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  1. [BUG] Met Location

    Those location IDs don't exist naturally in-game. But,in PKHeX,as egg pokemon met location "Melemele (Akala)" is legal...... BUG?
  2. [BUG] Met Location

    as egg pokemon met location "Melemele (Akala)" is legal......
  3. [BUG] Met Location

    Melemele (Akala) ---> Melemele 194 -------------- ---> Akala 195 Ula’ula (Poni) ---> Ula’ula 196 -------------- ---> Poni 197
  4. About vc pokemon's PID and EncryptionConstant

    I know G345 EC=PID But vc not
  5. vc pokemon in gen7 PID click "Reroll" EncryptionConstant will become the same as PID……
  6. [Question]About QR partner pikachu

    jpn サトシ fre Sacha kro 지우 chs/cht Satoshi others Ash
  7. partner pikachu TID SID OT are recipient? In bulbapedia, ID:170715(TID18075 SID31115), OT: サトシ\Ash\Sacha\지우\Satoshi
  8. About Fused

    Only DNA Splicers? Recommend to add N-Solarizer and N-Lunarizer
  9. [BUG] About Crystal VC

    Another bug In vc game @Kaphotics
  10. [BUG] About Crystal VC

    Before Transporter
  11. [BUG] About Crystal VC

    I've tried it. VC Gold ---> VC Crystal ---> UM Origin Game: Crystal Not Gold
  12. [BUG] About Crystal VC

    In Gen7 the same as Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mew
  13. [BUG] Phione Ball

    Great Ball Ultra Ball Dive Ball Dusk Ball Heal Ball Luxury Ball Nest Ball Net Ball Premier Ball Quick Ball Repeat Ball Timer Ball Legal??
  14. [BUG] About Gen1-2 GB and VC Shiny

    I think so. That is illegit. But I think IVs-Shiny in Gen1 vc is ture. I just want to express this.