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  1. Does anyone have a list of the Alolan form OTs for languages aside from English? In particular, the German and Japanese versions. Referring to Let's Go Alolan forms which have specific OTs.
  2. Saw some of these online. I thought Mew was shiny locked in Let's go?
  3. Good to know. I have seen people using them online though a few weeks back which confused me. Was the game updated to prevent the shiny ones from going online?
  4. Another quick question on Meltan / Melmetal. Are these shiny locked at the moment?
  5. pkmfan


    Does anyone have a meltan .pb7 that they can share? No specific moves or anything required. Just want one obtained and transferred from GO.
  6. Looks like people can start figuring out how saves work now.
  7. Just wondering how long would it take for a save editor to be developed for the upcoming Let's Go games. Is there anything in development, or will it be many months until any kind of save editing is possible? I know there are some save editors for some other Switch games currently. I know the contents of a save file will vary from game to game, but is the general process to read and access a save files contents relatively similar in different games?
  8. Has anyone tried this work around and then used the main file in a cartridge and went online? I did this method and it worked great, but now I do have a cartridge in my possession. I am wondering if it is safe to use my main file and import it into a game I intend to go online with? Thanks, this ended up working flawlessly.
  9. Is Zeraora the only unreleased one? Any other special events to be aware of?
  10. Trying to get my Pokedex in Ultra Moon to show I have seen/caught all Pokemon. Now I don't plan on keeping every single Pokemon in my boxes. I know there is a way to do this, but if I am not mistaken it will also show that I caught unreleased event Pokemon which will cause issues. Likewise, going down and manually marking what must be 1000 Pokemon is time consuming. So is there a way to mark all common Pokemon as caught and exclude event Pokemon?
  11. Having what I believe is an unrelated issue, but thought I would mention it. Repost from another thread: I am not sure if this is a general Citra issue. Maybe it is a side affect of the work around posted by Devesterman? Or maybe the game is accessing yet another photo section and the blank screen issue pops up a gain. If that is the case, does anyone have the correct values for skipping this sequence? To be clear, this is after the 5th battle of the elite four, after diolgue, when the Professor mentions something about the Hall of Fame or similar.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Seems like that may not be the case any time soon though. That will be a bit of a let down, but as long as I can import the main into PKhex, extract my Pokemon, and import it into my real Ultra Moon or Sun cartridge that will be good enough. So far that seems to work fine. In a worst case scenario, I will move my Pokes over, download a game played to the end and insert my own Pokes.
  13. Confirmed this is a problem in Ultra Sun. Used a Rowlet, female character. Froze. I am thinking of trying this method, and I don't mind the photo album icon missing. However, do you think this will impact the ability to go online? I plan on importing this save into a cartridge once I have it and I am worried that it may cause an issue.
  14. Is this a problem with Ultra Sun as well? If so, would anyone have a save file that skips past it as well? And if I were to import someone else's save, can I edit my trainer name via PKHex without any issues? For example, clicking Trainer Info, then merely typing in the name I prefer. Edit: Another question. As for importing a save (main file), can this be done via JK Save Manager? Does it work exactly the same as dragging/dropping the main file onto the SD card, and then getting into Homebrew, entering JKSM, and importing the file? And is this the correct directory for the main file? C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Citra\sdmc\Nintendo 3DS\00000000000000000000000000000000\00000000000000000000000000000000\title\00040000\001b5000\data\00000001 I did get an error (Dumping System Archives or something?) but continued playing and made it to a save point. Will this result in any issues if I were to import this save onto a cartridge?
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