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  1. I'd like to be helped about Game corner: I want to translate the japanese game corner's text in english,someone can upload a translated japanese game corner script here?.Also,I'd like to know all the fonts that are used for the slot machine's graphic please.
  2. I need a translation tool for green,for patching it with italian pokemon blue dialogue.Is there a poketext gbc download,or another tool for dialogues?
  3. I need changing something in SS rom.I have a patch from a forum that translates the usa rom with italian and antipiracies it,but the graphic isn't complete translated.I want to change the Lv that appears in battle using DSbuff,but it doesn't change it.What folders need I change for it and pokemon status in battle?
  4. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <poketext version="1.0"> i got this problem when i extract the xml and open it...
  5. when i type the rom name,the prompt close itself automatically,and in the temp etc folder there is nothing
  6. it's not my negative language,I got 8 as school vote in english,anyway I speak italian,anyone wanna know what may I say?
  7. Ah infact it tells me it as an his error but where's a guide?
  8. Dark trainer,if you don't have pokesav,tell me by pm your friend code and give me a pokemon catched of fished by you,and i'll tell you your secret id =) ps: a problem only: i am no more online,so add this if you have msn: latias95@hotmail.it
  9. i'm looking for shiny male ivysaur and shiny chikorita female (named GOLDY) hatched via RNG.
  10. How can i hacktest a pokemon by breaking pid?because a friend know how but he won't tell it to me 'cause is a secret.and he tells me legality checker is naab,and infact it is no more hard when checking pokemons.
  11. make me a legitate one please,possibly via rng ---------- Post added at 02:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:27 PM ---------- EDIT: elkfryn,read the pm,i've added you.Can i receive the .pkm file please,if pèossibly?
  12. Could i get a shiny female chikorita nicknamed GOLDY please?By rng
  13. is it hacked?Note: ottobre means october,because i'm italian. http://i36.tinypic.com/e5sgwk.png @ vladplus: did you pick the .pkm editing the wonder card in pokesav?it's an empty place,you may have pokewalker or the .pkm file,that is currently available if you search
  14. Hi,I'm searching for a RNG shiny chikorita,female,hasty/jolly/naive level 1,and nicknamed GOLDY.Can you give me this pokemon file please?the ot is Alessia,female,the sid is 45179 and the traniner id is 8006
  15. Hi,i want a legit shiny female chikorita hatched from an egg (level 1) for platinum,my id is 8006 and my sid is 45179.The ot is Alessia (me) and the ot's gender is female.A nature that increase speed,please.
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