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  1. [Question] How to get a legal Unown [G3 FR/GL]

    Thank you very much!!! I had seen it many times but I had never asked how to do it
  2. [Question] How to get a legal Unown [G3 FR/GL]

    A question What program does that do? Thank you
  3. A bug in Pkhex (20171117)

    Thanks for your help Thanks for your help I have read it after answering
  4. A bug in Pkhex (20171117)

    It's not just that celebi. They are all Celebi, Darkrai, Mew, Suicune ... In the previous pkhex they were correct
  5. A bug in Pkhex (20171117)

    Hello, Thanks for your work. I found a bug, all 4th generation events do not appear in the Mystery Gift Database. All 4th generation event pokemon says they are wrong A greeting and sorry for my bad English