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Found 4 results

  1. Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more. Okay, that aside... At least among my circle of friends, "I love you," has been thrown around so much, it's lost it's meaning. I *attempted* to tell my best friend that I think I'm in love with him, and apparently "I love you" just means "You're my friend". I didn't have the guts to say "I'm in love with you", so I just popped out an "I love you" and hoped he would get the meaning. Well, that failed. So... What is love, anyways? Is it just a chemical reaction in the brain? Is it something more? How do you define love? Do you think there is a difference in loving someone, and being in love with someone? Do you think "I love you" is overused/lost it's meaning? I just wanted some opinions on this, it might even help me with my gay rights paper, but don't bring that up unless you have to, I'd rather not start a flame war. >.< The same goes for religion.
  2. hi everyone :biggrin: i follow the website from a little but i really love it :creep: (i could make some mistakes.... sorry, i don't speak english very well)
  3. Hello everyone. I finally downloaded Pokesav, but when I open the window, it wont let me See the bottom of the screen. And by that I mean the end where it shows the ribbons, and stuff like that. Can anyone help me on this?
  4. Hello everyone. I realize that I am new and have practically have no right to ask anything right off the bat, but let's be honest. Cobalt + Computers = fail. It's true. Anyways, I was looking to breed some pokemon off of some high IV pokesaved legit pokemon. Anyways, what I am looking for: Dittos: Reasonably high IVs. If they could have all 31 and have it look legit, that would be awesome. I don't know if you can do that, if you can't, but have it reasonably high, that is still awesome. The natures I would like for them to be: Jolly - Low SP.ATK IVs, if that makes things easier. Impish - Low SP. Attack IVs, if that makes things easier. Timid Calm - Low ATK IVs, if that makes anything easier. The other Pokemon: Again, high IVs. I may not be an expert on breeding, but I do understand that if two pokemon (w/ high IVs) do the nasty nasty, then the babies are likely to turn out stronger. I don't think that the natures really matter to me, since I could just give the Dittos the Everstones. Snesal or Weavile Gligar or Gliscor Staryu or Starmie Chansey or Blissey Gastly, Haunter or Genar I have AIM, if it makes things any easier: JD94706. FC: 0087 8244 3435 Johnny. Thanks for even looking at this post. Here is a cool bidoof. Enjoy. :bidoof:
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