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  1. Here is a gbatemp thread for ohana: https://gbatemp.net/threads/wip-ohana3ds-tool.392576/
  2. @LeKrenax hold on. I linked the trainer models, not the Pokémon models. https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokemon-sun-moon-pokemon-animations-textures-and-models.473906/
  3. @LeKrenax must be a different issue then. I’ll look into it and see if I find a solution.
  4. You need to decompress the file before you load it up into ohana. Not too sure what the issue is here. I’ll look into it if decompressing the file doesn’t resolve the issue.
  5. @LeKrenax It's called model/animation swapping. SM you say? here's a tutorial on how to do it:
  6. Bug fixes and some new implementations is everything i got from this. good work! ^ ^
  7. VeteranJaime

    my pokemon ranch

    @dji no, i haven't. i literally just google'd your question and found the answer that way.
  8. VeteranJaime

    my pokemon ranch

    I'm not quite sure, but i'll let you know if i find anything in terms of connectivity between Pokemon Ranch and the Generation 4 games and weather or not you need Nintendo's WiFi Service. EDIT: i don't believe you need the Nintendo WiFI Service. it may be a local wireless connection.
  9. don't quite understand what you mean, but you could send your friend or whoever the RomFS files. also, what game are you randomizing btw? just curious.
  10. TWLSaveTool Is only suppose to be used for backing up Nintendo DS game Saves, you do realize that, right? not to be rude or anything. if you want to make a save data backup of Pokemon Dream Radar, you are gonna have to use JKSM or Checkpoint. TWLSaveTool (for NDS Games Only!): https://github.com/TuxSH/TWLSaveTool/releases JKSM: https://github.com/J-D-K/JKSM/releases Checkpoint: https://github.com/FlagBrew/Checkpoint/releases
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