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  1. Question, do they ban if you spoof region? Sorry for thread hijacking.
  2. Are the legendaries SR able for shininess? Also are how do you know normals are shiny or not?
  3. That's exactly what I meant by undocumented, namely unknown features for the general public
  4. Alright, thanks for the quick reply.
  5. Also I didn't even know that existed. I'm amazed by the things PKHeX has implemented. You overlook a lot when you use it.
  6. What do you need? Can you post the request of what you need, what generation? Can you elaborate on this, so I can help you? I got them all, so I technically would be able to modify from my living dex
  7. There are quite some undocumented features.
  8. Hello, I have a legal 2014 event Magmar, which should have the Classic Ribbon, but when checking its legality it says the Ribbon shouldn't be there. I'm certain this is a mistake, as all sites say it should have the Classic Ribbon. See the screenshots: This is a legal Pokémon, but is seen as illegal. Kind regards, Cecillia
  9. Yeah, I figured it was poor when terribly hackmons apparently went through and legals didn't Edit: fixed the mons by using rng reporter, now two event mons are still not recognized.
  10. Alright, anyway AFAIK the games don't see incorrect PIDs as incorrect, at least not in <= SuMo. I can't say anything about USUM.
  11. It is indeed a filter tripping for OT. Here is the PK7 anyway. 494 - Victini - BEBC60C05A92.pk7
  12. Hello, I got a few Pokémon I can't get legal. Can anyone help me to correct them? It includes legendaries, as well as some special ones. Edit: attached an extra Pokémon Kind regards, Cecillia to-correct.7z 648 - Meloetta - 9593E8145170.pk7
  13. OK, I got some legendaries left, also I came across a real bug this time.
  14. I got some other mons left as well, I corrected some myself.
  15. Alright thanks for the information, I'll try to check if I can fix it. I appreciate it that you took time to answer my question. And here is the Pokémon detailed info: Invalid: Encounter Type PID mismatch. === Valid Move 1: Learned by Level-up. Valid Move 2: Learned by Level-up. Valid Move 3: Learned by Level-up. Valid Move 4: Learned by Level-up. Valid Relearn Move 1: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 2: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 3: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 4: Valid. Valid: Valid Wild Encounter at location. Valid: Nickname matches species name. Valid: Current level is not below met level. Valid: All ribbons accounted for. Valid: Ability matches ability number. Valid: Correct ball for encounter type. Valid: Gender matches PID. Valid: Nature matches PID. Valid: History block is valid. Valid: Geolocation: Country is in 3DS region. === Encounter Type: Wild Encounter Grass (Misdreavus) PID Type: None Anyway, some of my Pokémon were automatically correct, others needed some rerolls... Here is the Mismagius, if it's hacked I'll try to correct it. 429 - Mismagius - A4378ABCECCA.pk7
  16. Hello, I found an issue with PKHeX, which I will explain, I found this specific issue only being there with Pokémon transferred to BW/B2W2 from Gen III, including Colosseum/XD, (sent to Gen IV prior) and Gen IV games, which are afterwards sent to Bank. Let's say I caught a Mismagius in Pearl, and transferred it over to BW/B2W2, the met location will be "Poké Transfer", but the original game still is Pearl. This causes it to show an Encounter PID mismatch, even though the PID should check out. View the next screenshots for the error. I don't know if this is normal, but I thought it was odd to say the very least. Kind regards, Cecillia
  17. I got a Rotom code, should I dump it once received? I'm gonna try to receive it on my EUR copy by doing some region spoofing, so should I dump it once done?
  18. Hello, I was looking for a topic. It was in the old archive, but when I checked the URL out it was missing. Can you get it back? If not, I agree with it, but I would love to see it back. Thanks in advance, Procyon
  19. So the whole body is invisible, then?
  20. How does Serena look without pyjama pants/torso?
  21. How can I see the models? I extracted them, but not all are openable. Some files are .bin etc.
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