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  1. This might work I suppose it depends on what you're trying to edit in the save
  2. i think any* gen 3 shiny mew above level 30 will pass poke transfer/bank as long as it has the JPN tag. can you post a screen of the full "main" tab in pkhex
  3. MaxmoefoePokemon is basically the only pokemon channel I watch regularly on youtube. His content got me back into buying cardboard for the first time since around the release of the Pokemon Emerald game. It's a funny channel and he seems to know his stuff. I recommend this video (language warning) if you're not already familiar with his content.
  4. Version .


    Shiny Timid Vuplix encountered on Route 7 in Let's Go Eevee. No candies have been used, no xp earned, no edits/hax, exported using PKHeX lvl 28 CP 460 IVs: -HP: 1 (lol) -Atk: 31 -Def: 31 -SpA: 26 -SpD: 31 -Spe: 31
  5. So if my switch was CFW-able prior to 6.2 is it likely to still be CFW-able in the future? I have a XAW10079xxxxxx model.
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    I encountered this shiny Paras shortly after starting the game while walking through Mt. Moon. I had not been comboing for shinies or anything, just saw it walking around. I leveled it up a little bit and taught it a move or two. No edits were made to this Pokemon with PKhex.
  7. Here is what I want expect is %100 necessary for gen 8 be able to send pokemans from 3ds to gen 8 games on the Switch(?) nameable rival pokeblock minigame w/ friends at least some form or real time multiplayer interaction, even if it's limited to a single location/feature no outlines 1080p 60fps increase subtle* adult humor by 420% microtransactions an unfinished story that can be completed with a later revision of the gen 8 launch titles, maybe a year or two after release old music companions crafting system settlement building multiple endings casinos robots cowboy robots vengeful mail men checkered suits gold/diamond encrusted pokedex memes
  8. wo0ts

    Oblivia Shaymin

    Can this be shiny due to the random PID?
  9. i did not know that thats what the QR scanner feature was for lol, i though these were for the old web browser exploit.
  10. sorry to ask but how do i use this with my 3ds? or am i supposed top use pkhex?
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