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  1. Yep, worked flawlessly. I backed up my Y save and then uploaded Yvetel to the bank. Then restored the save and downloaded Yvetel back to the save and now have two of them.
  2. Yes, my system firmware is and the games are the latest as well.
  3. Doesn't look like this was reported yet but I just got the device today and it works beautifully with both Pokemon X and Y. I now have backups of my save file from both games and they restore easily. Supposedly you can also backup your save and then upload a Pokemon to the Bank and then restore your save download the Pokemon back to the game to easily clone it. Gonna try this in a little while. Hopefully, this will help with getting Pokegen working for Gen 6.
  4. I can confirm Datel Powersaves 3DS definitely works for both X and Y. It can backup and restore the save file for both games and it has a few codes like Max Money and 999 Items for stuff like Rare Candys and PokeBalls.
  5. Actually, it says "Coming March 30, 2011" right at the top.
  6. Okay, so it is now February 28, 2011. The day after the original distro cart was supposed to activate the Celebi event. I'm now wondering if some Gamestops will be using that cart for distribution. Like suppose you went into a Gamestop today and got the Celebi and the OT was GAMESTP. And if that did happen and people started reporting they are getting GAMESTP Celebi's from Gamestop, would it be legit then? It is possible some Gamestops could start using the previous distro cart. Its just something I wondered about.
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