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  1. If a Pokemon has a perfect 31 IVs, is the max Ganbaru value 7? If it is set to over 7 with 31 IVs, what happens?
  2. Does anyone have a Wyrdeer .pa8 file? Trying to make a perfect one but am getting an error. Edit: Never mind, figured out what it was. I had the wrong form. This thread can be closed.
  3. Thanks! Looks like this game is more catch and exploring based, but trying to get a few good Pokemon so when I get the game I have a few of the new ones to start out with. Trying to make a Wyrdeer but get an error "Invalid: Form argument is too low for current form." Any idea on what I should fix?
  4. Not yet, that is why I am asking. Can't seem to find anything regarding either of those mentioned in any article. Right now I'm trying to figure out how the stats work and found those new things but can't find anything online mentioning them.
  5. Wondering what the "red skull" icon is for? Some Pokemon have it, on the right of their picture in the PKhex boxes. Likewise what are Lord forms? Can't seem to find much mention of them outside of PKhex.
  6. Does anyone have an English Arceus Legends save file?
  7. Does anyone have a save file I can use? Will try and mess around with the settings and stats.
  8. Need some help with the batch editor. Want to remove ribbons from all Pokemon in all boxes. Essentially, go under the OT tab, click Ribbons, then select "Remove All". But want to speed up the process so I can do it for everything at once without having to edit every single Pokemon.
  9. Have the newest PKhex and I am seeing this error: Invalid Affixed Ribbon/Marking: 0 What should I do to fix this?
  10. Don't recall how to do these. Want to mark Pokedex as all seen/captured, and can't seem to see past box 18 for some reason even though I have pokemon in box 40. Edit: Figured it out. In BDSP is Celebi and Deoxys not in the game currently?
  11. Thanks. Is there a way to order the TRs by name rather than number TR number in the tab by any chance?
  12. Trying to make my Pokemon as legitimate as possible. Some still have flags for Pokemon that have TR moves. Is checking the "Give All" tab replicating something that can be realistically done in game? For example, giving a Pokemon all TRs at some point is something that can actually be done in game?
  13. I'm wondering if there are any methods of legally getting shiny Volcanion & Marshadow in Gen 8? Been seeing some of these and assume they are not legal.
  14. I'm going to try it without Fake Out, it is an egg move but it is showing legal in Pkhex but maybe that is an oversight.
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