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  1. Pretty sure you should be able to just swap the entries around if you're using a CFW that has RO's hash check patched. Pretty sure luma does this by default? Also you can replace the CRO pretty readily with luma's layeredFS thing nowadays.
  2. According to the list of big preorder bonuses on the Japanese USUM website, it looks like pre-ordering at certain retailers (7-11?) will get you a serial code for a big malasada and a fresh water. Relevant text: "どうぐシリアルコード(おおきいマラサダ・おいしいみず)(『ウルトラサン・ウルトラムーン』のいずれか購入)".
  3. C-Gear Skin Editing

    I am pretty sure it's possible. Also..."compile it using a compiler" -- this is....pretty irrelevant to the process of making a tool. The compiler is literally an afterthought, as is the IDE used to write it. The code itself is all that you should really consider. (And PKHeX already has C-Gear code, I think, as I said.)
  4. C-Gear Skin Editing

    Pretty sure PKHeX supports C-Gear stuff nowadays, doesn't it? (Also, not sure why the IDE matters, or why we'd not just use VS..)
  5. I used your Gen I editing program Rhydon to edit my Pokemon's DVs, level, moves, etc. on my Pokemon Yellow Version for the 3DS Virtual Console. Pikachu does not follow behind me anymore. Any help?

  6. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    wc7full for the new saori machamp event, courtesy of nintendo's servers. 0219_saori_PC_MYS_JP_J_1484912559.wc7full
  7. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Or, we can get the wondercard straight from the horse's mouth (or the BOSS servers, as it were). present_n_0__1484650169.wc7full
  8. General Event Archived Posts Thread PKHeX now displays the relevant metadata.
  9. SOS Encounter

    Should be fixed in the latest commit.
  10. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Magearna's event is not a wondercard, there's nothing to extract -- it's actually a hardcoded in-game event. Here're some QR codes, though: Legitimate US QR code: Legitimate JP QR code: Legitimate EU/AU QR code:
  11. SM - Magearna [JPN] [Sun/Moon]

    Latest PKHeX supports activating the event/reactivating it if you've already received Magearna.
  12. Sun/Moon Datamining has Begun!

    PKHex's sun/moon support already includes support for Gen VII mystery gifts.
  13. I added support for editing Battle Revolution save files to PKHeX last week.
  14. Gen II Egg species identifier (glitch/hacking related)

    To be honest: With Rhydon, I explicitly did not support Gen I saves that had been modified via the use of glitches/out-of-bounds IDs. I do not think PKHeX should make any attempt to defend against user-corrupted saves in the specific case of Gen I/II (Gen VI/VII are a different story, of course). If using arbitrary code execution will cause errors like this, I don't think PKHeX has any obligation to resolve those errors -- the user can use arbitrary code execution to unscrew their save first.
  15. New 4th generation save files are incompatible?

    New save files are largely uninitialized -- PKHeX can't recognize them because of that. PKHeX can only recognize save files that have been saved at least twice (ideally with the system being powered down between saves, though we're unsure if that's necessary).