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  1. Still think Smugleaf, Pignition and Wotter (not Derpderp, sorry) a better choice.. What's Oshawott anyway --"
  2. Here I wrote this yesterday when someone asked, hope this helps: Guide on how to get the Pokemon posted here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11627-Competitive-Pokemon-GTS-Distribution-Thread&p=99066&viewfull=1#post99066 1. Turn on your game 2. Go to 'Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings' 3. Choose and Edit the connection you are currently using / will use to connect to the GTS 4. Scroll down until you reach 'Auto-obtain DNS' and change the option to 'No' 5. Edit your 'Primary DNS' and put in (or any other address you wish to connect to) 6. 'Save Settings' 7. Go to GTS in-game and just connect, you will download one pokemon automatically 8. Repeat step 7 until you get all the pokemon in the list (or only the ones you want to) 9. If you missed any of them, just keep re-downloading, you will eventually get it
  3. Oh I thought you meant the distribution will only be once a month instead of a week, my bad.. Well repost won't happen much anyway, there are still a lot of different pokemon to giveaway
  4. You might want to re-read those in the bold before he flames you again
  5. If you're using sendpkm then I guess you need to change the IP not DNS..
  6. If you're using a flashcart, try pokesav.. If you want to get those poke in your original game cart with sendpkm, here's the guide from the 1st page: It should be pretty clear..
  7. The previous batch? Well most of them should be available in the PKMs.rar (link available on Bond's post) or here: http://gts.thundaga.com/PKMs.rar
  8. You don't need sendpkm to download the poke.. Basically here's what you need to do: - Edit your DS wifi settings (the one you currently use to connect) from the title menu - Change "Auto DNS" option to "No" - Put in the "GTS server address" on the 1st page to your "Primary DNS" slot -> - Save settings - Go to GTS in-game and just connect, you will download one automatically - Keep going into GTS to download different poke (will follow the list respectively) - If you missed any of them, just keep downloading, you will eventually got it
  9. I never tried RNG abusing myself, just read about it a couple of time.. Might give it a try later when I'm not so busy.. Well the best luck for both of us trying then, glad I could help with your questions
  10. As long as you can generate them perfectly with all the PID/IV relation and all the hex then it shouldn't be a problem.. I'll take it that you know RNG abuse didn't use any pokesav editing, but a whole other bunch of complicated steps (sorry for the hyperbole, I'm still trying to learn myself )
  11. The japanese Goon's Scizor is an event pokemon, a recent one at that, so it will appear as a hacked poke if checked using legality checker coz it's not updated with the latest events.. There is not even one bit of EV in him, and perfect IVs can be achieved by RNG abuse.. And so is the other poke with perfect IVs..
  12. Post it here or ask Bond beforehand, if any of your poke interest him or other ppl then they might be up for distribution next..
  13. Now I have no idea what you wanted to do.. If you want to use sendpkm to send .pkm file to your game cart then you need to install Python on your computer before you can get sendpkm to work.. But if you only want to get the bunch of pokes currently up for download here, then just read through some of the posts in this thread, they more or less explain everything..
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