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  1. Do not use an old version of the program when requesting help. The program has been updated for a better editing UI for X/Y appearance for years now. Each gender has different customization ability; if your desired gender does not have the ability to customize a specific feature, then it is not possible.
  2. PKHeX is a save file editor, that runs on Windows. Get your save file from your game, put it on your PC, then open the application & save file.
  3. Those status conditions are only for in-battle status. All of them wear off when switched out or the battle ends.
  4. Verify that their PP count is actually legal. Bulbapedia lists Low Kick as a 20 PP move.
  5. This actually doesn't change anything for the newtonsoft thing, but I think it will work since it merges the newtonsoft DLL to the GUI dll on whatever current commit.
  6. The project uses .NET 7 to install, so you need the .NET 7 SDK https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/7.0 Use Visual Studio 2022 Community, as it's always going to be better than 2019. I myself use GitHub Desktop, which makes it incredibly easy to manage GitHub projects. Once you've forked the project to your own account/repo (you've already figured this out), open up GitHub Desktop and File->Clone Repository (this will clone it from GitHub's server to your local machine) Once it is loaded, you can view the files (ctrl-shift-f), which will show the root folder of the code project We want to open and edit the .sln (solution) file. With the sln open, you want to update the NuGet code libraries that Pokefilename reuses. Manage... Install the NuGet for PKHeX.Core to the latest: With NuGet updated, you can rebuild the entire project to get the outputs. Since the project is kinda outdated, the methods it uses in PKHeX.Core have been relocated. You'll see the following errors in the bottom pane: The first error indicates it was unable to build the application (csharp compiler), and the second indicates it was unable to reference a specific method in PKHeX.Core. We need to correct that. `PokeCrypto.GetCHK` was relocated to a different class & method name, namely: `Checksums.Add16`. With that fixed, we can rebuild the sln again (CTRL-SHIFT-B) and it succeeds (with some warnings)... but the output folder (PokeFilename\PokeFilename.GUI\bin\Debug\net7.0-windows) should have your *GUI.dll plugin file. Now, you don't need to do the remainder, but here's how you can contribute these fixes/updates back to the owner's repo: In the GitHub Desktop UI, it'll show you a diff of the files you changed, and the ability to "commit" them to your local repository. Go ahead and "commit" to "master". Once committed, the commit will only live in your local repository. You can "push" it to the remote host (origin) on GitHub. You can then create a "Pull Request" to request your commit be integrated into the main repo codebase. Branch -> Create Pull Request Create a new Pull Request, which will allow you to send it to the owner's repo (whoever you forked it from) and they can accept & merge the pull request.
  7. You need the sdk that is required for the project; none require net8 yet.
  8. Download the repo, open the sln Update the NuGet for PKHeX.Core to latest, rebuild all. Grab the output dll in the debug folder, done.
  9. You downloaded a program that was last built/posted in July. A new event came out for download in August. How would a program know in advance what external events would be available?
  10. It depends on the original encounter, if it's supposed to have a PIDIV correlation. Try it and see.
  11. Transfer moves stopped after SW/SH. Every game afterwards is its own island.
  12. You can't obtain the moves without cheating, therefore the program indicates it is not legal.
  13. Transferring from foreign contexts into PLA/BDSP/SV formats will reset their moves to their current level up moves. This is how HOME works, therefore it is how PKHeX works. Feel free to reapply whatever moveset you want afterwards.
  14. PKHeX does not simulate HOME trackers. HOME trackers are one of the indicators of moving to different games. Lacking the indicators causes other values to be recognized as invalid.
  15. Should be obvious what the property is named. Search through the list the program has.
  16. None of these have their met locations as you described. They need to have their met location, not 0. Electabuzz: Route 10 Kingler/Krabby: Route 40 (not Route 41) Natu: Ruins of Alph Nidorino: Route 13 (not Route 14, level 26 there)
  17. The last release to that page was over a year ago; PKHeX no longer provides the Newtonsoft JSON library because it no longer uses it. If you are having issues with using out of date plugins on the latest release, message the plugin author.
  18. Restore a backup of your save then, or ignore it. You can always trade with people to "obtain" more Rowlet.
  19. The screenshot only shows 1 Rowlet; the second milestone is incomplete.
  20. Use a file name plugin that replaces the naming logic.
  21. Nope, the lack of `20` would also be a similar corrupt.
  22. File is corrupt; looks like everything 00 was replaced with 20 -- not a single 00 is present in the save file. PKHeX does keep a backup folder, but only if you choose to keep one when prompted.
  23. Both files are junk data; if no save editor or emulator can use them, it's likely a bad dump (dirty contacts / bad dumper output).
  24. Opens just fine on the latest release.
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