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  1. Hey everyone, Surprised this post hasn't been made already; am I the only one interested in doing this? I looked into some of the previous architecture and based on a post @ABZB made years ago on Pokemon Platinum there was a line of code in Platinum's arm9.bin they discovered that contained the banlist in the DS game: Now, I did not see this line of code in the BDSP games - and why would I? It's a completely different game that is 2 system generations apart. *However*, I grew very suspicious that things from BDSP were stolen from D/P/Pt when I discovered a lot of the stuff taken from diamond/pearl was claimed to have been copied over to BDSP (for example in the Glitch community they discovered that the game designers copied the memory reading from gen 4 dp, allowing a very similar exploit to the so-called "Void Glitch" in gen 4). Anyway, after dumping the romfs of Brilliant Diamond, I found a very similar segment of this code in the the resources.assets file under the romfs directory. There are exactly 6 instances of the Hex values: "7E 01 7F 01 80" (I think it actually extends beyond those values). I would try replacing the relevant binaries with "00 00..." but I also don't think I have the hardware to actually test to see if this works. On top of that, there's like a bunch of other instances of "7E 01 7F 01 80" scattered around the romfs as a 1-of instance (666 total occurences in the romfs) so I might just be throwing a needle in a haystack. If anyone else finds anything or makes any progress, please let us know! (FYI I will/have been severely limiting my online presence due to some drama/abuse from another/separate online community/individual but I will be watching closely for any new updates to this thread).
  2. Hello, I've been looking into a project where I import certain mechanics in generation 6 into the gen 7 games. Specifically, I am interested in the following (in order of importance): Returning the ability Parental Bond to its glory and making it deal 1.5x the amount of damage instead of 1.25x Returning the ability Gale Wings to its glory and making it give priority to a flying-type move regardless of whether a pokemon is at max HP Allowing Prankster to be used against Dark-types Returning Soul Dew to boosting Latios and Latias's Special Attack and Special Defense by 50% instead of... whatever it does now Allow Sheer Cold to be used against ice-types, and to not have its accuracy lowered by non-ice users Returning Pixilate, Aerilate and Refrigerate to 130% instead of 120% (not that big a deal of this or Sheer Cold can't be done) Again, not that big a deal, but removing all the little nerfs to status conditions (confusion back to 50% from its now 33%, paralysis's speed back to 25% from 50%, burn back to 12.5% from its now 6.25%) I've been reading up on editing abilities (not just changing which Pokemon gets what ability to literally modifying abilities and what they do) and it seems like it hasn't really been done yet publicly. I've also been told that the abilities are not in any GARC but can be found in the exefs. Does anyone have any experience with any of this, or can point me in the right direction? Your help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Ah okay, it seems my game at times wouldn't allow me to even view my party, at times would but the pokemon would show up as banned. So there were internal inconsistencies when altering the banlist with how the game was registering that a pokemon was banned (either the individual pokemon would show up as banned or the entire party box would not be selectable, depending on the battle format). But I think i solved that today after discovering how to remove *literally every* restriction, but first: @deadmza I didn't get to look through every file to check file a/1/8/9, because there is at least one instance of the infamous "C0..." banlist byte in that location if you extract an X/Y rom. It appears the structure of the game is quite different from ORAS which is worth investigating (also sorry that this is coming like 2 years late lol) SO BIG UPDATE! I figured out how to remove the 510 EV limit on all Pokemon lol. At first I truly didn't think this was possible as I edited literally everything in the ORAS file (this only applies to ORAS as that's the one game I'm interested in. USUM and presumably SM already have this restriction removed I'm pretty sure). However, I took a shot in the dark and I have no idea exactly which location the bytes are, but here's what I did: 1. Removed the pokemon species banlist using the replacement of the "C0..." bytes with all 00's. 2. Replaced all "02" and "01" with "00" (pretty sure you just need to replace 02 but I did 01 just in case) 3. It was random and arbitrary, but I did a complete swap of every hex value from 0004550 onwards to "00 00..." I know my methods are not entirely scientific, but this got the job done and I'm not sure what if any side effects/repercussions this would have, but it appears a/1/7/0 is the file solely designed to address all banlist restrictions in every which way in ORAS, ORAS/X/Y appears to be INCREDIBLY strict with their banlist vs every other generation, and for whatever reason some of these limitations (the 510 EV limit) just aren't there in Gen 7 (or Gen 5). In fact, it's also removed in Sword and Shield... and actually you can pretty much play anything you want in Sword and Shield, which is pretty great because that seemed quite intentional and is the right direction for Nintendo to be going with these casual in-game battles going forward. EDIT: Sorry, today I tested this again and it looks like I was mistaken.... no idea what happened but it appears the 510 ev limit was not bypassed.... my mind must be seeing things because i could've sworn it worked yesterday. However.... An even easier way to remove all the restrictions found in gark a/1/7/0 is to zero out everything between the two " / /"'s in the beginning of the code, making sure to leave the 5 and the stuff before it intact. Idk if i'm making sense at this point...
