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  1. Undi

    PKHeX don't startup

    Same error... I will use it on my other computer, thanks anyway
  2. Undi

    PKHeX don't startup

    I have already checked this, I don't have that folder, so the config file is not the problem here. "I don't have a user.config file in my Appdata/Local folder."
  3. Undi

    PKHeX don't startup

    All of them. I downloaded .NET 4.6, and I have it already, they say that I can't install it now because I have an Higher version. You can see all the framework from version 1 to 4 I have here: After the v4 you can't see it like that, but I can't reinstall it, it say I already have it.
  4. Undi

    PKHeX don't startup

    It will work, the problem is PKHeX don't launch at all on my computer. I can't try to modify the savefile if PKHeX don't work haha.
  5. Undi

    PKHeX don't startup

    Already done, I got the same error after. PKHeX delete it itself when I launch it, because he say that the config file is corrupted.
  6. Undi

    PKHeX don't startup

    Yes, I was using the version of 17 October 2017, but I have the Build 4103 from teamcity too. Downloaded the last release (number 4135, as I write this) and I got the same error with the Merged release (without the config file) and non Merged release (config file corrupted, deleted, and then error again). IDK what to do. Here another copy/paste of the error with the last build, same error happen I think.
  7. Undi

    PKHeX don't startup

    Hi, I have used PKHeX many time before with my SUN/MOON savefile, and never got any problem with it. But now, with USUM out, I wanted to use the last release to modify my savefile, but I can't launch it anymore. I downloaded the last version available here and got the same problem. I have Windows 10. I have all the required .net framework and beyond (4.7.1). I have already uninstalled/installed again the .net framework. I have already tried some other releases, didn't work. I have the right file in the folder (PKHeX.Core.dll with the PKHeX.exe). I don't have a user.config file in my Appdata/Local folder. When the PKHeX.exe.config is in the folder: Here's the first error (when I hit yes): And the second (after hitting continue): I don't know what to do to fix this. Thanks in advance for your help!