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  1. RoC replied why it is, I replied that I could confirm it as well. As said before Kaphotics needs to fix it.
  2. Just noticed that as well by searching the db.
  3. Can you post the PK7 @manolin18?
  4. Hello, I'm Cecillia, and I'm 18 years old. I'm a Christian (trans)girl, and I respect everyone no matter what their ideologies are. In my opinion people should respect one another, and thus I request people kindly to respect each other. I love Pokémon since I was around 10 years old, I still love it to this date. I recently became staff here, which is why I planned to write this introduction. I never introduced myself and thought it was appropriate to do so now. I request to be addressed appropriately according to my gender identity. Anyway I'll hope we'll have a good time together with each other. You'll see more from me in the future. As Gary Oak always says: "Smell ya later". Cecillia
  5. Anyway, IDK if this was known, but there was a demo for X & Y with a Mewtwo in it, among other mons. This demo was Gamescom only, sadly enough.
  6. Great, I hope that once we will have all events.
  7. https://projectpokemon.org/home/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=29026 IDK if it can be imported to Gen 6+ (greater than or equal to XY).
  8. Zeraora is a Mythical, which means it's an event only Pokémon. This means that you can't trade it online, and that it needs to be hacked via your save locally. Also I don't recommend going online just yet. Even though it's technically out in New Zealand I would recommend going online at around 12 AM UTC, as by then people actually have it in New Zealand. It's there just 2 AM, at which people are unlikely to go online, also the PGL is still down. Which means that if you go online they possibly can add you to a "to ban" database.
  9. We're here to help one another on this forums.
  10. Yes, similar restrictions apply as well. Pokémon/items introduced in this game can't get transferred backwards, and certain Totem Pokémon can't either.
  11. You can change it manually if it's indeed incorrect after verifying. This is done by picking the Pokéball. Also you enable the full report by selecting the legality icon while pressing the "Control" key.
  12. Is it possible to view its data? I mean: can we decode the binary data?
  13. Download the pre-release version linked in that post.
  14. OK. I was unsure as well, because Serebii messed up.
  15. On November 13 2017 fellow Project Pokémon member @Reisyukaku announced a release of SPICA, a tool they work on together with gdkchan. This specific tool is meant to be a replacement for the well known Ohana, also known as Ohana3DS. Reisyukaku stated that it's better because "the BCH (de)serializer has been completely rewritten, giving maximum flexibility and better BCH support". This application can import multiple file types such as BCH and SMD and it exports SMD and DAE, among other files. Also it can export texture files, it can batch export files and it can merge files. Besides these features there are new features planned that will get added soon. The current planned ones are GFModel exporting and a fully implemented animation player. Official announcement: Source: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/42362-spica-model-tool/?tab=comments#comment-222825 View full article
  16. Hmmmm... The second pic is not detailed enough to me.
  17. I think the user would get an error saying they're banned. If not, then it might be the IVs or the fact that GF messed up.
  18. What .NET version do you have installed? Hmmmm... Odd, I don't know how to help you out further...
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