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  1. Davil

    [Question] G5 egg

    Contrary (H) Snivy in Gen5 Legal?
  2. Davil


    So I get a G4 event in datebase PIDTypeNone is right? Or must be G4MGAntiShiny?
  3. What does PIDType.G4MGAntiShiny mean? G4event PIDType.None?
  4. Davil

    [Bug] Batch Editor

    in G7 save e.g. .HT_Feeling=4 result -- HT_Feeling Random
  5. Davil

    [Bug] Batch Editor

    .HT_Feeling= .HT_Intensity= .HT_Memory= .HT_TextVar= Invalid code? in G7 save
  6. Davil


    in this
  7. Davil


    Only can use species name to search pokemon I hope use DexID to search
  8. What's the difference between Sort: Usage and Sort: Level High->Low?
  9. Gen5 Event Eevee / Met Level 50 Evolve to Espeon Level 50 Legel G345 event
  10. Davil

    Bug??Gen5 egg

    Egg Met Location : Link Trade (NPC) Legal?
  11. G4 event (pcd)