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  1. In Bulbapedia https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shadow_Pokémon so,XD Shadow Pokémon can not be Shiny? but https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shadow_Lugia so,XD Shadow Lugia can be Shiny? other Shadow Pokémon can not be Shiny?
  2. Can I editing Battle Tree Multi NPC partner's pokemon in save data?
  3. in G3 XD, not mystery gift it's possible to keep strater exp? it's possible to get a pkmn from core game before the first trainer?
  4. so, in G3 RS also get a mystery gift pkmn to keep starter 135 exp
  5. so in oras it's impossible to keep 135 exp? lose battle is impossible before get pokedex, you can't use bank
  6. lose Hau's battle after catch teaching go to pc use bank get a pokemon A A <---> starter starter in box (keep 135 exp) I’m not sure
  7. yes. pokebank just able to visit box(not party) starter --> box --> bank must go to a pc
  8. Can I trade a starter Rowlet(exp 135) to others? Before catch the first pokemon and battle with the first trainer (get exp)
  9. what is Arms ?? Legs ? Top ? PaintLeft ? PaintRight ? PaintLeftC ? PaintRightC ?
  10. it's not absolute about it g7 twn game card can play in twn and chn region 3ds only this other 3ds region not possible to change
  11. so if i start a game save in NewYork(3ds setting) then i play in other 3ds (setting is Washington) and save game this save will not change to Washington?
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