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  1. Assuming the Home giveaway can be transferred into Sword/Shield. If possible may someone share a .pkhex file for Sword/Shield for the shiny Zeraora?
  2. So I know Zarude isn't released yet, but all the data is in right? So we can check move pool and the like?
  3. No DLC (just the update), have Sword, cannot open the main file, get the same error.
  4. Can't seem to open a save file from the updated game. Just updated PKhex. Made an export of the save but still get the file size is too large error? Edit: Redownloaded, re-exported save file from after the update. The only main files I can open are from before the update. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. What is the difference between the glitch version? Can these be traded in Sword/Shield?
  6. Need to wait for an update. Any ETA for when that will be? Probably a day or so, but I am simply guessing.
  7. Would take me just about as much time, I do have a particular order but was thinking about doing that first. Is there a way to completely delete a box of Pokemon (not export them)?
  8. So lets say between box 1-20 I have 30 slots with unoccupied Pokemon. Can I move them all "forward" so there is no unoccupied slot left, leaving me with 19 total boxes full as the Pokemon are "pushed forward" or "compressed"
  9. Looking for a .PK8 for the new Gmax Eevee with Anticipation. Also looking for a Kanto Weezing that was bred from Koffing in Sword/Shield if possible. I believe they can only be transferred from previous generations but if I am wrong and someone has a .PK8 for one that originated in Sword/Shield I'd appreciate it.
  10. Just looking for the Pikachu from the raid, not the raid itself. Might have worded that wrong. Will check later, thanks.
  11. Looking for the new Gmax Pikachu raid. Looking for a pkhex file that I can use. I know there is the block import option but I'm looking for a .pk8 if that is possible?
  12. Wondering if we can mark Pokemon as caught and owned previously for Sword and Shield. This way I can avoid seeing the Pokedex pop up each time I get a low level Pokemon in a trade.
  13. Do we have any rough date for it?
  14. Okay so what should I do to import things properly with the patch? I can take the save file that works, and keep importing it just fine. But the moment I open it in PKhex and save it, the file will become non-compatible/corrupt. Not sure what version I should be using, the version I have is 20200314.
  15. Yes I downloaded the latest version of PKhex. Just redid it. Everything in PKhex works fine, and everything in Checkpoint works fine but when I load the game I get an error and it has to close. I can revert back to an older save file before the patch though. Just seems like any modification I make, just adding a single Pokemon will create an issue when loading the game.
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