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  1. okay well i fifgured out my problem. the 3ds has two seperate internet settings for ds titles and 3ds titles now i cant figure out why im getting this error. Communication Error. Please turn off the powe im using the black and white ir gts.
  2. this may sound like a stupid question but is this useable when using a 3ds? ive used these before and have never had problems until now. i set my dns server but it still connects to the official dns.
  3. has anyone found or created a pokemon data checker so we can check evs and iv's and the sid
  4. yea i just downloaded pokegen but i really cant wait for good ol reliable pokesav
  5. try using tgbdual thats been te best emulator to use for trading for me.
  6. i did and i had no luck searching for it. i could only find the one here
  7. okay so since my first post was deleted because of two misspelled words. (thank you powerhungry mod). does anyone have a code to hatch shinies? the one to catc them in the wild doesnt work for it. thank you
  8. ive been playing yellow on an emulator at school
  9. if i was to "deposit" a pokemon would i be able to edit the pokemon on my computer and the send it back?
  10. i had the same problem when tried my soulsilver rom
  11. this is an old thread but does anyone know when this will be up again? the sites down or does anyone know an alternate converter i could use
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