  4. I just tested this in the Battle Maison (after removing the banlist restrictions). Gave Arceus Protean, moved it to battle box, and when doing a rotation battle it would not change types when using a move. Thought this was a battle box thing (or maybe a rotation battle thing) but as it turns out my Arceus with the Protean ability would not change types regardless of where it battled (even tested against wild pokemon). Double-triple confirmed that Arceus did in fact have the ability Protean while in-battle. I thought this was very suspicious and decided to test other abilities, like Wonder Guard. Sure enough, Arceus with Wonderguard is protected by non-fighting moves.... so maybe I'm going crazy, maybe I messed up my game, but the specific combination of an Arceus with Protean hacked as its ability does not work and it is making me confused lol. Does anyone know anything about this, could confirm that this is in fact true, or might have an explanation as to why this is? My theory is that, just as the ability Multitype cannot work with any other pokemon, neither can Protean be used on an Arceus due to the nature of what Arceus does. Just a very rare thing... and I'm sure many people have played with Protean Arceus in Balanced Hackmons or other Hackmons formats in this game, not knowing that this could not technically be possible in the real game.
  5. Hey so a lot of people have over the years asked me about my save files and some of them have been made obsolete/deprecated. I had a lot of time this year to fix/polish some of my older save files, and then I got overwhelmed with all of the Pokemon files on my Desktop so I'm just going to dump all of what I have into a zip file and make it public for all of you to use. Some Pokemon players want to own every single Pokemon and have it be the best version it can possibly be (competitive movesets, shiny, events, pokerus, all ribbons, etc etc), so ever since 2015 I decided to take this to the max and basically "max out" the game for every version from Gens 1 all the way to the games today. The challenge is making sure the Pokemon has that "green checkmark" on PKHeX (which has been made a lot easier thanks to the many updates Kaphotics has made over the years). What I am attaching is years of work, some of which has been borrowed or taken from various other places, but I try my best to credit the Smogon community, Kaphotics, ProjectPokemon's database, Gridelin, etc etc but there is honestly a lot of stuff on here that it's too much for me to really document in depth... so the best thing I can do is tell you to read the ReadMe and view the "Mainstream Media" folder which should contain save files for each generation. (Sorry for the weird nicknames lol. The reason for that is because 3DS games can only have "main" without a file extension, so I needed to give random nicknames to differentiate them and it would be weird for some of those files to have ".dsv" at the end so I just decided to make them all extensionless but PKHeX should still be able to read them all). So that's about it. I really hope you all enjoy these saves... I share them to you for the love of the game. I want you to know that I do not condone cheating - these saves are purely for casual play/fun and mildly interesting purposes. I hope I am not breaking any rules by sharing my saves (again, some of these are derivative and most of the stuff in the Supplementary folder are just dumps of whatever backup files I had). Let me know if you have any questions and if you need me to take this down for any reason then I certainly will comply. Sincerely, isleep2late isleep2late's 8 Gen Gem.rar
  6. @RedFordWhite Hey! Sorry for taking a while to get back to you, but I was able to solve your conundrum just now if you're still interested! If you go back to the original thread: You'll see that MeroMero mentioned the files within a/1/0/6 for PWT (files 33, 34, 35, and 36). Now, these files are referring to actual .bin files that you get from decompressing the actual narc file (the file with no extension named "6"). This can be done with a program called "Tinke" which you can get from the release section of their github (click on "Assets" all the way at the bottom of version 0.9.0). Open your game, go to the root directory and find a/1/0/6 (If you're on Black 2/White 2), click on the file and I think you click on "Unpack" which gives you a bunch of .bin files. Find bins 33-36, open them with the "Hexadecimal" button in Tinke and replace with 0's *almost* everything. I kept the first sequence of numbers in each of these files but pretty much everything from "C0 ....." onwards I replaced with 0's until the absolute very end of each file (make sure not to add any additional digits. Don't add any length to the files). My guess is that the Soul Dew and all the other junk is "hidden" amidst the 01's and 02's (just like it is in the Gen 6 games) which uniquely come after the species banning script MeroMero found. And since I'm too lazy to sift through what all of them mean it's just a lot easier to zero all of that out for your purposes Let me know if this method works for you! I just tested it and it appears it does exactly what you want. And if you Hex-edit the original 6 file within the Tinke program, you should be able to change the B0 0E I talked about and the other unbannings in Battle Subway (and hopefully Battle Institute as well?) will still work.
