SS as well as B/W. What I am hoping to find is a single device that will let me back up my saves from all of these games. I have heard the names NDS Adaptor+, as well as SMS4 thrown around, would one of these devices work? As well, (and I am not sure if this is allowed) maybe someone could pass me a link to a reliable location for purchasing their device of choice? Thank-you all in advance! As usual, Bond, thank-you very much for all the hard work you do for us in running this server, and this thread, and I am greatly looking forward to the next batch of Pokemon you have for us!
  8. i happened to notice that the "last modified date" is different on some otherwise identical files between what i had from an old rar that i downloaded several months ago, and some of the files in the new rar that i downloaded today. it has been a while since i downloaded from here, so i don't know when this change would have happened, but i am just wondering if there is any significance to this, or if it is just a random occurance?
  9. Ah, poop. Looks like I will be missing out on this one then. That's too bad.
  10. It's free Pokemon, and Bond works very hard to do this for us. Maybe complaining isn't the best idea here.
  11. Okay, cool. Are we still to be expecting an update tomorrow, or will it be delayed a day or two because of the confusion, and the late update last week?
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