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  1. Does anyone know how to create pokemon using PokeGen or another tool for Black/White that will be allowed in random Wi-Fi battles?
  2. Syberia

    About NOK pokemon

    Well technically none of it would be "legal," since a NOK pokemon cannot exist on a non-Korean game without cheating.
  3. Was the Celebi for D/P/Pt/HG/SS or just HG/SS? Also, how do I make an AR code out of a wonder card for HG/SS?
  4. All three of them have a pre-determined PID. Entei will always be Adamant nature with a certain PID, regardless of its IVs. So you are free to change them without worrying.
  5. You can do the same thing if you have Pokesav and watch Kazo's videos. Plus, this is the best way to determine if your opponent is a hacker using illegal stats (which would have been extremely helpful to me last night).
  6. Is there currently a way to put wonder cards into HG/SS saves? As far as I can tell, Pokesav doesn't do it (event edit is greyed out).
  7. Is there an IV Check code for these games yet? I found on somewhere, but it didn't work.
  8. If it evolves, it can get illegal trash bytes if the name of the pokemon it's evolving into is shorter than the name of what it evolved from. Its IVs, PID, and type in legit.exe will not change.
  9. Do you really want battles to be even more dependent on Stealth Rock than they are now? If Ho-oh gets into OU, that's pretty much forcing every team to run Stealth Rock (presumably as a lead, so as not to give Ho-oh any openings, and presumably on a Scarfed pokemon, as to avoid Aerodactyl's Taunt) as well as a Ghost-type to make sure rocks stay down, and on top of that you've still got to actually find a way to switch into and counter Ho-oh without dying with only 4 pokemon left. And just for the record, Ho-oh resists pretty much everything Scizor can throw at it. So whether it survives or not is irrelevant, as it can't actually hurt it.
  10. I hope shiny Altaria keeps a yellow overworld sprite when I have it following me around
  11. Charmander's name is 10 characters long, therefore it has no trash bytes. Legit.exe determines Pal Park country by looking at trash bytes, so if there are none, it can't tell. That's all it means.
  12. You could also use something like Ciro's Pokemon Maker to create a code to change your OT/ID/SID with AR.
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