  7. Thanks for that info @Smile! I got a chance to look even further into this and as it turns out, there's an ENTIRE set of hidden "02"'s and "01"'s (and I'm almost positive there are others) scattered around the a/1/7/0 garc that basically dictate all Battle Maison restrictions, opening a ton of more doors for additional research if anyone wants to pry them open. Following your suggestions, I think I did a flat Control + Replace (CTRL + R) on all 02 -> 00 which led to pretty much unbanning Soul Dew in the Super Double Battles, Super Triple Battles, but normal Triple Battles was somehow randomly still not even allowing any of the banned pokemon, so I was very confused..... But TL;DR: If you want to get rid of the most restrictions, do a Control + Replace on the 101 byte repetitions outlined by Kaphotics (there should be 29 iterations in ORAS) and then do a CTRL + R on all 02 -> 00 and THEN do a CTRL + R on all 01 -> 00. This leads to some pretty funny results, allowing more than 3 Pokemon to be submitted in certain formats (I think 4 in regular singles, and your entire team in super singles). I did even more screwing around and I somehow randomly got rid of the Species Clause in one of the Rotation formats.... but I can't remember exactly what I did (I'm really sorry!) But if you sift through enough of the "unique" characters and slowly get rid of them, I think you'll get there. I'll let you know if I find anything else, but I think that's it for now!
  8. I am so sorry!! I've literally been coming back slowly to Pokemon and I did revisit this project. It took me about 20 hours, but after a million attempts at hex editing and rebuilding, I FINALLY discovered the proper way to removing the Soul Dew clause: Long story short, unbanning Soul Dew is a matter of changing a few "02"'s to "00"'s at various offsets in the a/1/7/0 garc. For my own convenience I won't list the exact offsets of every bit, but here's a list of them you need to change to 00 which you can find at the specified row (just set HxD rows to 16 and you'll find the offsets): 02 @ 00005CD0 02 @ 00005A70 02 @ 000055C0 02 @ 00005360 02 @ 00005100 02 @ 000049F0 02 @ 00004790 02 @ 000042E0 02 @ 00004080 01 @ 00003E90 02 @ 00003E20 02 @ 00003970 02 @ 00003710 02 @ 000034B0 02 @ 00003250 (set HxD to 16 per row) Again, apologies that this is only being figured out in 2020 for the very few of you that care. I didn't want to make a new post but I didn't want to necro this one either. Doing what I previously told you to do will not allow you to submit any Pokemon which causes you to have a shiny bulbasaur that auto-concedes to your opponent. Hopefully this helps out anyone in the future! BTW, the only other restrictions are Species Clause (and I think Item Clause?). I haven't fooled around with those restrictions but I don't doubt that they're possible. Removing the Pokemon Banlist and Soul Dew Item Ban list is good enough for me lol
  9. I noticed that in Pokemon Black 2 / White 2, Pokemon that originate from the Gen 5 games will still be marked as Legal when given Contest Stats and/or the Ability Ribbons. As it turns out, I did some looking-into this stuff and from what I've read it seems there is no actual way to obtain *any* ribbons in these games, there are no contests, and therefore there shouldn't be any way to have a non-zero stat in any of the contest categories. I tried to find bug reports on this issue but it doesn't seem like anyone has brought this up. Should this be changed/fixed in a future PKHeX update? Just a suggestion, thought it might help with the legality checker, but if I am mistaken please feel free to let me know if this is actually working properly
  10. Hello! I have a question about the World Ribbon that exists in Gen 3: PKHeX says it is legal to have in a Gen 3 game (in this case Emerald), but when I drag the .pk3 file onto a Gen 4 game it's flagged as illegal because the World Ribbon is apparently invalid: "Invalid: Invalid Ribbons: World" How can a pokemon be legal in one game but when the same Pokemon is transferred it is illegal?
