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  1. sorry jsut another update, when changing the language of the alolan form pokemon like from french to english it brings up the error code for the pokemon "unable to match encounter from origin game" again
  2. missing alolan vulpix alolan sandshrew
  3. alright i went through all 150+ pokemon all the 3 starters and their evolutions (9) , hitmonchan, hitmonkick, lapras, chansey, porygon, snorlax, meltan, melmetal are all illegal with the reason being " unable to match an encounter from origin game" mew is also illegal but with a lot more error reasons edit: i would just like to point out that i jsut started the game and just go to the point where i reached the first city, 5-10mins ish played if that makes a difference edit2: So i downloaded the non shiny starter files from the website, made them shiny and they were still legal, but the moment i gave them 31 ivs i started getting the error saying unable to match pokemon from origin game
  4. sorry was that directed at me? so even if it has the illegal mark on it, its still legal? just confused as to in the picture of the save file in the download link theres a green check mark but mine has the illegal check mark
  5. hey im sorry if im doing something completely wrong here, but when i open these pokemon with pkhex they all have the illegal icon with these messAGES unable to match encounter from origin game and calculated cp does not match stored value im using lets go pikachu, do i need to beat the game or something before i can do this?
  6. Sorry if this post is in the wrong place to my understanding the games save to the console and not the cartridge, 6.2 patches cfw, pokemon uses 6.1, therefore is the most safe way to get your hands on pokemon so you can use them online as well is by having 2 switches and 2 copies of the game? one switch will be on version 6.1 and disconnected from the internet, u then trade the genned pokemon to your other up to date switch locally and then use those pokemon online? super costly but as of yet is this probably the only option?
  7. hey guys im trying to create a shiny manaphy but i just cant seem to get it right with the green tick mark, would someone midn helping me out i wanna keep the timid nature on it too if possible 490 ★ - Manaphy - 53E92CB71C37.pk7
  8. yeah im not saying its pkhex's fault, just wanted to point it out, since there are problems with the galileo rayquazas and some ho oh's as well, i dont think its a bank problem because i traded from sun to sun and still no luck, but it has worked before and now it isnt
  9. I tried from sumo to usmo, no luck there, and no luck from sumo to sumo either
  10. Just wanted to report another find, this arceus without any plate, perfect legal (green tick mark) CAN be traded but when i give it a plate and change its from to fist for exmaple, it says there something wrong with it, its still got the green tick mark and i have traded this before but now i cant for some reason 493 ★ - アルセウス - 769AFC3E804A.pk7 493-01 ★ - アルセウス - 7FD0FC3E804A.pk7
  11. noob question, im sorry if im posting this in the wrong section, but can all the legendary pokemon in the worm holes be shiny? like articuno, reshiram, etc? so now we can have legendary shines with the alolan symbol? also can the UB be shiny this game?
  12. guys im not banned i can trade other pokemon but like i mentioned before, the shiny japanese ho-oh in the pokemon data mystery gift data base is also unable to be traded EDIT would someone else test and confirm? EDIT2 non shiny legal event ho-oh also being unable to trade
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