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  1. What was the level of the first Pokemon in your party? Repels only work on Pokemon that are lower leveled than the first one in your party. You can still encounter higher leveled Pokemon.
  2. After a large amount of soft resetting, I just caught a shiny Articuno on my Leaf Green game.
  3. [sprite]430[/sprite] I didn't pick him for favorite Dark type, so I'll pick him for favorite Flying type. Definitely Honchkrow. I used one on my in-game Diamond team.
  4. I'm going to have to go with Giratina. I like the concept of a ghost/dragon, and I just think he looks cooler than both Dialga and Palkia.
  5. He tried to convince everyone that Mew was the true ancestor of all Pokemon.
  6. Pender


    I have straight hair, but then again I always keep it so short it doesn't really have a chance to do anything else. It's starting to get a bit long for me again though. Once school's over I'll have to schedule my summer cut.
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    Q and A

    You don't make seals. You buy them at the market in Sunyshore City. You can also get letter shaped seals in Solaceon Town by showing a kid the different Unown forms.
  8. I just caught a shiny Eevee in the Trophy Garden. Just thought you'd all like to know:D
  9. Since I've already mentioned Gallade with my favorite Psychic Pokemon, my favorite Fighting type is going to be the other Psychic/Fighting hybrid; Medicham, closely followed by Blaziken.
  10. The only thing that bugged me about Platinum's English script is the fact that the Elite 4 and Cynthia still don't seem to remember who you are when you rebattle them.
  11. Skill Swap doesn't work on Wonder Guard. Neither does the move Role Play. The only way to (legitimately) get another Pokemon to have Wonder Guard is if it has the Trace ability, and even then it only lasts until the Pokemon is switched out or the battle ends.
  12. Pender

    Q and A

    I've always thought it's because the internet can give you a sense of anonymity, so you can act however you want. Some people probably feel they can vent their frustrations in a negative way (i.e. be an ass hat) on a forum where most people don't really know them, so it doesn't matter if they like the person or not, and then the person wouldn't have to suffer any consequences with their personal relationships. Just my theory on the subject.
  13. Venusaur. Calm, collected, laid back, able to calm people down, very powerful when the situation calls for it, and very loyal and protective of friends. Hmmm, maybe that's why he's my favorite Pokemon, because he has a similar personality to me.
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