  11. Ah my bad lol. Looks like from the projectpokemon discord there are some people who still play XY and already people working on finding the GARC for that. I also want to point out that this method does not unban Soul Dew from ORAS. Soul Dew removal is possible, and it took me quite some time to figure this out. I started by continuing the search for those bytes in the rest of the GARCs, nothing. Then I went back to a/1/7/0 and slowly hex edited every piece of data to "00 00 00..."s. My Slowbro holding a Soul Dew was still banned (lol). Then I hex edited some of the stuff in the beginning of that file to all 0's and finally my slowbro was unbanned. It looks like you can start at offset 00000102 and just hold 0 until you're at the end of the file, lol (it helps to click on different parts of the file while you're holding 0.... but really it's that initial list of bytes starting early up in that file that determines that soul dew is banned.) I'm guessing this can be explained by the fact that that list of hex values are items? Not entirely sure tbh, since according to this bulbapedia article Soul Dew's hex value is E1 but that is nowhere to be found. But then again neither are the hex values of any of the legendary pokemon, so long story short everything in the game is pretty uniquely obfuscated. BTW, idk about the very first bytes in that file but it's interesting to note that in Black and White (2), changing everything to 0 in the "banlist" narc causes the game to crash. That is not the case in Gen 6. And this process is not necessary in SM (I said it right this time haha) as Soul Dew is not banned (it got a nerf wherein it only buffs psychic and dragon type moves by 20%... lame). So that's about it! Everything I ever wanted to figure out how to do has finally been figured out. I haven't tested other clauses such as item clause or species clause (i know this does not remove item clause in SM Battle Tree). I guess that would be the next logical step, but I'm pretty content with stopping here. Some people have been asking me to make a tutorial on how to do this, which I'm not opposed to doing, but everything can already be figured out from reading the past 12 posts on this thread. As an aside, I would highly discourage anyone from doing this and playing the edited ROM on a 3DS while using the internet. I don't know for a fact that this would get you banned, I just think it makes good sense to protect yourself from that risk. Please, if you try this at home, play your ROM while your 3DS's internet switch is turned OFF! EDIT 5/25/2020: See below for my corrected statement, and the exact offsets for correctly removing the Soul Dew Clause
  12. Can confirm this works on Sun and Moon as well (I knew it would, but just confirming that it in fact does). the garc for SuMo is located at a/1/3/7. Just replace all instances of that code once again with 0's (including the "E0 01 07" bit). If you're doing a Ctrl + F or Search and Replace, I would start off with "C0" rather than the bunch of 00 00's. There are only 14 iterations of that code, which is very very unusual because there were 29 instances in ORAS and a different amount in BW2. So I guess the moral of the story is that it's all encrypted, and there is no rhyme or reason to the "number of banned pokemon" to the number of banned code reptitions. I've made a video demonstration on my channel which I will not share in this post, but here is some additional photographic proof: Next step: Edit number of pokemon and pokemon level! lol jk... Also for what it's worth, the file size in ORAS is 33 kb whereas for SuMo it's 29 kb (and it's 8 kb in Gen 5 for comparison even though i know NDS is different). I think that's rather interesting, and sheds some light into the structure of the ways these garcs are organized. Another interesting tidbit: Neither of these banlist garc locations were figured out during the initial decryption phase of R&D. In ORAS, the garc was labeled a\1\7\0 - 53 * 604 bytes Battle Video Info Markup Template from this pastebin uploaded by Kaphotics and it was labeled a\1\3\7 - com_seasand02 02_beachslope from this GBATemp repost by BelmontSlayer. I would be interested to know if a/1/7/0 does still contain a Battle Video Template, because I wasn't sure if each garc did only one specific thing or if they could do multiple things. But anyway, thank you so much Kaphotics for your help and ABZB for all your contributions! I know a lot of people have been asking about this and I'm glad the community can finally put this issue to rest. BTW, I still don't have it for X and Y and I'm not sure if anyone wants it for X/Y. I won't waste time finding the garc for XY unless someone wants me to (or you can just do it yourself )
  13. SUCCESS!!! Replace all 29 instances of that ^ with all 0's in the garc located at a\1\7\0 and you will be able to use your Mega Mewtwo's and Primordial Groudons to your heart's desire in Battle Maison (Ignore the "E0 01 07" for ORAS games I guess, as well as X and Y). Have not tested this yet for Sun and Moon but if it was as easy as it was for ORAS then it shouldn't be difficult. I'll bet it'll be the same for Ultra SuMo as well, if not similar.
