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About Me

All right since I joined I learned so much here and elsewhere on many subjects, including CFW, Pokemon and more. If I will be happy to help any one I can, thanks to all who have helped or to help me.  Also I have fixed a few 2ds' and 3ds' as well as xbox oone controllers, maybe I can help (hardware wise maybe I can help software wise with 2ds/3ds).


I am trying to compile a current up to date event Pokemon file. If anyone has any event pokemon in a file please share the location or send me the file. I have a site, i'm not going to self promote, but I will have it uploaded and keep i current their once I am caught up to the event in July I have many codes for, and their were 4 pokemon total, depending on what game(s) you have. 


I did not search around here to much i'll be honest, but have found some else where and thanks to the individual who uploaded the 800+ file, I have it but not used it. I'm sure it will be of use in the future. If their is an up to date event pokemon file that would be great, to  have one to link people to, let me know if it exist please. Any help would be awesome even if you know a list of the events that stays up to date faster than any of the very popular sites, you know with ones, about 3 or 4 of them. 


I'm not going to use the site for any kind of profit and will credit people who help and off course where I communicated with them, ie here. I just wish to provide a list that is current at all times with all .pk6 files for event pokemon. I help people with related things in some discords and have been helped their and here, and would like to be of help. Plus I have a domain litterally wasting away, at least want to do some good with it.


A little about me is i'm a scrub at programming learning Python, use to play Halo professionally as in it paid my bills, building a PC actually pretty much done just cleaning up the wiring, and want an adapter to put a fan in I have that has purple LEDs but it's 3 pin n need 4. There is 3 fans besides that one so it's not necessary, but purple is purple and purple is needed. I also do a little drawing and just got a laptop with excellent touch screen and stylus for drawing, it's amazing compared to 2 other laptops I have and any tablet. If you would like to know I can message you, kind of expensive but if you need a laptop and draw, it's worth it. I have not been on Halo in almost 2 years, but since they announced a new one, I expect I will pick t up a few months before launch to get my reflex's and fine motor skills, as in head shots and straifing back. I have been trying to get good at fighting games with FighterZ, I never played a real fighting game, until this one, I have put hundreds of hours in the lab and still blow, at least I don't auto combo ever. I was playing Overwatch on Xbox it was too easy and boring, thats why I built a PC even though one of my laptops could run it fine, I wanted the excuse to build one and get another fast monitor. Now I haven't touched Overwatch in 3 months on xbox and been playing Pokemon Pearl through Omega Moon. I stopped playing after Saphire and Emerald as a kid or early teen. Started with red version then yellow, Gold and Silver then Saphire and emerald. So I picked back up with Pearl, I'm sadly still playing it havn't challenged the elite four with 500 hours in game lol. I been breeding and berrys and yeah... I havn't started Black Version but the save file from buying it used, is nice, so many legit shiniy Pokemon he spent hours breeding. XY and ORAS one from each has a bad save file and the other some legit breeder who has a great shinny collection. I was playing on the bad save files until just recently transfered some shinys I got on Ruby and created a profile. Also been playing platnum under someones save, they killed Palkia and were terrible, but once I get not distracted from breeding I will catch the remaining shnys and start a new file. Also Omega Moon started a file not very far. I need to beat them all, I just can't stop breeding in Pearl, I know it's not even good for shiny pokemon, it's the 2d above view I think. I'll speed through the rest, and put the least amount of time into black on browsed through all whom ever took the time to chain and breed all of these crazy shiny pokemon, that are mine. Hit me up if you need any pokemon I am an Ace Breeder who can breed anything in a day, let me know what you need, and move set, i'll breed it for you :)

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