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  1. Thanks for answering I will wait for the new release of pkhex I have tried, another manaphy that I have in 4th generation and also marks it as illegal. The rest of the event pokemon I have are still marked as legal
  2. Hi, I just updated Pkhex to the latest version. I have found that I mark these 2 pokemon as illegal: The first one is eevee, which has not been modified and was captured a year and a half ago 133 - Eevee - F519EAE94DBA.pk7 The second this Manaphy, well all my Manaphy. I do not understand the error Invalid: "Ability does not match ability number." I do not know how to fix it 490 ★ - Manaphy - 4D4E6937DA48.pk7 Thanks for the help Sorry my English is very bad
  3. @GridelinI just wanted to thank you, for this incredible tutorial. I thought Channel's shiny Jirachi was impossible After a lot of reading, of understanding something, of finding what is necessary ... I have achieved it !!! I have been more than 2 months, with the RNG but it has been done these last days heavy. It has bad IV, but what's cool? : D
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