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  1. I didn't! I'll probably show my friends once I'm done, yes, but that isn't what I'm worried about. It's really just a very individual hang-up. But so if I understand you correctly, then ribbons don't have any impact on that super in-depth scale anymore, so it should be fine. It's only for this one ribbon and I know how I could technically get it if the dns stuff worked for me. Thanks!
  2. 1. I know, it's more of a peace of mind kinda thing. 2. Well, maybe I'm using the term wrong. I figured this would be the appropriate umbrella term for all the various things you can see in PkHex, from memories to medals, to met data, to relearn moves and such. Like I said, if ribbons in gen3 affect the bits/bytes of Pokemon I would at least imaaagine that the more sophisticated files of later gens are more thorough? No no, I didn't say I don't care about legitimacy. I definitely have my own personal definition of what's permissable, but for example, if a Pokemon has bytes in its data that would be incorrect due to this process then for me PERSONALLY it'd ruin it. Like, as long as it doesn't affect others, for me convenience cheating is okay, but only if its within the boundaries of what the game would make anyways. It's just my own personal hang up. And if you mean the gen3-specific topic from last time, I remember that and I believe you, but since this is about gen4, I wanted to ask again to be sure nothing changed.
  3. I'm doing a Ribbon Master challenge right now, but I'm kinda stuck in Gen4. I've tried a bunch of times and multiple tutorials to connect to fan-made server for the Wi-Fi battle tower but it just won't work. I've achieved this ribbon legitimately back when the WFC was still online, and I just wanna move on (I got all the other ones), so I wouldn't feel SUPER morally bad about just slapping it on my RM via PkHex (especially since I'm not using it online or trading it, it's just for me) , BUT I am obsessive over my Pokemon being exactly as the games would make them (as in, down to the hex code), and if it isn't "in line" anymore then I don't really want it. I know there's some stuff about bytes and bits with ribbons in Gen3 and that every Pokemon has a hex code, of course. I was wondering if just checking a ribbon on a Pokemon is recognizable if someone where to go through the code of the file? Or does PkHex change and flick EVERYTHING to be in order and proper? I'm not sure ribbons even have such widespread effect and event flags etc. I know that this isn't legitimate anyways, it's just for my own sake of mind.
  4. So, if someone flags a VC Pokemon as shiny in PkHeX or something and then transfers it, it's not possible to make out that it was edited, like you could with seeing seed and SID correlation in old games, for example?
  5. I'm trying to work out a deal with someone for a shiny Celebi from VC Crystal, but I just realized that I have no clue what the telltales of hacked VC mons are, whereas usually I know a good chunk about pkmn files etc. Are the PID and IVs etc. in any way tracable to the GB games? Or are they wholly random? Like, can I extrapolate a hacked VC mon off of their gen7 file?
  6. When downloading from the event gallery, should you choose the region your DS is set to or the language of the game? Like, say I'm French. Do I get French events from WiFi events or does my game get English/American events if my game is set to English?
  7. Whoops. Me no speak computerino ;_; Thank you! I figured that even if the exact system was scrapped, the data structure probably would still have a flag for ribbons, and I was wondering if PKHeX would change these accordingly. What do you mean by contextually? Stuff like the possible dates of seeds that align with the IVs and condition stats, for example looking strange in conjunction with contest ribbons or wifi ribbons, maybe?
  8. I came across this article on Bulbapedia: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_data_substructures_(Generation_III)#Ribbons_and_Obedience I never knew that ribbons affect the bites in a Pokemon like this. I was wondering what happens if you use a save editor to give a Pokemon a Ribbon. Does PkHeX automatically change the bites to match the Ribbon? Does the bite change once you boot up the game, because it forces itself to make those frame data match what the coarser information is? Also what happens in later games, like say the 3DS games or the Switch games? Are these things scrubbed similarly to how name trashbytes are deleted entirely once Pokemon go into Bank? Or, I guess, to put it simply: If I put ribbons on a Pokemon in Gen 3, and then transfer them all the way up to Gen 8, would there be a way to see that it's illegitimate if someone had access to the pkmn file?
  9. I haven't found it myself, but since the process is so incredibly tedious I was wondering if there's any functionality there?
  10. Oh yeah, I know how RNG manip generally works, I was moreso curious if the "locked" date you get with the event downloads would also lock the IVs/Nature because of the Pokemon having some kind of internal date. I guess I'll just edit the summary to have the correct date then, so they correspond to the correct seed?
  11. I have a quick question about injected Wonder Cards for Gen 5 and 6. If I download the events from this site's gallery, it will give the Pokemon a met data that matches the one on the wonder card, which is, well, part of the wonder card. It won't be affected by my DS's system clock. But what I'm curious about: Does my system date/clock affect the mon's RNG? Like, say I download a Giratina from Gen 5 that's set to 01.01.2013. My DS is set to 12.02.2013 instead; will the Pokemon's nature and IV be generated off of my system's settings or will it have a specific seed attached to it that the system generated when originally receiving the wondercard?
  12. Thank you! I didn't really expect an answer for this very specific question. Does the Gen 5 aquisition data remain in Generation 8? I don't have access to Switch saves, so I can't check myself, but I remember the old Gen 5 Poke transporter date was always in the files even in Gen 6/7.
  13. I have a question regarding how precise and in-depth the data stored in Pokemon files is throughout generations: If I transfer a Pokemon through Pal Park, it gets the day as a met date on which it was transferred, as gen 3 didn't have met dates. If I then transfer it from Gen 4 to Gen 5 through the Pokemon Transporter, it does the same, overwriting the old met date. Is that old met date still findable in the Pokemon file somewhere? Even if it's only theoretically possible, like by reading the hex files or trashbytes or whatever. Could I see the date of a Pokemon being transfered from Gen 3 to Gen 4 in a Gen 5+ generation, if I had access to the Pokemon file? Or is it WHOLLY overwritten?
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