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  1. I did find some reference to it but not full instructions or anything. Although from reading it you need to know that Nintendo did block it on later systems. So it needs older DS systems as even the later phat systems were blocked from this working. My system was from launch day so I know it worked. https://gbatemp.net/threads/ds-emulator-to-ds-via-wifi-or-otherwise-possible.283954/#post-3528999
  2. I seriously don't have a good enough memory to remember how I did it but back in the day when the NDS was still the new system. I remember it was possible to send NDS DLP binaries from a computer to a real NDS system. It required having a Wi-Fi card with a very specific chipset which I bought special for the purpose, it may of also required Linux to have custom drivers for the Wi-Fi card. I personally did it and it worked but sadly I don't even remember any specific enough terms to Google it now.
  3. That Nintendo Gigaleak from the past included a event distribution ROM that you could put any wonder card file into the save and then do local distributions to unmodified systems. It just required a hacked system to host the event. Even the ROM to distribute Mew to gen 1 VC was in the leak. It's not the same but probably the best we'll get.
  4. I don't know all those for sure but everyone I do know is just a name choice of the same thing srm is the same as raw, bin, dat, and sav just rename the file. The only difference is the possibility that some emulator pads the file with zeroes to a larger size and that may need cut off.
  5. Just to confirm, after making a save on the cartridge you did at least turn the game on again and load the save to make sure it is right on the cartridge and the save chip is not bad?
  6. For GBA saves I like using a Raspberry Pi connected using the GPIO pins to a link cable. Basically a old Xboo cable but using the GPIO instead of a now obsolete parallel port. https://github.com/akkera102/gba_01_multiboot Just compile SendSave.c in place of multiboot.c from the instructions.
  7. The transfer also cuts the XP down to the start of the current level. So it can still look untouched but be a different nature. I've done that by taking a Pokemon and adjusting the nature using steps in the daycare. Then after the transfer I had the desired nature and the XP gain was lost and it still looked untouched.
  8. This site has tech details of the timestamp but is based on Ruby and Sapphire. It mentions that Emerald uses the same format but you may (I'm not sure) have to find a Emerald map to find the right offset. https://web.archive.org/web/20160418015118/http://furlocks-forest.net/wiki/?page=Ruby%2FSapphire_Save_Data_Map Just changing the RTC to a high value would work also as long as it is higher then whatever you used as the highest before. Depending on what you changed it to. I find most people just change the RTC to real time to make it easy to remember in the future after any battery changes.
  9. Yes you can, the only thing you have to do to trigger the event unlock on the VC is to beat the E4 champion on the VC version, that is when the flag gets set. You can beat the e4 except the champion on RA then save but you do have to battle the champion on the VC version. I assume a re-battle of the league would also trigger it but I'm only 97% sure on that if you already beat the league the first time.
  10. Are you putting them into a VC save, because cartridge events are illegal in the VC version.
  11. If you are interested in doing the full event including picking up the GS Ball from the Pokemon Center. Here is a link that tells you the right flag to set and it's location. Then after setting it you just have to try leaving the Goldenrod Pokemon Centre and a NPC will stop you. https://tcrf.net/Pokémon_Crystal#GS_Ball_Event
  12. When you transferred the save to VBA it took saved the time your computer was set to as the newest time you played the game in the save game. Then you transferred the save back to the original cartridge that had the RTC still showing a older date, effectively time travelling into the past. The game is just waiting until the RTC catches up and passes the date and time you played it on the computer. You can easily fix this by running the homebrew RTC changer to set the cartridge to the current real date. Then after that you can transfer the save back and forth all you want with no problems. Here is the homebrew, two versions one a GBA multiboot file and one a NDS homebrew for use with a NDS flashcart in a 2 slot system https://github.com/megaboyexe/GBA_RTCRead
  13. I have heard before (along time ago) that emulation can be too slow at times and end up generating the wrong Pokemon. I forget the specifics so someone else more knowledgeable would have to fill that in. But my guess is that it happened here and due to emulation errors it got a Pokemon using the wrong method. Because what you got was a method 2 generated Pokemon. Which you can check in Pokefinder.
