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  1. Okay so what should I do to import things properly with the patch? I can take the save file that works, and keep importing it just fine. But the moment I open it in PKhex and save it, the file will become non-compatible/corrupt. Not sure what version I should be using, the version I have is 20200314.
  2. Yes I downloaded the latest version of PKhex. Just redid it. Everything in PKhex works fine, and everything in Checkpoint works fine but when I load the game I get an error and it has to close. I can revert back to an older save file before the patch though. Just seems like any modification I make, just adding a single Pokemon will create an issue when loading the game.
  3. Does PKhex not work with the current version of SWSD, V1.1.1? When I try and import a save it works fine with checkpoint but loading the game gives an error as if the save file was corrupted.
  4. Will a Totem Pokemon just turn into a standard version when transferred in?
  5. Shiny Lunala and Solgaleo aren't working? Worked fine in the last gen with the event. Are they not allowed in gen 8?
  6. Okay. Will do that eventually. For the short term I don't mind using a different save file. I know I can change my OT, but can I change my TID and SID in a save file to reflect my original? That way I can rename Pokemon in game.
  7. Lost interest in the story mode, may finish it at a later date. But filling out my Pokemon boxes in the PC. Looks like I cannot get box 32 without beating Eternatus during the end game, I have box 31 unlocked. Is there anyway to edit this in PKHex? Will I still be able to play online or would editing my save file in such a way prevent that or cause some other issues? Really just want that last box because breeding pools are filling up my boxes quickly. I know someone can give me a save file with the end game finished, but then my OT, TID and SID would change right? Or could I take someone's save file and input those values without issue so I can play online and use box 32?
  8. How do we fix evolution not valid, or level / trade evolution unsatisfied?
  9. Thanks. Another question, have some pokemon in box 27 but they don't show up in game, the whole box. How can we expand the boxes? Fill up box 24?
  10. Having issues with many common ones. Some work others don't. Doing ones bred from eggs. Seems like the move checker is not right.
  11. That looks to be correct. One other question if you don't mind. Is there a way for the wild encounters you search for to be set to your current TID? When I search for the wild encounters I get some with my OT but the TID is different.
  12. Is there a way to pull up encounters for wild Pokemon? I remember some similar function in the past but have forgotten it.
  13. Might be a bit early but does anyone have a copy of Sword or Shield and may they lend me their save file? Completed would fine, but also just started would be perfectly suitable. I likely won't be able to get a hold of a copy until next week so I'd just like a save file to play around with over the weekend when a save editor comes out.
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