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  1. Thanks for answering I will wait for the new release of pkhex I have tried, another manaphy that I have in 4th generation and also marks it as illegal. The rest of the event pokemon I have are still marked as legal
  2. Hi, I just updated Pkhex to the latest version. I have found that I mark these 2 pokemon as illegal: The first one is eevee, which has not been modified and was captured a year and a half ago 133 - Eevee - F519EAE94DBA.pk7 The second this Manaphy, well all my Manaphy. I do not understand the error Invalid: "Ability does not match ability number." I do not know how to fix it 490 ★ - Manaphy - 4D4E6937DA48.pk7 Thanks for the help Sorry my English is very bad
  3. @GridelinI just wanted to thank you, for this incredible tutorial. I thought Channel's shiny Jirachi was impossible After a lot of reading, of understanding something, of finding what is necessary ... I have achieved it !!! I have been more than 2 months, with the RNG but it has been done these last days heavy. It has bad IV, but what's cool? : D
  4. Hello!!! I downloaded the new version of pkhex. Is it normal for the top left to put d-20180417 and not 20180418? Thank you Sorry my english is very bad
  5. Thank you very much!!! I had seen it many times but I had never asked how to do it
  6. A question What program does that do? Thank you
  7. Thanks for your help Thanks for your help I have read it after answering
  8. It's not just that celebi. They are all Celebi, Darkrai, Mew, Suicune ... In the previous pkhex they were correct
  9. Hello, Thanks for your work. I found a bug, all 4th generation events do not appear in the Mystery Gift Database. All 4th generation event pokemon says they are wrong A greeting and sorry for my bad English