  14. Hmm.. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work. I've tried editing both the entire exefs.bin as well as the code.bin, replaced those respective bytes you mentioned with all 0's (rather than 01 00), and it didn't change anything. In fact, the proof that it didn't change anything lies in the fact that when looking at the banned pokemon which in Sun and Moon is made explicit in a display list, all the Pokemon that are banned are still listed and it continues to recognize those marked as legendary as banned. I did put a lot of thought into the idea that there could be a list of banned pokemon that you simply have to edit, but it looks like even though there is a recognized list of legendary pokemon, this is not what the game references when they identify banned pokemon. The good news, for me at least, is that I finally know how the files identify pokemon lol. I always knew Mewtwo and Mew were "96" and "97", but I just didn't know how the game recognized 3-digit hex index numbers based on this incredibly useful resource. Turns out the first number is made to be the second byte, so that Guzzlord's "31F" becomes under a hex editor (such as HxD) "1F 03" (this isn't banned, just being used for demonstration purposes). Now it's just a matter of figuring out which file (is it still in CRO? Is exefs off the table now?) contains these identifiers. It's not necessarily going to be all nicely adjacent to each other like in exefs.bin/code.bin
  15. Hmm, I'm not sure if this gets us anywhere, but I was able to successfully edit DllBattlePartySelect.cro and have the game run without the game crashing. The bad news is I got rid of a segment containing "FE FF EB" without any significant changes to the game, which makes me think this is not the likely culprit. Here's what I did... 1) I replaced offsets 000005D0x08 through 000005E0x07 with all 0's 2) Copied and pasted the cro_tool.exe file in the romfs folder, copied and pasted static.crr from the .crr folder to the romfs folder, then clicked and dragged this file onto cro_tool.exe, which supposedly is the way you're supposed to use cro_tools (it helps to have two separate File Explorers of the same romfs folder side by side). By the way, not doing this step will cause the game to not load, which is the original problem with CRO files. 3) Built the rom, then proceeded to test each and every pokemon that is banned in battle maison to see if it was unbanned. Turns out... they're all still banned, lol So in conclusion, it's possible to edit "FE FF EB" successfully, but this likely won't be the solution to removing the banlist. I tested all 31 banned pokemon plus any pokemon holding Soul Dew. All were still banned, but I did not test the egg. However, there being only 31 instances of this sequence and there being 31+egg+Soul Dew doesn't really add up.... Interestingly, the sequence "10 A0 E3" appears 66 times, and that is about how many different banned pokemon there are if you include their forms (ie. Mewtwo, Mewtwo X, Mewtwo Y, Arceus-Bug, Arceus-Ghost, etc etc). But this is again grasping at straws. The good news is that it IS possible to edit this CRO file while successfully getting the game to work. But replacing a large amount of the code with 0's will not work.... so the question is what did I actually affect when I performed Step 1 and how much of that can I do before the game decides to crash. Still, I am interested in your findings @ABZB so keep us posted! As an aside to you btw, are there any iterations of "10 A0 E3" in the SuMo CRO? I'm starting to think that since the data in the game when looking at the Pokemon data in whatever GARC it's in has separate Pokemon identifications for different forms, so is the case for the banlist. (ie. the game distinctly recognizes Mewtwo X as a different "species" than Mewtwo in its code. That's how pk3DS works and that's also how PKHeX works when looking at the source code, and that is also how the ROM data works when unpacking the garc file. PS: If my "10 A0 E3" theory is correct, and I did somehow make a change in Step 1 ("10 A0 E3" is within those offsets), then I would expect that one of the alternate Pokemon forms was unbanned. But I don't have the patience to go through every banned Pokemon form. Not tonight at least lol. Anyone else feel free to test it out. I'll leave this alone for now so it'll give me something to work on over the weekend. If this is the case, then the "FE FF EB" theory is not dead afterall, since it could very well correlate to Pokedex # (which is not the same as Pokemon species if you count megas/primordials as separate). *Edited* Formatting. Also wanted to say that I am now 99% positive that DllBattlePartySelect.cro is the file that contains the banned Pokemon. This is because if you look at my previous post on this thread, the garc file that I thought was the culprit turned out to change the appearance/User Interface of the "Battle Party Select" part of the game. When messing with the garc and messing with the cro I get the same issue of crashing at the same spot, but the garc I now know is responsible for the UI, so the cro has to be dealing with the content of that segment of the game (i.e. determining the legality of a Pokemon). It also fits intuitively with what the other CRO files do (picking out a starter pokemon, etc). And finally, I just want to say that once this is figured out for ORAS, it should not be at all different from SuMo, which I am also most certainly interested in removing the banlist for as well. Baby steps, but we are definitely getting somewhere now.... It's only a matter of time