  14. Here it is two versions one is a multiboot rom for actual GBA systems that can be sent from something like a Raspberry Pi or hacked Wii and one is a NDS flashcart version that works with slot-2 systems. https://github.com/megaboyexe/GBA_RTCRead
  15. As a bonus, as long as the RTC matches the current time you can swap back and forth between carts and emulators without future problems.
  16. I assume the time in the save was updated to the current time from your computer. You could probably use the GBA RTC changer homebrew to make the time on your cartridge the same as real time. Or adjusted enough that the time in game still looks right. If I remember right the way time works in those games is that the RTC in carts starts at a set date and time then when you put in the time of day in game it just offsets from that. So that is why it might need to be offset a little to get night and day to line up.
  17. Catch Eternatus to unlock it. That use the only way and it is a soft lock prevention to prevent you from having a full PC when you get to the forced capture part of the story.
  18. I did successfully replace the ROM by just replacing the file but when testing I could play the game but it wouldn't save. So I gave up.
  19. I do not know how to fix it, but my guess is the two instances of the emulator both tried writing to the save file at the same time which caused the problem of corrupting the data.
  20. Gen 1 and 2 do not save the ball that the Pokemon was captured in, so when transferred into gen 7 all VC Pokemon end up in the basic Pokeball.
  21. I tried googling for info on how it works and couldn't find any info. So my idea of the top of my head is that when going to play Ruby or Sapphire using box, is that it sends a multi boot rom to the GBA that checks the cartridges header to know what game it is then sends that info and the save game back to the GameCube to be played on a emulator, This would explain why it only supports those two games for playing and the others only for storage. Considering they would be the only games ready at box launch to have the roms embedded into it. Basic storage is more basic and was a standard so others could be supported just for storage. I was wondering if that info was correct it may mean the roms could be swapped out like virtual console injects. It may also require editing the multi boot rom to check for the target games headers also. I know if it's possible,I world enjoy one that played Emerald and Leaf Green. Hopefully someone with more knowledge would say if this is possible. EDIT: After learning how to extract the files from the iso image I found that I am probably correct. I found 4 ROM files (2 revisions of each game) that when opened in a emulator play fine. It even has a file named GBEmulator.arc which supports my idea of how this works. Then it took a little bit to learn what the arc files were and how to open them. After extracting them all the only other file I found that my system identified as a GBA ROM was agbbin.bin which came gbarom.arc (plus a second identical copy from gbaromD.arc) I assume that is the multi boot ROM. I just have no idea where to start to edit it to change the cartridge detection to Emerald or Leaf Green or Fire Red and have it use those games. I assume at the least the other games could just replace the Ruby and Sapphire ROM's and the multi boot ROM just has to be changed to search for something like Emerald then have it open whichever ROM was replaced. Sadly I can't code even a Hello World in anything more then bash which isn't even a coding language. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. So I'm just curious how this happened. I'm guessing it was a bug in pk2pk which I found out after that it has some in its transfer. It just must not of updated the met level. My fault for the one time I got frustrated Sat the time waste transferring them through the official way 6 at a time. I just tested and changing the met level to 30 makes it legal. But I'm thinking since it was just a live dex filler I'll release it and get a new one. Rather then edit my save. Thanks for explaining the problem.
  23. Here is the Pokemon, note that it should be fine as I have never genned a Pokemon and just use PKHeX as a read only info tool to check IVs etc. This Pokemon should of been left unused in a livedex since gen 4 so it would of been leveled up in Diamond. In all my time Playing Pokemon only two times have I done writes using hacking software so it's easy to remember what should affect it. (One was removing a nickname on a different Pokemon and the biggest was using pk2pk to mass transfer some Pokemon into gen 5) This Pokemon was probably part of that mass transfer. I'm using the newest PKHeX and just changing the current level to 33 marks it as legal which is why I assumed you just had the wrong games moveset. 404 - Luxio - CB3D0C826ED8.pk6
  24. I was checking some info in a gen 6 save and noticed that I have a level 30 Luxray that came from Diamond and knows the move Crunch. This is legal as Shinx learns Crunch at level 29 in Diamond and Pearl but your check is based of a different games as every other game has it at learned at level 33 at the earliest.
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