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  1. I have noticed something wrong in the birthday tabunne. I thought it was only me but seeing the .pkm here I could saw that Tabunne has 2 ribbons D: instead of one, i don´t know if its wrong because I saw that it should only have the birthday ribbon D:
  2. I think the WC / Events we ar missing now is the Germany Nintendo Zone Pikachu
  3. I´ll try to help by choosing snorunt. (Let´s contribute ! with PP )
  4. dragonite becuse that was the first dragon pokemon that i saw
  5. i uploaded the dialga palkia and dialga from ss here was the link sorry i uploded in a wrong place http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=72&page=71
  6. mewtwo ex i think the notched jagged ear pichu wont work in the pokesav
  7. I investigated and shiny evee will have this characteristics Pokémon: Eevee Shiny Nivel: 50 Pokéball: (Cherish Ball) Movements: (Iron Tail) (Trump Card) (Flail) (Quick Attack)
  8. when i use pokesav i cant make another spiky ear pichu it is a normal one and mi original one gots equal
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