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  1. In that case they most likely do keep their OT memories even if the memory reader guy doesn't have any, since USUM kept OT memories from gen6 as well. Thank you!
  2. It's kind of irrelevant but I was wondering if memory data is still stored? I read that all Pokemon transferred into Home read as "can't remember" in game. This reminds me of how all Pokemon prior to gen6 had no memories with OT. However, even in gen7 where there was no way to check memories at all, old Gen6 mons retained their OT memories. So now I was curious if the file data still has the Pokemon's OT Memories, or if they're completely wiped? And, if they're wiped even from the file, would that equate to the same message as a gen6 Pokemon with no memories at all?
  3. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to dump my Pearl save on the PC to check the TSV and get a few Master Balls, but it keeps saying the "save file is invalid, aborted". I'm confused why this happens, because I could use the dongle before just fine for my gen4 and 5 games to do the same thing. Anyone got an idea how to fix this?
  4. I don't really understand that, I apologize! I thought the seed is essentially infinitely generated once the Pokemon are put into the Nursery, so wouldn't that mean some random seed I entered in would not necessarily be part of that organically generated string of billions of seeds? I mean, maybe it could be by chance, but you know... My thought was that if I look at my seed (unedited), then enter the seed that gives me a shiny, my game would still be within the same sort of procedure as if I had just manually accepted and rejected eggs, does that make sense? I know that may
  5. The tool divides the seed into four sections. Though they're numbered in a non-linear order in the program, the actual order of how they're displayed (i.e. the 3rd part is listed first) is the same order as how it'd be listed in PKHeX; I know this because I RNG'd a shiny before I touched the egg-seed field at all, where the first 8 numbers of the egg seed are the 3rd part etc. So, assuming I do this appropriately, the seed would be "legitimate" and not disrupt how the game continues the seed? Like, my thought is this: I take my legitimate egg seed, advance the game to the shiny fra
  6. I'm trying it in Ultra Moon. I basically looked at the 3DSRNGTool seeds listed on the right of my normal results, then copied the four parts and injected them into my save's eggseed field. However, when I then search again with the new seed, it doesn't show those shiny frames very closeby as it should. Any idea why, by chance? Also, since you know so much about basically every game, I wanna take the chance to ask if I understand this correctly? Me injecting the egg seed is essentially just skipping the advances, right? I don't change the seed itself or how it is generated (in the future),
  7. Hi, I'm trying to skip over the hundreds of eggs I'd need to accept and reject to get to my target frame. I thought it'd be as easy as simply copying the egg seed that is listed in RNGTool to be your current egg seed, but... it's not. At all. The frames just disappear and change completely. Is this not possible to do?
  8. Well, after checking the Bulbapedia site I would lean towards no in the case of gen4 or earlier memories. "Pokémon received from events or transferred from a Generation V game won't have any memories of their original Trainer; the Memory Girl will say "The Pokémon seems to have a good memory, but it doesn't seem to be able to remember..."" I went and checked my completely unedited Pokemon from Platinum, and for example my Lopunny, that had to have max-friendship to evolve, has a blank memory and its default friendship (because, likely, it counted Gen 5's trainer friendship. So
  9. Is that very difficult to check? I have no clue how y'all amazing peeps make sure all those little details are right, so I have no clue if that's a lot to ask heh.
  10. Do ribbons affect memories? Like if I took a Pokemon from, say, Platinum into X/Y and gave it the ribbon from a Gen4 contest or the Kalos Champion ribbon, SHOULD that affect/change memories? Or no effect at all?
  11. So even if someone were to hypothetically look through the pkmn-file it would not be different? I don't like keeping Pokemon in my games if they're in ANY sort of way not legitimate (for example, if I had a genned mon that had a legal iv/pid frame from pre-gen v, but that frame was unhittable, I wouldn't want it even if it is recognized by PkHex as legal etc.)
  12. Is there ANY difference at all between Pokemon generated by the game on Emulator and generated by the game on retail? Like, if I emulate Emerald and just play completely normally, no editing or anything, is there anything that would mark their PID or any part of their generated data that would differentiate them from a retail cartridge?
  13. That'd be amazing! I'm gonna prepare both files and send them your way, you're super kind
  14. Sorry to reply again, but just to be sure, I have to do this with an external hex editor, not within PkHex, right?
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