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  1. So.. Anyone knows how to directly attach images to the post? Or do I have to upload them somewhere before linking them? EDIT: Because the photos are definitely much bigger than 97.7kb EDIT2: Nevermind, got it
  2. Nope they didn't check anything at all, I didn't even find where they put the damn distro DS (stood in the middle of the hall just in case). And yes I managed to download said Mewtwo on both original carts and flashcart. Both English and Japanese games' Mewtwo has the same OT, ID and Location as their Japanese counterpart, so they probably just sent the distro cart over. The only difference is the distribution method, I got it via Local Wireless while the Japanese Mewtwo was Infrared only. Will post the photos and pgf tomorrow coz it's real late here and I'm quite beat up
  3. Looks similar to the one distributed in Japan. I'll try to get it at the 2nd (tomorrow), but somehow they keep emphasizing on pirated software EDIT: Oh, and downloadable on both Japanese and English version of the games. EDIT2: And I'll also make sure to get some pics tomorrow
  4. A Mewtwo will be given out at November 2nd, 6th and 9th, 2013 via Local Wireless. It is being distributed with the airing of "Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened" & "Pokémon: Eevee and Friends" in Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia (name of the cinema and mall). Pokemon: Mewtwo Level: 100 OT: Pヒルズ ID: 06153 Ability: Unnerve Nature: Timid Moves: Psystrike Ice Beam Heal Pulse Hurricane Item: Custap Berry Pokeball: Cherish Ball Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon Location: Pokémon Movie 13 Dates: November 2nd, 6th and 9th, 2013 Game Distribution: BW BW2 Distribution Type: Local Wireless Distribution Location: Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia Sources: http://www.maxsoftonline.com/events.html http://www.maxsoftonline.com/images/Events/pokemon-mewtwo-indonesia-promo.jpg EDIT: Photos from event (Warning huge images) Movie 2013 Mewtwo.zip
  5. Nigoli forgot to change the links and only change the texts when it was copied-pasted.. It was working if downloaded directly from the Gallery though, just a slight mistake..
  6. Maybe they used this method? http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?25512-How-to-get-Japanese-wifi-event-Genesect-in-North-America!-Using-a-Ds-emulator!-Desmume-0.97
  7. Wow that's fast, but that means I don't need to dump my files coz it's the same, they're only responding to Japanese and English games, which surprisingly provide 2 different WCs, so I'll just assume that they're having 2 wireless distribution running at the same time or it's a special kind of cartridge that only responds to those 2 languages.. Pics will be up when I'm back home but I also doubt it'll be any different from RoC's
  8. Yep, then I'll try getting it with English, Japanese and other languages games.. I'll probably be going in the morning since I have nothing else better to do, and then maybe on Sat as well
  9. I thought I beat you guys on bringing this up Either way I think I'll be able to get this one, in both language, though I doubt they'll be any different. EDIT: but we'll see what method will they use to distribute it, coz I can't extract from game carts.
  10. The issue I bought has a plastic half-cover thingy that occupy the lower half of the book, with the hoenn starters pic on it.. And in the very back of the book, there's one envelope-like page with the password in it, basically you need to cut some part of the envelope to peek what's inside..
  11. All the pokemon you received from the guy in pokemon center will be named based on your game region, so if your game is UK or US then it will spell English Victini.. If you received them in a Japanese game then it will have Japanese name.. But the moves will always follow the game's language.. So if you want your Victini to looked legal then receive them in a Japanese game then trade them over to your UK cart..
  12. Yep, if I'm not mistaken, we already have them, but I guess they forgot to update the post.. Anyway, thank you for your contributions
  13. No wonder I lost my espeon.. Well the game's not that difficult anyway, but repeating once or twice is enough
  14. Okay I'll see what I can do with the PokeGen.. But I'm a little busy with work atm and I haven't even sync my game to DW, and I still need to borrow my friend's DS for the trade and such, so I'll be taking my time
  15. Well those 2 were obtained in trades, if you guys trust some unknown people with their contributions rather than your own member then that's fine, I won't even think of it next time.. I got the book as my birthday present last year, and because the dates are almost up (March 31) I decided to redeem my present and share it with the community.. But don't worry, I hope someone lucky enough to get a Charmander out of all those codes will probably post them here Oh, and you don't mind people posting a lot of Kangashkan or Poochyena or Oddish over and over, but do on a second Bulbasaur? Weird..
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