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  1. hey guys im trying to create a shiny manaphy but i just cant seem to get it right with the green tick mark, would someone midn helping me out i wanna keep the timid nature on it too if possible 490 ★ - Manaphy - 53E92CB71C37.pk7
  2. yeah im not saying its pkhex's fault, just wanted to point it out, since there are problems with the galileo rayquazas and some ho oh's as well, i dont think its a bank problem because i traded from sun to sun and still no luck, but it has worked before and now it isnt
  3. I tried from sumo to usmo, no luck there, and no luck from sumo to sumo either
  4. Just wanted to report another find, this arceus without any plate, perfect legal (green tick mark) CAN be traded but when i give it a plate and change its from to fist for exmaple, it says there something wrong with it, its still got the green tick mark and i have traded this before but now i cant for some reason 493 ★ - アルセウス - 769AFC3E804A.pk7 493-01 ★ - アルセウス - 7FD0FC3E804A.pk7
  5. noob question, im sorry if im posting this in the wrong section, but can all the legendary pokemon in the worm holes be shiny? like articuno, reshiram, etc? so now we can have legendary shines with the alolan symbol? also can the UB be shiny this game?
  6. guys im not banned i can trade other pokemon but like i mentioned before, the shiny japanese ho-oh in the pokemon data mystery gift data base is also unable to be traded EDIT would someone else test and confirm? EDIT2 non shiny legal event ho-oh also being unable to trade
  7. interesting , il keep you updated if anything changes, hopefully you guys can do the same
  8. i havent done that (really dont know how to) i did hoever try the shiny ho-oh thats in the data base and ntoiced that isnt wokring me either, once again totally legal with a green tick mark, i havent tried other event pokemon yet but i was wondering if anyone could trade me an event gallieo rayq here to seeif its wokring or not
  9. ya i re rolled pid il try deleting ascent and trying again then edit tried deleting ascent and trying one without any stats edited jsut taken from the mystery give data base, no luck even tried using a diff ds and diff version of the game, no luck there
  10. link trade, sun/moon the pokemon didnt work in the battle spot either though edit any luck guys?
  11. here you go, my apologies 384 ★ - Rayquaza - 660345E474CA.pk7
  12. im sorry i dont know what that means edit heres the pictures, but this exact one can no longer be traded for some reason and i made no changes to it at all
  13. So ive got shiny gallieo event rayquaza with perfect ivs and its even got the green tick mark next to it, but when i tried trading it to a friend it said pokemon cannot be traded, the weird part is that i traded that EXACT same pokemon just 2 days ago on reddit without any problems, anyone know whats going on here?