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  1. Ah! Derp. I should've known that, even if the flag was calling for the Record ribbon. Thanks sir!
  2. Hi there, I seem to be having an issue with the above-mentioned. What's odd is that the cited ribbon isn't selected. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. 001 ★ - Bulbasaur - 1B26C094CCFA.pk7
  3. Hey! I'm making VC ports for these. Can you get nice GIFs of both title screens like above but in greyscale? Also, if you know of anyone that has the extended version of Rodin Bold with the Japanese Kana included please let me know. I'm trying to create .cia files as close to retail as possible. -fs
  4. Update: I managed to reproduce. -fs -- Second Update: I attempted to save as in Pikasav and open in PKHeX to no dice. Whomp whomp. sav.dat
  5. Bad news... I deleted that save as I figured it wasn't viable and I'm not able to reproduce it. I've tried a few things and now the save won't open. It was actually the default save file but I had ventured out a bit and ran into a Pidgey. Cool! Let me check out how Traiver managed to do it! -fs
  6. This may be off-topic but it's worth mentioning... I have toyed around with the save files and managed to open the default save file (from Silver Debug - Header Fixed) using Pikasav. It seems that Pikasav recognizes the save as a Crystal file. (Anyone want to venture towards explaining that?) What's interesting is that it loads and shows some data, but that data isn't present when entering each associated menu. (I later tried to load a save from the same version and title saved after running the game on debug and I was greeted with an error.) I've also tried to convert the .sgb file (by renaming the file extension to .gb) to .cia using the GB VC Converter with no such luck yet. Anyone else playing around with the saves at all? PS - I'm currently playing these on my O3DS with GameYob. -fs
  7. I haven't heard back from anyone, but I could do whatever the community at large decides on. I just think it's unfortunate that my pal's work hasn't been rolled out for the website itself yet.
  8. Hi all, @Jovie and I are both designers, however I’m also a front-end developer. If you guys and gals want some help with styling, I can author/edit the CSS and even create a quick LESS framework for easy edits to things like colors and sizing in the future. I’d love to help the community incorporate the nice banners and logos designed by Jovie. Inbox me for links to samples of my work. —a
  9. Soundhax works but Fasthax and Safehax don't so no dice. Can go HB without the next step.
  10. Hi! I can confirm that this is a FileZilla issue and yes, changing the transfer type to binary corrects this. -FS
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