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  1. Ok thank you, didn't know the moves reset when transferred
  2. I don't play Pokemon GO anymore, but with the recent update to allow for Home compatibility are there now Pokemon that were once illegal that can now be legal? After watching ADrive's newest video he briefly touched on this by showing an Alolan Ninetales with the move ember - 4 min mark So this raises the question. I'm sure there are now Pokemon that can be transferred that are lower level than it's evolved level requirement and can Pokemon that know these 'Game Move Errors' be considered legal now?? GO Pokemon with moves that aren't normally learned: https
  3. Ah sorry about the TID/SID will credit you next time. As you said I needed a base file to start this project and had to batch edit the Origin game for every file instead of manually doing every Pokemon for each game cause that would take me a ridiculous amount of time. Also since this isn't a save file I just threw in both kyurem forms in case anyone wanted to drag and drop those into their save, but I also see how that could be a legality issue. Again sorry about the TID/SID thing will properly credit next time
  4. Version 1.0.0


    *****IMPORTANT NOTE***** ALL FILES (except LGPE) MUST BE DROPPED INTO PKHEX WITH USUM LOADED This is a collection of every Available Pokemon that can be caught in the base games excluding distributed events ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's Included -All Pokemon are Legal -All Pokemon were caught in a Pokeball -All Pokemon are Male (besides the few that can't change genders) -Included extra forms for the obtainable Pokemon such as Megas, Form c
  5. Anyone have the file for this Pokemon? Source:
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