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  1. I'm trying to figure out if its possible to extract a Global Link Game Sync ID from a game save then inject it into a new one. I want to start my game over (as most people do), but I don't want to loss all my progress in the DW. I'd also like to inject it into ROM Hacks for the same reason. I didn't think to make a backup of my save file when I started because I didn't think Nintendo would be so anal about it (yes, I should have know better). Anyone know if this is possible?
  2. Heads up to anyone who contacted Pokemon Company about not getting there Eevee: I just recieved this email from PCI Looks like they are going to take responsibility for screwing up. Yay!
  3. They have already responded to a number of people on the Serebii forums. I'm hoping that means they are taking it seriously
  4. Wasn't doubting you. TY very much. Quick question: The Eevee-lutions wont show up until you get the Nationdex right?
  5. Is it from DW or hacked? Just curious. Im is grateful either way :-D
  6. Guess I'll be keeping my fingers crossed they are nice enough to upload it. At this point I don't care if its totally legit or not. I'll set its Trainer ID to mine so I don't have to deal with it being disobedient.
  7. Thanks to everyone who is uploading the Eevee-lution pkm files. Not to seem ungrateful, but did no one get a Flareon?
  8. Thanks for posting your DW Eevee-lutions. Now all I need to do is wait for a good Flareon to be uploaded or for Nintendo to "fix" the issue.
  9. Well I just came from the Serebii.net forums and it seems a number of people there didn't get their eevee-lutions as well. A number of them send emails to tech support at Pokemon.com about it. I suggest anyone here with who had problems do the same. If enough people bring it to there attention, there is a good chance they will do something about the problem.
  10. No. It took me two or three tries to get Flareon though. Once it said it saved, I just closed the browser. It wouldn't require them to give out their entire save. You rip your save and then use PokeGen to extract the Eevee-lution as a pkm file. Its no different than people extracting wonder cards or event pokemon from there saves and uploading it to the forums. I'm not desperate to get one, I just would like to get what I "earned". While this is true, I'm hoping they take the time to realize that most people wouldn't waste the time to lie about something so trivial. I just emailed them about it because they have been very helpful in the past when I've contacted them.
  11. You used Firefox too? Ya that is a web design error. Well I'll be sending them this and other threads as proof. We'll see what happens. Im hoping people will rip the eevee-lutions from there games so we can load it on. Im hoping it wouldn't be too hard to manipulate the pkm file so it looks like it came from your DW.
  12. I wish I saw this post before the 5th. I logged on today to find that it my Flareon never registered. I sent an email to tech support about this. This seems to be a widespread problem, so maybe they will do something about it. I want my Flareon!! It was supposed to be my fire type for my first play through. >.<
  13. There ya go. Thanks for posting the info. I'm linking to this from GBATemp as there is a discussion about this there.
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