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  1. site Requesting feedback about the theme

    Hi all, @Jovie and I are both designers, however I’m also a front-end developer. If you guys and gals want some help with styling, I can author/edit the CSS and even create a quick LESS framework for easy edits to things like colors and sizing in the future. I’d love to help the community incorporate the nice banners and logos designed by Jovie. Inbox me for links to samples of my work. —a
  2. QR Code "I Choose You" Cap Pikachu

    Thanks @Sabresite and @theSLAYER!
  3. QR Code "I Choose You" Cap Pikachu

    Sorry if that was a bit extra on my part. I'm newish here and I could have used more detail in my first comment. Anyone running a JAP system can scan and retrieve the file by scanning the QR, if that's easier. I would assume that the G7 TID/SID are the same as the ENG event with the language, country/sub/3DS Region and OT language changed to Japanese but this may not be entirely true.
  4. QR Code "I Choose You" Cap Pikachu

    This community could sure use a bit of nicety in its correspondence. I know that the English version is in the gallery and that the Korean version is inbound. These QR codes are region-locked, right? I'm asking if the Japanese QR gift will ever be uploaded (.pk7 as with the English gallery) for those of us that do not have access to a Japanese system to properly utilize the QR code and wish to complete the Japanese M20 event collection. Note that similar events, such as the QR gift Magearna (SM), are available in all languages as well, so the vein of my questioning is not entirely left-of-field or without merit.
  5. QR Code "I Choose You" Cap Pikachu

    Will this be added as a .pk7 file eventually?
  6. JP Shiny Kyogre and Groudon Serial Code

    @theSLAYER, the blog post at Serebii specifically states SC redemption with dates. I assumed these were also taking place at PCs (among other locations) and not via local wireless. At any rate, the details are slim.
  7. JP Shiny Kyogre and Groudon Serial Code

    Serial code = region exclusive, yes. It is the first explicitly shiny distribution for both Groudon and Kyogre, yes. Note that they were both possibly shiny during the BW Super Strong Pokémon Campaign (PC Fukouka), though they'd be extremely rare.
  8. mac app PKHeX for Mac 18.04.18

    Hey @jasenyoface, I think the best solution for most users would be to simply download the .exe and use Wine (the version bundled with WineBottler) to open the app. After many failed attempts to use WineBottler to create a Mac app solution when the supplied app refuses to cooperate (does not open), I decided to try this and it works every time. Some icons do not display properly but this is common with Wine. What do you think? (Could save you a ton of *help* requests down the road.)
  9. Maybe a GO tie-in? Third gen and all...
  10. New in the pkhex/modding hacking realm plz help

    Soundhax works but Fasthax and Safehax don't so no dice. Can go HB without the next step.
  11. Hi! I can confirm that this is a FileZilla issue and yes, changing the transfer type to binary corrects this. -FS
  12. mac app PKHeX for Mac 18.04.18

    Hi all! Just thought I'd offer a resolution for an issue I was observing on Mac with the very convenient PKHeX.app (17/03/08) - Thank you @jasenyoface! I like many use an FTP (FTPD + FileZilla) to transfer smaller files like screen captures and saves to-and-fro without un-mounting my SD - I also don't have an SD reader for my Mac so this is most convenient. I've seen multiple posts about the dreaded "unsupported file" issue and I also ran into this. It seems that FileZilla's default settings are to blame. The default file transfer type is set to 'Auto' and for whatever reason reduces the file size by and arbitrary byte (441,855 vs. 441,856 bytes). Correcting this can be accomplished by changing the Default transfer type from 'Auto' to 'Binary' in File Types under the Transfers section in FileZillas Settings - FileZilla > Settings > Transfers > File Types > Default transfer type: > Binary (Image below). Thank you for the wonderful software and community! -FS