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  1. Nintendo for sure. I'm Amazed at two Mario Games at once!
  2. Just wanna see if we can get it past 20 (Again!) so.... <<1>>
  3. Yeah.... When is NoAu gonna do the Shaymin event? Like Pokemon platinums coming soon so I would of thought they would've Distributed it by now....
  4. pokemon: Darkrai lv 56 Hold item: Sacred Ash OT: N Freak ID: any Secret ID:any Nature:Timid Ivs: All highest Possible Evs: All highest possible Stats: Max out for level 56 Contests won: none Ribbons: none Moves: Pursuit Hypnosis Nightmare Double team Ability: Bad Dreams Ball caught in: Any Shiny?: No Met at Full Moon Island, September 27, 2008 Game: Pokemon Platinum Can it be a Trade? FC in siggy
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