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  1. ill go to disc replay and buy a wii then cuz i dont wanna mess up my gf's wii
  2. are you talking about the link cable that goes to the back of the gameboy? also is that link homebrew?
  3. https://gbatemp.net/threads/help-i-cant-dump-gba-vc-saves.493554/ do i need a sd card for anything? my flash boy doesnt even have a slot for a sd card.
  4. yeah i even played it to the point where i chose squirtle as my partner. and then i beat some rattata ass. saved again.
  5. i have to head to bed for work tomorrow. found this and i didnt know if it was anything. https://www.ngemu.com/threads/fix-your-broken-pokemon-firered-leaf-green-saves-here.114277/ but idk if it applys here.
  6. silver has a battery constantly powering the ram, i think. it pulled out no problem though.POKEMON_SLVAAXE.sav heres it again if you need it. no none of my friends would have something like that. ill just have to keep trying trial and error as far as methods and softwares. edit: what is an si file. everytime i read the rom it gives me the .gba and then gives me a .si file.POKEMON FIRE.si
  7. heres a funny thing, is i dont think the software is able to touch the ram AT ALL of the legit cartridge. i just tried to erase the save and it stalled again.
  8. POKEMON FIRE_2021.09.07-21.13.43.sav still rubbish nonesense?? edit: nevermind i checked it. yeah its trash. what if i switch it to gbc and try and restore it that way. but it wont work right?? gahhh
  9. Hey im back man. I backed up the save from my pokemon silver cartridge. and i was able to restore it to the cartridge. using the flash boy pixel online software from that reddit post i believe. i switched the settings to gbc since its a gameboy color cartridge. i have no idea what i did right this time compared to what im doing wrong when it comes to the fire red saves.POKEMON_SLVAAXE.sav EDIT: i tried with that software to restore the fire red. it just does not want to restore it. it throws such a fit for some reason. 2nd edit: if the file was corrupt on the legit fire red will it have a hard time pulling the save?? when i started messing with it i corrupted the original save that came with the authentic cartridge. then saved over it.
  10. yes i do! i have gameboy color games like tetris and some other things that i can look at later tonight. thanks for your help i need a break. thanks so much again dude. you've been great.
  11. i dont, no edit: something really strange is when i look into what kinda cart i have agb- whatever mine doesnt come up.
  12. so i tried it again on that gbx and its saying the firmware needs to be updated on the reader. im thinkning i got a terrible cartridge reader. or im doing something wrong.
  13. dude ive been looking and it almost seems that mine is real. i looked at a couple and mine seems to be another variant but all the boards look and are in the same place. the pcb board itself looks all the same except the nintendo is like the one the one that has that I in a circle on that reddit post excpet mine has an MB in a circle.... im so confused. is it fake?? i have no idea because it seems so real. https://chieftain20.wordpress.com/2014/05/17/complete-guide-to-authentic-gba-pokemon-games/ look at the pcb on the fire red on this guys site. and then get ready to see mine.
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