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  1. Since its of interest to some people, I removed the forced gym uniforms by returning 1 (E0 03 00 32 C0 03 5F D6) from the function at .text + 0x13AD310 Theres a few tables in .data containing string + function pointer pairs used by the LUA interface i believe, which makes things easy fwiw. Alternatively just replace the function pointer with the CommandNOP function GF already made at .text + 0x13B0130
  2. Interesting. I've experienced a thing before where a calculation relied on integer underflow/overflow, but theres a feature in C# to disable protection from it... As far as this goes, it looks like its truncating your float or rounding to the nearest tenth, which is weird.
  3. If I remember correctly, No$GBA was able to connect and trade.
  4. Pretty much, yes. The thing is though, these games tend to make multiple GARCs with some having duplicate models because its faster to unzip a single GARC then fetching models from multiple GARCs. That being said, there may be other GARCs with NPC models. I'll try to update my pastebin soon but here's what i've got so far. https://pastebin.com/5NQ5NjBd
  5. Welcome! I, myself, started off here seeking knowledge, which helped me get where I am today. Now I've come full circle and tutor someone.
  6. Try this: 02002300 68006868 02002304 60012100 02002308 00004770 521CBAA4 F7EC6868 121CBAAA 0000F636 121CBAAC 0000FC29 D2000000 00000000
  7. Not sure about that code specifically, but I recall messing with catching trainer's Pokemon before, and I just kill the mons I don't want and catch the ones I do. There was no restriction that caused me to have to catch the first slot mon.
  8. I wrote a quick and dirty unpacker for AC and AS containers found in a/0/8/3. Seems like AC contains character models and AS has scenery models. AC contains sub-container CP and AS contains SM. They're all basically setup the same way, so adding more to this script would be a matter of editing 2 lines. https://pastebin.com/RrZV8zRd I want to write something better in C# soon though.
  9. Here's another BCH tool that I helped work on with gdkchan to replace Ohana. How is this better?: The BCH (de)serializer has been completely rewritten, giving maximum flexibility and better BCH support. Features: - Import formats [BCH, SMD, GFModel] - Export formats [BCH, SMD, DAE] - Batch/Single texture export [PNG, GFTexture] - Batch model export formats [SMD, DAE] - Merge multiple models to the scene - Animation playback [bone, material, visibility, camera] Upcoming features: - GFModel export Screenshots: Download: https://github.com/gdkchan/SPICA SPICA.zip
  10. Yes, 'micro SD Management'. It's built into MSET (personally, i like to use it as a standalone app and use a downgraded MSET, but i digress)
  11. Kashi plz I guess I'll update the OP with a newer build of rebirth while I'm here.
  12. The original had problems running on some systems, but just to make sure, you're opening ohana and then it errors? or errors after you drop a bch into it?
  13. Added the new Ohana for testing because why not.. It renders models better, has shaders this time, and supports animations. To load an animation, you first need to have loaded a model, then on the animations tab, load a bch containing animations. Press play and have fun.
  14. Ehh? the obj? Works perfectly fine in C4D :\
  15. Really cool ^^ I always love to see what people make with our program.
  16. BCH is one of the worst formats i've ever seen, so i'm still surprised we got anything working, lol.. so yea, theres still some hacky things we do to load models and we only know like 80% of the format, so this kind of think is bound to happen.. I'll try to look into it
  17. should be fine if you're just editing.. this is just a rendering issue. you making sure its the right res?
  18. CIA has the same NCCH containers in them as the CCI (.3ds) so extracting a CCI from CIA is easy.. rebuilding would be a bit mor difficult though, lol. I think makerom can do this if you build the CXI and CFA.
  19. well that seems to be a legitimate bug, so i updated it with a quick fix but the render might still look weird.. shouldnt effect anything game-wise if you were to just texture edit etc.
  20. Inject what? This just allows for viewing and kinda modifying BCH and various image formats.
  21. you shouldnt have to touch any code with that payload.. just obtain the keyX and put it in that file.
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