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  1. What is this unknown number? Could it be the IV/EVs? Or it`s better not mess with it?
  2. Ohhh, now all is more clear now, thank you very much
  3. Im a noob and im doing something wrong, I used Dslazy to unpack the rom, you say that we need to open the files 2 & 3 from a/0/9 but with BWTE you can only select a folder, not a specific file... Can someone explain me like a 5 years old kid please? What programs should I use? Oh, and thank you for your work Kazo!
  4. La traducción de pikachu1 es HORRIBLE! Por favor no lo tomen en cuenta, es un copypaste de un traductor online.
  5. I though this was fixed by now, but, is there a way to fix the VS Recorder bugged code numbers?
  6. * After I updated the game to V4, I watched a previously recorded WiFi battle video (that battle was played in the V3), in the moment Kojondo did U-Turn the game hangs. * Right now I was playing random WiFi, the opponent sent a Gliscor and used U-Turn, the game freezes again. * I tested using U-Turn with Kojondo in a wild battle, it didn`t cause any problem.
  7. With the translation patch there is a problem when you try to upload a battle video (VS Recorder), it does not upload because it says that there is a problem with my pokemon. I tried to upload the same video with a not-translated rom and it uploaded without problems.
  8. Thank you very much for this work! I have a request about the new attacks & abilities, you have only the numbers, can you put the numbers with the names too? (romanji is OK) That could be very helpful.
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