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  1. So recently my entire case containing my DSi, Acekard and all of my physical pokemon games (Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver, White, and Black2) was stolen and is gone for good. Now this doesn't bother me too much since I still have my 3DS and X version but with Pokebank coming up I'd still like to be able to transfer what pokemon I have left since I was always careful enough to backup my save files from each game. Now my question is what's the best way to mass transfer pokemon that were in my 4th Gen games and get them into a 5th Gen game to be ready to be transferred. Now as of right now I have save files of all my games and the .pkm files of all my pokemon as well. I need to get these 4th Gen .pkms onto my White Version save file but in a legal way so they look as if they were transferred over normally and not just thrown onto the save file as they are right now. Once I have all my pokemon back and onto 1 save file (being my White save file) I can put the save file onto a physical copy of White to transfer via Pokebank. So what's the best method or program I can use to "transfer" these .pkm files and then put them onto my White save file?
  2. Looking for Mewtwonite Y for my Mewtwonite X. Or looking for a Charizardite Y. Message me if you want to trade. Ill also throw in a shiny Luvdisc holding the stone when we trade.
  3. Technically I asked first and I still don't seem to have one. Still looking for a Mewtwonite Y for my Mewtwonite X on a shiny Luvdisc.
  4. Looking for a Mewtwonite Y for my Mewtwonite X to trade on a random pokemon? Also looking for a Charizardite Y but no longer have X version. FC: 3668-8936-9607
  5. No. You can't use an AR at all to back up HG/SS/B/W saves. You'll need to use a 3-in-1 or a Flashcard that can run this program.
  6. Considering the size of it I'd say try changing it to a proper size first then try it out in something.
  7. Has anyone gotten theirs out of the GL? I don't even see where it's saved at right now. It wasn't in my friend board even though I know for certain it's saved to my Trainer Account.
  8. Ah, I can't pass the 4th level. That's why lol. Oh well. I'll keep trying I guess.
  9. What level did you get to before you got it?
  10. Awesome. I'll grab the Glaceon on my White and another one on my Black. I gotta ask my brother which one he wants though since Black is actually his game. Lol
  11. And you've double checked the .ini file and made sure you've updated the IPv4 to the current Local IP if it's changed? And how close are you to your router? Is it connecting to your AP and then not finding the FTP or just not connecting at all? If it's connecting to your AP and solely failing to connect to the FTP then you may want to just reset all your settings in the FTP and redo them and then redo the .ini file to match the FTP settings once again. I've backed up and restored my save file many times but I've never had a problem with it connect to my FTP (smallftpd) only not wanting to connect to my AP on the first try.
  12. Tsujin

    Poké Transfer

    No the ribbons don't get wiped. I transferred my pokemon with 2 DS's and all my pokemon still have their ribbons. However they are only Effort Ribbons I believe. I'll double check them to see if there is any other ribbons they have. I'll also transfer a pokemon I have that has like every contest ribbon and such.
  13. No they don't. I've used Injected WonderCards and the Celebi worked fine. Go the to Event Contributions and you'll find a zip folder containing already transferred Celebi and the 3 Beasts before they activated the events in-game. Just go inject those pkm files into your Black/White save.
  14. That isn't what was causing the problems. My problem has already been solved but it's not due to the Earthquake + Tsunami.
  15. Tsujin

    Poké Transfer

    The egg date remains the same. It is unseen in-game but remains the same when veiwed in PokeGen/Sav. Also 236 bytes is Party Pokemon only I believe. 136 is PC I think.
  16. I heard you liek Mudkipz. Anyways, posting to say that I've just recieved a Torchic, Mudkip, and another Croagunk, and Flareon. I will update this post as soon as I extract them from my game and post them here for everyone. I believe they said they got them themselves but I will confirm in a few min. Okay. Here they are and they were gotten first hand. Enjoy.
  17. I thought as much. What about shinyness for ANY DW pokemon. Can you SR in the Entree Forest for a DW pokemon to be shiny? EDIT: Nevermind. Saw your post on Smogon.
  18. Has anyone seen any female DW pokemon from the events? I have a friend who said he saw somebody with a female DW Charizard. Since it hasn't been proven impossible I'm just wondering if anyone else has any knowledge on this.
  19. It's easy to beat the Wifi and GTS Hacks checkers. They don't check for small things like pokeballs or met locations. They only check for Illegal movesets, Invalid IVs or EVs, Unreleased DW abilities, Incorrect abilities, and mismatching PIDs. So something as simple as the Met Location being at Marvelous Bridge isn't enough the throw off the Hack Checkers. However if you want the Tornadus to be 100% Legal that's why the Met Location must be set to a Route it can be caught on.
  20. All you have to do is copy and paste the entire code into the Code Manager when you hook up your AR to your comp. Otherwise add that space every 8 characters and then just copy paste into the .XML file. It doesn't HAVE to be like this. xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx It can be like this and still work in the . XML file. xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
  21. Well considering that the Dream World and Global Link are down because of the Earthquake and Tsunami and that it's been off for more than a week which is why I was getting errors. Don't know how long it'll be before any language Global Links will be up.
  22. Yes Lol. I did a 1234567890 and 0123456789. I didn't test it out but It does give you an Ability, Gender, and Shinyness so I don't see why it shouldn't.
  23. If you have a Japanese DW pokemon however you can get another language version of it by breeding. I have a DW Gyarados right now and it works on Wifi. So any pokemon that's been released and can be bred should be able to work on wifi.
  24. Yeah, Transfer Machine is only used on previous Gen pokemon. Just set the Origin to Black like you did and then in it's Met tab it needs to be set to somewhere there is grass where it could be caught, not Marvelous Bridge. Just pick a Route #.
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