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  1. Just traded them away, all fine. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply easy fixes, surprised it came up legal with no language tho ?
  3. G'day guys, a mate asked me to make him a regigigas and I thought everything was fine because it came up legal with the green tick. When I went to trade it to him I got an error I was wondering if someone could take a quick look over the .pk7 and tell me where I screwed up. I'd appreciate it Is there a project pokemon discord? regi.pk7
  4. Awesome, thanks. I better edit the Pokemon as well I guess
  5. G'day guys, I used CFW to get my 3DS to kind of think it's Japanese but not really? I'm just wondering if this looks legit at all. Maybe like I had bought a Japanese 3DS and imported it to Australia. I'm also wondering if this would work for Japanese internet / code events.
  6. When the site got taken down a years worth of attachments went down with it. I'll re-upload it.
  7. G'day guys, with Sun & Moon coming out soon I thought you might want to have a living dex ready in the bank. I've used the Mass Editor to change OT TID and SID so they're not mine any more. Not sure what will happen with the event pokemon (don't need them for either charm anyway). I've attached the file here, I hope. First time uploading a file here. Let me know how you go. Living Dex PP.7z Living Dex PP.7z
  8. I've been using an r4i Save dongle. Plug gamecard in, paste save file over it, and you're good to go. This only works for DS games, use powersaves for 3ds.
  9. Thank You! Kaphotics and OmegaDonut, you guys are on fire Awesome program loving the .csv view with all the information. But I've come across a problem in the exported .csv. It says my moves are Wrap, Leer, Psychic and Extreme speed but this is wrong my moves are Wrap, Leer, Dragon Dance and Extreme Speed. With my egg moves I thought to see Dragon dance and Extreme Speed but instead I see Disable and Mega Kick :tongue:. If you need to see the .csv let me know and I'll upload it.
  10. Well it must something else. I'm running windows 8 on x64 and I'm having no troubles at all. Some people are having their X copy be detected, and fix it by licking it... you could give that ago.
  11. Maybe you should redo your keys and blank file? and see if that resolves the problem.
  12. Thanks heaps for releasing so fast after teasing it on other sites :tongue:. Just broke into my boxes, looks like I'm going to have some fun with TSV
  13. Ordered one a couple days ago, should be coming in tomorrow. Can't wait to play with it, wish it had more options other than items money and BP tho.
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