  16. Well just today I spent several hours (the whole day pretty much) revisiting this little research project. My fear is that it would be in a .CRO file, because those are obviously harder to edit and have the ROM properly function. So I went through every GARC file in the a folder, basically deleting each of them and building a new rom with a different single garc file missing every time (Citra 3DS was a godsend in allowing this to happen without a 3DS). The reason for this madness was that, IF the banlist was in a garc, I could discover this garc if one of these temporary "test dummy" roms faced a fatal error upon selecting a team of Pokemon during Battle Maison. This might have been how the narc in BW2 Battle Subway was discovered, as I tested deleting a\1\0\6 in Black 2 (thanks to this thread) and running the game. When that happened, the game would freeze at some point talking to the subway worker, so I figured the same thing should happen when talking to the maison employee when the proper garc was deleted. Here are my results: the file in BW2 is roughly 8 kb in size, so I would expect the file, if it were to exist, to at least be 9 kb or anywhere from 10 kb to 20+ kb, but it wasn't out of the question that it could be less than 8. Therefore, I tried to be selective in my decision process as to which garcs to delete. I obviously didn't go through all of them, as this pastebin has 90% of the work cut out, and so anything that was clearly described to be unrelated to Battle Maison I skipped. I believe I had an "aha!" moment at a\1\0\1 but then I realized I reached the fatal error when opening up my party through regular means, meaning that wasn't it. And then at a\2\2\6 I discovered the SAME type of error that was reproduced in BW2 Subway, which made me believe this was truly the garc, since it fit all the criteria being a) not mentioned in the pastebin and b) about 20 kb in size.... So I tried dissecting the unpacked GARC. I can go more into detail with what I did, but suffice it to say at least some of the data involves the UI of the party selection (ironic... because as I'm typing this, that is what I thought DllBattlePartySelect.cro was for, which was the original reason why I moved away from the CRO theory). And so because this garc deals more with the actual interface and design of the Maison party selection screen, I am 95% confident that this was a red herring (Although any one reading this is more than welcome to prove me wrong if you can analyze that GARC a little further). Finally, I decided to give up, and I am back to square one. I guess I should share my garc findings with everyone publicly, so I'll attach the word document I made containing some of the notes I've made on all the garcs (please don't expect something big from these notes... they're very disorganized and anticlimactic lol). There are probably still some garcs left unfinished, so if anyone wants to try this at home... hopefully this document will save you a bit of time. As for what ABZB has discovered, I would say that is a very curious and suspicious finding... I am very reluctant about the FE FF EB thing as well. Now I'm starting to think it was a huge coincidence and that I really should've kept my mouth shut about those hex values or I look like an idiot lol. I've tried many different things, from changing FE FF FB to FE 00 FB or to 00 00 00 and using cro tools and/or doing it without cro tools... I'm not an experienced computer programmer nor do I have very much experience with HEX editing or any of these sort of things (though I have learned quite a bit from this venture). But hopefully everything I have just said and laid out for you guys is something that, for the next person who wants to attempt to remove Battle Maison/BattleRoyal/BattleTree (or whatever SuMo equivalent) banlist restrictions, will bring you one step closer. tl;dr: The banlist might possibly be in a\2\2\6 if it is a GARC but is more than likely still in the DllBattlePartySelect.cro file after ABZB's response, even though I thought that was no longer the case. If the latter is true, then it will be a huge pain in the neck, and may or may not have anything to do with the sequence "FE FF EB". Either way, I no longer have the time to work on this (at least not for the next couple weeks before my exam ) documentation for battle maison readme.docx
  17. As far as I know, like 99% of these are transferable and even tradable. I don't want to say 100% because I don't think anyone (not even me) has taken the time to officially transfer each and every one of them. And yes, all or most of them should have Pokerus and will either be shiny + every legally possible ribbon OR come from a Gamecube game (I think it's XD?), have those exclusive ribbons, and not be shiny. I only did that for some of them (Spearow I think) because I figured they can learn more competitive moves, or in the case of something like Spearow you already have a shiny Fearow so I thought I'd mix things up. BTW I also have done this for every other generation game but I didn't want to clog up these forums with my stuff (6 other save generations). I shared Gen 3 since I know a lot of people are still on that, but if any of you guys want me to post the other saves let me know! They have the same routine (shiny, competitive, all ribbons, Pokerus, etc...). Also this is the first time coming back to this thread and I didn't realize people were responding to it so thank you Slayer for moving it and restoring the lost files!
