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  1. i think doing RNG manip in emulator is hard since the time is always in your system time mostly in RNG you need to change your system time do that is legit 3DS or 2DS
  2. 1st check if your Citra was set Region in North America, then Country Canada 2nd if your current pokemon that has problem Geolocation invalid just edit that manually
  3. yes that ralt i need in shiny i can use the pokefinder to make it shiny but i want to look your ralts first that you going to post here, thanks in advance
  4. On this two Ralts that came in XD can you do a shiny lock removal on this? and possible to get transfer in later on gen with getting ban in Pokemon HOME, can you help me please thanks Maybe i do normal way of getting possible ribbon challenge0280 - ラルトス - 41333A30D4ED.ck30280 - ラルトス - 3533E1427363.ck3
  5. use the development build pkhex until now no pkhex update only in development build
  6. oh I see ok ok I will do it in normal way
  7. I just called it that Tools> Data> Encounter Database> OT version LA> select Enamorus>click search> just click the Pokemon that appear the click "view" while I'm looking in Stats on the pokemon to know the IV's are changes
  8. i know thee in event flag I just do only in pkhex the reset view method for not wasted many day in soft rest doing in LA even in Ursaluna BM i do this also but took me also many reset in PKHeX more than 339+ I don't know if you going believe after I found two zero IV's I try to do reset view method again for almost 500+ reset I found Three 0 IV's in Enamorus note i didn't use random IV's or edit stat i do the reset view method in encouter database
  9. I see now thanks for the odds info I going to admit that I going to use PKHeX even I say in my old post that I will get it in real game soft reset method I this method also in Ursaluna Bloodmoon what method in PKHeX not the edit stat I do the reset view method in Encounter Database I hope this is a applicable for getting legal competitive even I use PKHeX soft reset not the edit stat
  10. Maybe I going to change this topic what is the full odds for getting two or three 0 IV's in no order?
  11. I looking a legal Enamorus with 0 Attack and 0 Speed I want the legal way not the just edit in PKHeX or give me a name of application or software to find the correct seed for this, thanks in advance
  12. ?????????? really then delete your savefile dude
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