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  1. I haven't found it myself, but since the process is so incredibly tedious I was wondering if there's any functionality there?
  2. Oh yeah, I know how RNG manip generally works, I was moreso curious if the "locked" date you get with the event downloads would also lock the IVs/Nature because of the Pokemon having some kind of internal date. I guess I'll just edit the summary to have the correct date then, so they correspond to the correct seed?
  3. I have a quick question about injected Wonder Cards for Gen 5 and 6. If I download the events from this site's gallery, it will give the Pokemon a met data that matches the one on the wonder card, which is, well, part of the wonder card. It won't be affected by my DS's system clock. But what I'm curious about: Does my system date/clock affect the mon's RNG? Like, say I download a Giratina from Gen 5 that's set to 01.01.2013. My DS is set to 12.02.2013 instead; will the Pokemon's nature and IV be generated off of my system's settings or will it have a specific seed attached to it that the
  4. Thank you! I didn't really expect an answer for this very specific question. Does the Gen 5 aquisition data remain in Generation 8? I don't have access to Switch saves, so I can't check myself, but I remember the old Gen 5 Poke transporter date was always in the files even in Gen 6/7.
  5. I have a question regarding how precise and in-depth the data stored in Pokemon files is throughout generations: If I transfer a Pokemon through Pal Park, it gets the day as a met date on which it was transferred, as gen 3 didn't have met dates. If I then transfer it from Gen 4 to Gen 5 through the Pokemon Transporter, it does the same, overwriting the old met date. Is that old met date still findable in the Pokemon file somewhere? Even if it's only theoretically possible, like by reading the hex files or trashbytes or whatever. Could I see the date of a Pokemon being t
  6. I'm trying to change the met date of specific boxes in a 4th gen game. I saw the MetDate=xxxxxx code, but I am unsure how to apply that to specific boxes. Can anyone give me the code for it?
  7. The Winter Beasts for German Generation 4 games from the event gallery. And, huh, that's odd. So the original event had everyone receive the listed PID? Is it the same across regions/languages, too? If worst comes to worst, I could probably just override the random PID, but it's still pretty confusing. And that's interesting, didn't know that about wc mons. So the IVs are meant to be random?
  8. Hello! I downloaded the shiny beasts for the Zoroark event from the gallery, and noticed that it listed a set PID. However, my beasts ended up getting a differing PID (although that one DID stay consistent across all received beasts). Furthermore, what I was confused about, they all had different IVs. I always thought in Generation 4 the PID is tied to the IVs, unlike later games, so shouldn't their IVs all be the same?
  9. Basically title. In RSE, for example, you can edit the IV/shininess for Lati@s. Can you do the same for the beasts in GSC saves, so that the edited version appears when you encounter them?
  10. This may be a strange question, but it does concern legality: If I use RTC while emulating a 3rd generation game on PC, does the game generate random seeds that a normal retail cartride would while having an active battery? I know that, by default, the game treats the whole thing as dead battery, which IS the same as cartride with dead battery. But I was wondering if enabling RTC in options for Emus creates normal, legitimate battery seeds? So, for example: If I use RunAsDate to run my VBA and then set the date to 01.01.2000 (which I believe is the date the cartridge
  11. In that case they most likely do keep their OT memories even if the memory reader guy doesn't have any, since USUM kept OT memories from gen6 as well. Thank you!
  12. It's kind of irrelevant but I was wondering if memory data is still stored? I read that all Pokemon transferred into Home read as "can't remember" in game. This reminds me of how all Pokemon prior to gen6 had no memories with OT. However, even in gen7 where there was no way to check memories at all, old Gen6 mons retained their OT memories. So now I was curious if the file data still has the Pokemon's OT Memories, or if they're completely wiped? And, if they're wiped even from the file, would that equate to the same message as a gen6 Pokemon with no memories at all?
  13. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to dump my Pearl save on the PC to check the TSV and get a few Master Balls, but it keeps saying the "save file is invalid, aborted". I'm confused why this happens, because I could use the dongle before just fine for my gen4 and 5 games to do the same thing. Anyone got an idea how to fix this?
  14. I don't really understand that, I apologize! I thought the seed is essentially infinitely generated once the Pokemon are put into the Nursery, so wouldn't that mean some random seed I entered in would not necessarily be part of that organically generated string of billions of seeds? I mean, maybe it could be by chance, but you know... My thought was that if I look at my seed (unedited), then enter the seed that gives me a shiny, my game would still be within the same sort of procedure as if I had just manually accepted and rejected eggs, does that make sense? I know that may
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