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  1. Really? Whenever I try to change, I lose like 20 power in the HP. Is there any calculator?
  2. So, when I pick my Hidden Power for my Pokemon in a Gen 2 game, PKHeX seems to be smart enough to adapt the ?Vs (I know it's not EVs nor IVs) to be the highest possible, but it usually changes the Pokemon's gender, which I don't want (when I change the Pokemon's gender back to where it was, the Hidden Power ends up changed to another too). How do I set a specific HP and gender?
  3. I'm gonna start a playthrough of Pokemon Crystal, and I want to make sure I'm able to get Celebi. The thing is, since he is an event Pokemon, I know I have to make the event trigger, but you know, its an emulator, and its not on Virtual Console, so, I don't know how to do it. I assume PKHeX has something, but I don't know how to make it work if it does.
  4. How do I add this with PKHeX? Its not like Wonder Cards. Also, does it work in USUM?
  5. I tried Mystery Gift Editor, but apparently it only works with BW, and even then I don't know how to use it in those games. Since Black 2 is my favourite in Gen 5, I wanted to add the most important events (specially Legendary Pokémon), but I'd like to know how to do it with PKHeX, and which are the main events for these games.
  6. Question: I just started playing Black 2 and when I try to load it, it says its not a Pokémon file. Why? I saved it in the same way as I did with Platinum, and in that game it worked fine.
  7. Thank you, weirdly, it actually worked with the DSV file in 1.4.2, lol.
  8. Hey, I have two questions: 1 - Where do I download version 1.4.2? The link provided in the first post only redirects me to this very topic, and I'm trying to edit a Platinum file, so 1.4.3 could lead to bugs. 2 - What do I do if I want to load DeSmuME save files? They are .DSV and when I try to open them (with 1.3), it says it has the incorrect size (even though it doesn't seem to be the case).
  9. I know this is a kind of old thread, but how do I even use this tool? I load the save file, but I don't know where to go from there.
  10. I know many of those get tickets, but I remember trying to give my trainer a ticket through PKHeX and it failed. I know that, if you go to Nintendo events, you get a guy to show up somewhere (dunno where) and give you the tickets, I'd like to make the save think I actually have this in my game, so I can get the tickets for the legendaries normally.
  11. Should I do the same for Pokémon that can't be caught in the game? I intended to include Meloetta, for example, but I know she can't be caught by regular means in this game.
  12. I wanted to make an Normal monotype playthrough, and I tried to make Pidgey my first mon. Everything seems fine, but it keeps saying "Unable to match an encounter from origin game". I have no idea how to change it, I tried to reroll PID, but it doesn't do anything.
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