  18. It's also not just the XY&Z legendaries. Also shiny Diancie as mentioned by @phillyrider807 can't be traded (I tested this myself). I have not tested the Alexander Hoopa
  19. That's exactly what I've been doing too lol! But I know people who did it the Pokebank Transfer method and it didn't work. Let me know how the trades go guys, keep me posted *crosses fingers*
  20. @theSLAYER Here's my take/modified version of @phillyrider807's Yveltal, with all the adjustments you suggested including Memory/Geolocation. Still no luck. And I think that's about as solid as it gets as far as legitimacy. So my best guess is that Nintendo/Gamefreak straight up forgot about the Xerneas/Yveltal/Diancie event. Btw, the non-shiny Zygarde that went with that event also doesn't work. So it's either something really specific/arcane that the entire ProjectPokemon community overlooked, or a genuine mistake on the part of Nintendo. For what it's worth, I have heard multiple reports of shiny Xerneas/Yveltal not going through from people/friends who've purportedly gotten their events personally. Here's another source/link to another incidence of untradable shiny Xerneas/Yveltal: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/2000479-pokemon-sun-moon-trading/74899440?page=6 I'll continue trying to look for anything that would make these Pokemon work, but I am starting to think more and more that this is a mistake on Nintendo, especially considering the fact that Mew apparently can't learn Softboiled + Defog in SuMo, but can in XY/ORAS. 717 ★ - イベルタル - 014B78F40DC9.pk7
  21. The Xerneas and Yveltal I have are the Japanese events, and they were tradable in Gen 6, so I'm guessing they've just mistakenly shiny-locked Xerneas, Yveltal, and now Diancie. That, or they don't yet recognize those specific events yet. Anyway, per your request, here are the Japanese pk6 files I have that work in ORAS trade (please note they've been edited for optimal IVs and given max contest stats and every possible ribbon haha, but they were legal in ORAS and were tradable ) I've also mentioned this in an earlier post, but I see that you were able to get shiny Mew to work. I eventually figured out what was wrong with my Mew, because I got rid of both Defog and Softboiled and it went from being untradable to tradable, even though Defog + Softboiled Mew was tradable in ORAS. Mew could learn Soft-boiled legitimately as a Move Tutor in Fire Red/Leaf Green/Emerald, and could legitimately be transferred to Gen 4 and learn Defog as HM05 in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. So that begs the question... is it just specific events that they're not registering or are there a ton more mistakes and they, as @HaxAras put it, royally screw up the legitimacy checking system? 716 ★ - ゼルネアス - 38194CA6756F.pk6 717 ★ - イベルタル - E74F021217E5.pk6
  22. In regards to my last post (thought I'd update anyone who was mildly interested), it turns out shiny Mew from Old Sea Map can be traded, but it can't learn Defog + Softboiled (even though that *should* be legal/possible). The shiny events Yveltal and Xerneas however won't go through trade, even though they are legitimate events and even for people who've obtained them themselves, untouched. I'm guessing the game considers these 2 Pokemon "shiny locked". Let me know if anyone has had any contrary experience. As someone else has suggested in this thread, it would seem Nintendo still needs to update/fix certain things, such as Gen 1 VC transfer methods and update legality checkers for both PokeTransfer and Wi-Fi trading.
  23. Has anyone had any success trading Old Sea Map Mew, Shiny Xerneas, and Shiny Yveltal? I'm not talking about Poketransfer, as I've seen people transfer even Permanent Mega Pokemon over. I'm talking specifically about trading these 3 Pokemon through a Wi-Fi trade. Maybe most of you don't have the Old Sea Map Mew, but I tried trading a shiny and non-shiny one and neither worked. I also tried trading an untouched Shiny event Xerneas/Yveltal and those didn't go through either. My friend also said his Yveltal he legitimately got himself from the official event wouldn't trade through (even though he could transfer it). Was thinking maybe the legitimacy checker within the trade system has not been updated to reflect every event Pokemon. However, I've gotten pretty much every other event to work (shiny Arceus, Eruption Heatran, Flying/Surfing Pikachu, Electro Ball Mewtwo, Spacial Rend Shiny Darkrai, Shiny Genesect, Volcanion, Hoopa...) It's rather peculiar that these 3 events don't work. I could understand the Mew maybe not working, but the Shiny Xerneas/Yveltal was a recent event that should've worked for me. If anyone has had successful reports of any of these 3 event Pokemon going through, please let me know. Thanks!
