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  1. Is there a viable Pokemon Gen 1 save editor I can use directly from my phone?
  2. I didn't know what I wanted was "illegal" transfers lol I didn't realize it wasn't designed that way. With pokemon bank officially supporting Gen 1 to 7 I just kind of assumed there would be a way for all VC games. I felt like doing a play through from Blue to Moon where I took a starter from each gen and brought it through to the next ending up in Moon with a team built of my starters from Gen 1-6. (I have a ton of downtime at work lol and it seemed like a fun idea) I could just PKHex the data I guess but if I was gonna do that I could just PKHex the data into Moon and start there lol it would feel arbitrary at that point.
  3. Is there a way to bring Pokemon starting with Gen 1 through every game up to Gen 7? I know Pokemon Bank can go directly from Gen 1 to Gen 7 and I know PKSM can transfer from Gen IV onward But is there any way to take a Gen 1 pokemon into Gen 2, then Gen 3, then Gen 4, then Gen 5, then Gen 6, then Gen 7? I have a fully modded 3DS and digital copies of every game.
  4. It's been a long time since I looked into this but a friend of mine asked me about it (hes going back through replaying all of the pokemon games) and I used to use I think Pokegen? for this type of thing? I'm curious what the best tool is for this type of thing? He's playing on his phone for convenience-sake so I'm assuming he'll have direct access to the save file and all that jazz. Any suggestions? I've run into Pokehex, Pokesav, Pokegen, PKHex, Pokedit... I dunno the differences between all these or which would be better for these two games specifically. Thanks in advance for any help. I tried searching a bit but any information I found was confusing or extremely old.
  5. I actually figured it out. I used Shiny's GTS emulator (second version, the new one written by Shiny, not the one called "Shiny GTS v2") to send things to my computer, modify them and send them back. Edit: It doesn't count as an actual "trade" since according to the ds the trade "fails" but the .pkm file appears on your computer but it works for what I wanted it for.
  6. I searched a couple sites and could not find a straight answer, some say yes, some say no. Is this possible and how would I do it? My goal here is to use my 3DS to send some pokemon to my pc and edit them with PokeGen and use an emulator to send them back because I don't have a flash cart
  7. Couple requests for two reasons, you can't search within a post with is a pain in the A$$, and I went through 50 pages of this thread without finding anything but Instant Egg and Train IV/EV codes. I was looking for a couple of codes just to make playing the game less annoying lol There was an instant text code that made you not have to hold down A to get through dialog quickly, I'd love that. Are there any codes available to evolve a pokemon that requires a trade to evolve? Is there a code that can make the touchscreen replicate the pressing of the A button? I.e. being able to tap on the touch screen to advance dialog or interact with people/signs in the game work? I think that's it for now. Thanks in advance
  8. Yeah in the course of the couple days since this post I've updated it with working codes I found but I'm still having issues Instant Message 5201cfcc 20027801 0201cfdc 46c046c0 1201d094 0000d1c5 d0000000 00000000 -This works but it freezes the game upon entering battle when used in conjunction with: Speed Up Battle Messages 521ED09C D1034208 121ED09E 0000E003 D2000000 00000000 -I was hoping to find a way to use these codes together. Both systems display text annoyingly slow The other two work fine, I found the White English version of 2x Walking Speed and Press L for Shaking Grass.
  9. A couple of requests and a fore-word I did search for the majority of these and the ones I found either did not work, or were for a different version of the game so these are the codes I've been unable to find and would love to have! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out I need these for White US 1. An "Instant Text" code it takes FOREVER to get through dialog and the only working one I found froze when used in conjunction with Speed Up Battle Messages 521ED09C D1034208 121ED09E 0000E003 D2000000 00000000 (This one works, but freezes if you turn it on with Instant Battle Text) 2. A code to cause Shaking Grass, Dirt, Shadows, Bubbles. I have one but it doesn't actually work (or is for a different version I'm not sure.. here it is) Instant Shaking Grass/Dirt/Shadow/Bubbles, Press L while walking and they'll appear. 521AA8C0 1C211C30 121AA8CA 0000E019 94000130 FDFF0000 121AA8CA 000046C0 121AA8DC 00004298 D2000000 00000000 EDIT: This works, I just wasn't in an area with Shaking Grass when I tested it, I'm an idiot lol. 3. A code to multiply walking speed by 2 times (I found a similar code that doesn't actually make you walk faster but rather makes every button press move you 2 steps, I'm looking for a code like the similar speed modify for HG/SS that actually decreases the time it takes you to transition between blocks. Edit: I found this for White, Double Walking Speed 52197FE4 1C05210C 02197FE8 085F0056 D0000000 00000000
  10. First things first, for the list of AR codes on the Action Replay website do you need the (M) code? No$Gba puts a question mark next to it? Also, is there a code to remove the 3D markers on the ground around buildings and what not? I found a couple but none seem to be working so far...
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