  24. Not sure if this is the right place as I don't know how much of a breakthrough this is so mods please let me know if this should be moved elsewhere. There's been multiple posts asking about how to remove the banned Pokemon restrictions on Battle Maison in X/Y/ORAS (Some people are even offering bitcoin incentives to have this figured out). I've spent pretty much the entire day working on this/trying to figure this out but for the life of me could not, so to have this day not go to waste I'd like to share some of the progress/things I found out and discovered along the way. Hopefully someone out there can pick this project up and finish working on it. So how do you remove the Battle Maison restrictions? My conclusion, after a lot of experimenting, is that you have to edit the DllBattlePartySelect.cro file. Here are my reasons: 1) After messing with that .CRO file, I rebuilt romfs using PK3DS, loaded the patch using Hans, and my game was running completely fine up until the point where the Battle Maison lady asks me to select Pokemon. The game freezes at a black screen and I'm forced to power off. 2) I messed with DllBattlePartySelect.cro by reading it through a Hex editor. Call me crazy, call this a conspiracy theory, but there are 31 instances of the Hex-value sequence "FE FF EB" in that file, and there are exactly 31 Pokemon banned in Battle Maison. Now I know it's been said before that CRO files can't be edited, and if they do then the game just crashes, but after some research I came across this thread and heard people saying that CRO editing works with Luma3DS (I use Gateway3DS for launching Hans using homebrew). So I spent time setting up Luma and between the CRO resigner and Luma I couldn't get anything to work lol. After patching static.crr with cro_tool.exe the game wouldn't boot so I used the old static.crr, and patching the romfs into a .cia file for Luma3DS didn't work either... So in short, editing DllBattlePartySelect.cro by modifying the 31 iterations of the "FE FF EB" hex values is my best guess at figuring out how to remove Battle Maison restriction (I am using Alpha Sapphire, sorry if that becomes relevant). The million-dollar question is figuring out how to edit CRO files using a Hex Editor without having the game crash. Maybe Kaphotics or SciresM would know how to do this. I know there are some CRO editing capabilities that Pk3DS has, but still no way to edit that golden DllBattlePartySelect.cro file. Edit 9/24: Solved for ORAS. Still need to find the garc location for X/Y (if anyone really cares). As well as for SuMo's Battle Tree. 80% sure this will be the same for Ultra Sun and Moon, but it would be naive for me to say that about a game that hasn't even been released yet. EDIT 9/25: Confirmed working for Sun and Moon. tl;dr: GARC location for ORAS is a/1/7/0, for SuMo it is a/1/3/7. Replace the bytes quoted by Kaphotics with 0's and you're good to go! EDIT 9/26: You can now remove Soul Dew clause in Gen 6 games, rendering the banlist completely lifted! The only type of Pokemon to still be banned in Battle Maison is one whose total EVs exceed 510 (this is allowed in SM, don't ask). (REDACTED BUT EVENTUALLY SOLVED IN 2020) EDIT 6/29/2020: garc location for X/Y found (??), Soul Dew and 510 EV limit removed in ORAS (X/Y/gen 6?). You can also apparently enter more Pokemon than normally allowed (such as 4 Pokemon in a Singles 3v3). [510 EV Limit bypass not reached... sorry my mistake)
  25. I didn't want to necro this thread but what I found might be useful information to anyone who plays on Battle Subway. Just so you know I've only tested this on Pokemon White 2, but this should in theory work on all other Gen 5 versions (note MeroMero's different narc locations for BW vs BW2). If you follow that thread (and read the replies too), you will see that, for Black 2 and White 2, you have to use a Hex Editor on a\1\0\6 (in this case). In this case, I am using HxD so this next sentence will make sense if you're also using it: After changing all the sequences laid out in that thread, I changed the second "B0 0E" to "00 00". This can be found in Offset (h) row 000000B0 columns 0C and 0D. After you change those 2 Hex values, recompile using PPRE beta 0.14 and try playing in Battle Subway You will notice that Soul Dew is no longer banned and you can use the same pokemon multiple times, holding the same items, and you can even play with 4, 5 or even all 6 of the pokemon on your team. As far as I know, this removes every single restriction on Battle Subway, so you will not only be able to play with banned pokemon, but you can essentially... go all out with whatever haha. Hope this helps!
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